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شنبه 25 فروردین 1397

April showers? Well, that’s really not the case here in South Florida because April brings some of the best weather we have all year, which is probably why April is one of the most popular months for couples to get married in Florida.

  “April is a very popular month for weddings. It’s a great time for destination brides and grooms to finally escape the cold winters of the north, and head to the sunshine state to celebrate,” said Melanie De Vito, the marketing director at The Addison. “It is also the best month for bright-colored spring flowers! The floral selection available during April is a dream-come-true for couples about to wed.”

  As newly engaged couples look forward to their weddings in the coming year, we decided to talk to South Florida’s most trusted industry experts. This is what they had to say about spring weddings and trends that are taking over:

  New-Age BohoBoho, boho chic, boho bride, rustic, country, barn wedding—all words that have been used to describe a bride’s desired vision for her wedding day. This blossoming trend has that relaxed, rustic feel with a little bit more elevation toward the “down-home” look with succulents, aged wood, and fresh greenery plucked straight from the garden. It’s simple, edgy but still very romantic.Read more at:pink bridesmaid dresses | red bridesmaid dresses

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  • پنجشنبه 23 فروردین 1397

    Emily Ratajkowski’s Five-Step Fashion Plan Makes the Perfect Spring Outfit

    What to wear during the weeks of weird transitional weather (where spring can still feel like winter) is a complex decision, but Emily Ratajkowski’s latest look is a failsafe guide for layered dressing this month.

    The model was in New York this week to promote the upcoming film “I Feel Pretty” with Amy Schumer, making appearances on NBC’s “The Today Show” and “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” wearing what may be the winning five-step plan for the perfect spring look.

    Ratajkowski paired a a white bodysuit with a pair of dark wide-leg pants, a camel-colored topcoat and punctuated them with a pair of Stuart Weitzman’s Nudist heeled sandals in black patent leather, along with gold hoop earrings. The look is both timeless (with its neutral palette, clean lines and classic jewelry) and on0-trend, with an updated silhouette courtesy of the trousers and bodywear (it’s also a departure from Ratajkowski’s usual crop tops). And though it’s still relatively chilly in New York, her simple sandals could easily be layered with a paired of updated socks.

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  • Fashion Kings

    سه شنبه 21 فروردین 1397

    Fashion Kings

    The walk from the parking garage to the locker room was once just a walk. Now, that underground march has turned into an NBA runway as photographers linger, waiting to snap a shot of the League’s best dressed.

    Images of your favorite players wearing anything from Gucci loafers to Saint Laurent jeans to Givenchy shirts and all of the latest in fashion start circling the web, well before they step foot on the court.

    Magazines like GQ are illuminating high-fashion profiles like Kings rookie De’Aaron Fox. The style mag highlighted Fox’s ability to take “athleisure” to the next level.

    In 2017, the NBA hosted its first-ever post-season awards competition. Iman Shumpert, who was recently acquired by the Kings, was in the running for the NBA Style Award, going against longtime fashionistas Russell Westbrook and Dwyane Wade. It “isn't just that they dress well—it's that they dress well and do it loudly,” said GQ style writer Cam Wolf.

    Although he didn’t win the award, Vogue magazine described Shumpert as “New York Fashion Week’s biggest risk taker.” Read more at:plus size bridesmaid dresses uk | purple bridesmaid dresses uk

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  • یکشنبه 19 فروردین 1397

    The city of hot blood dancing freedom - bebe2018 spring and summer series.

    Recently, the American modern fashion brand bebe and iQIYI hit the red hot show "hot blood street dance group" cross-boundary cooperation officially kicked off.

    The concept of "Super Idol X Super Dance Crew" and the legendary spirit of freedom in the art movement of street Dance are the ultimate communication effects of "hot blood street Dance troupe". However, bebe, a fashion brand from the United States, also believes in being brave to be herself, pursuing the changeable charm of the current lady, which brings this wonderful cross boundary collision.

    Blood street dance company was held on March 14, reflected and premiere conference seeding, four blood convener vigour at conferences, full field share two wars team in the city of "blood" behind the scenes in the fun. Rob fresh version of the play at the scene reflected in the content, whether the four blood convener and international famous master choreographer of the opening shock, with all kinds of world champion title of street dance master's top, or scenes at marvelous "hot city", will blood street dance company is scheduled to open in the spotlight of wang zhe imposing manner. On the same day, director che che and iQIYI led the team, and representatives of major sponsors such as bebe were also invited to attend the conference. Up at 8 every Saturday night in the same month 17 landing iQIYI tech-oriented alone, the city of the blood of the new concept, rhythm is compact plot, scene art blood convener and player's performance will also show the texture to film a new heights. Let's enjoy this audio-visual feast with the bebe brand!

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  • سه شنبه 14 فروردین 1397


    Ever wondered how much money people who work in fashion really make? Or what other people in your field make on average? Well, you're in luck: The results are in from our 2018 salary survey.

    At the beginning of the year, nearly 3,000 people who work in fashion filled out our anonymous survey with details about their titles, companies, gender, location, years of experience and, of course, salaries. They spanned areas including design, styling, retail, PR, development, marketing, photo, editorial and advertising at companies like Nordstrom, Tiffany & Co., Condé Nast, Marc Jacobs and Ralph Lauren, as well as smaller firms with under 25 employees.

    We had respondents with one year of experience in the industry and respondents with over 20; people who make under $25,000 per year

    In addition to showing what select fashion jobs pay on average, our results show a few overarching trends. The majority of our respondents had under 10 years of experience and made in the mid-five figures, but those numbers began to increase significantly with more experienced respondents. Company size also had an impact, with employees at public companies making more than those at private ones in most cases.

    And broadly, certain fields were shown to be more lucrative than others: For instance, design, retail and PR had the largest percentages of over-$100K salaries, while design and styling had the most over-$200K salaries. In editorial, while an entry-level assistant editor made an average of $35,800, the mean salary for an editor-in-chief was $264K.

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  • شنبه 11 فروردین 1397

    Betabrand: Who's Calling the Shots On Fashion

    Ever had a design idea you were sure would “break the Internet”? Ever had to alter your favorite garment to make it better? What if you could collaborate with your favorite brand directly? E-commerce and social media have impacted the way people behave as consumers. Fashion is rapidly become a team sport. From power players competing with emergent talent at Paris Fashion Week to African luxury designers taking control of their resources and outcomes to comprehensive efforts of the Russian fashion industry, in my column I have been covering the search for best practices worldwide. Every runway season brings rumors and proclamations of seismic shifts and tectonic changes! Much of it is hype, which makes this story all the more valuable! BETABRAND is one of the businesses driving both the talk and the practice of change within the fashion industry.

    It started with a counterintuitive idea of participatory design and now boasts millions of sales and thousands of products in real time development. It publishes digital 3D renderings of concepts and invites users to provide feedback and input until the final product is available for purchase. A niche outlet for shoe and bag design enthusiasts has grown into a major fashion platform in partnership with VF Corporation and Li & Fung, two of the world largest manufacturers working with the likes of Timberland, North Face, Smart Wool, Nike, Disney, Wrangler, and so on. That’s as industryas it gets; and the list keeps growing. I had an opportunity to sit down with Chris Lindland, Founder and CEO of Betabrand, to discuss pros and cons of current retail models, how the most outlandish ideas stabilize business cashflow and if the value of fun and risk in the workplace is overrated.

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  • پنجشنبه 9 فروردین 1397

    Saudi Arabia Almost Had a Fashion Week

    LONDON — Business class plane tickets and five-star hotel rooms had been booked for scores of guests. The dazzling eco-friendly Apex Center in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, designed by the architect Zaha Hadid, had been chosen as a site. And a four-day schedule, featuring local Arab designers and European brand names including Roberto Cavalli and Jean Paul Gaultier, had been confirmed for weeks.

    Then last Friday, just three days before an opening-night gala was to celebrate Saudi Arabia’s first fashion week, the event was abruptly postponed.

    Some observers blamed widespread issues stemming from Western models and journalists unsuccessfully trying to secure travel visas in the run-up to the shows. Others whispered of a pushback from more conservative government officials against some members of the Saudi royal family who were more supportive of bringing fashion catwalks to one of the most conservative countries in the world.

    Either way, over the weekend, no official explanation came. Finally, on Monday, a statement — of sorts — arrived by email.

    “Since the initial announcement made in February, Arab Fashion Week Riyadh has garnered significant interest from international guests wanting to attend,” said Layla Issa Abuzaid, the country director for Saudi Arabia at the Arab Fashion Council, the Dubai nonprofit responsible for the event. “Given this important historical moment for the kingdom, the Arab Fashion Council and participating designers have collectively taken steps to postpone the dates in order to welcome guests from all over the world. This could only be done by taking additional time.”

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  • سه شنبه 7 فروردین 1397

    This Founder Had A Secret For Finding Quick Success With Her Fashion Business

    Fashion entrepreneur Aaina Jain’s mission is “to do denim right,” and she has been on a fast track to carry out that vision for the last 3 years.

    Jain is the founder of children’s denim clothing brand Blu & Blue, based in New York City. On the other side of the world in Delhi, India, her family’s clothing manufacturing business is in its 35th year of operation. Over the years, the family firm has worked with the likes of Ralph Lauren​, Calvin Klein​, The Children's Place and Armani Exchange -- and built the kind of business DNA that offers an invaluable asset for a young entrepreneur.

    So when Jain decided to launch her own clothing brand, she didn’t start from scratch to find a factory or source fabric -- she already had somewhere to turn. She established Blu & Blue as a subsidiary of the family business so she could take advantage of its manufacturing infrastructure, giving herself a considerable leg up.

    And her brand grew quickly, she says. Since starting up Blu & Blue in December 2015, her dresses, rompers, shirts and more -- all made from her “butter soft” denim -- have entered more than 200 boutiques across the United States. The brand has won several celebrity fans, including singer Jennifer Lopez and actresses Jessica Alba, January Jones and Naomi Watts. Jain declined to disclose annual revenue, but says the company already has about 100 employees.

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  • جمعه 3 فروردین 1397

    Eva Longoria Talks New Fashion Line on HSN, Go-To Shoe Looks and Expecting a Child

    Actress, entrepreneur, activist and expectant mother Eva Longoria has walked the red carpet in gowns from some of today’s most noted designers. And while Victoria Beckham is among her favorites, she is no stranger to the world of fashion.

    According to Longoria, who’s launching an eponymous apparel line on shopping channel HSN tonight at 9 p.m. ET, she started sewing at 7 and is hands-on when it comes to the design of the collection. “I do everything,” she said. “I’ve always been obsessed with the construction of a garment, from seams to fabrics, all the way to marketing. I’ll bring fabrics back home from different countries. I was in India and had to buy an extra suitcase for fabrics I picked up. I’m involved in every aspect. It’s very natural and organic.”

    While Longoria has been selling the collection on her e-commerce site since 2016, she was lured by the unique format HSN offers. “I love speaking to all of the clothes. I love telling people my inspiration, how to style [them] and about the fabric. For me, it’s right up my alley to talk to women directly and tell them why this line’s amazing.”

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  • چهارشنبه 1 فروردین 1397


    If you try to explain unboxing videos to your grandma, she might shake her head in disbelief. People can really rack up 400,000 views on YouTube by doing nothing but unwrapping fashion and beauty products? Despite Grandma's incredulity, it's true — fancy packaging has become so normal that there's a whole genre of video devoted to it.

    But what happens to all that tissue paper and confetti when the video ends? Quite often, it's immediately disposed of. Here at Fashionista HQ, we've seen it firsthand as the mound next to our recycling bin has become a semi-permanent fixture. So we wondered: in an age that's seen eco-friendly brands becoming the preferred collaboration partners for famous cool teens and other labels suing the President over environmental conservation issues, are fashion and beauty people really just overlooking packaging waste?

    Turns out, the answer is no. We asked, and over 350 of you who work as influencers, editors, stylists, PR pros, models, makeup artists, CEOs, designers and more let us know how you feel about the waste you see — and what you think the industry can do to be better. Read on to learn the highlights from our survey.

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  • دوشنبه 28 اسفند 1396


    For a country obsessed with weddings, Pakistani clothing brand Generation’s choice of a marriage ceremony as the theme for a campaign last December appeared unsurprising. But there was nothing regular about the campaign called Shahnaz ki Shaadi, or Shahnaz’s Wedding.

    Revolving around the wedding of a woman in her 50s, the campaign’s images featured the to-be-married bride and groom along with their adult children, enjoying wedding festivities. In Pakistan, where divorce is still an awkward subject, especially for women, Shahnaz ki Shaadi’s message was bold, loud and clear: You can find love at any age, and it’s time to take on the patriarchal pressures where choices are determined by what others may say.

    Generation is particularly aptly named, but it isn’t alone. A set of new-age Pakistani fashion designers are using their creativity and craft to tackle stereotypes that have for decades defined society, holding back vulnerable sections and deepening fissures instead of healing them.

    In December, fashion designer Ali Xeeshan’s show at the HUM Bridal Couture Week in Lahore featured a 9-year-old girl model, dressed in a “bridal uniform,” walking the ramp with a schoolbag. The designer had teamed up with U.N. Women to shine a light on child marriages in Pakistan. Designer Zara Shahjahan gave a face to the men and women who work for her, featuring them in an #IMadeYourClothes campaign on Instagram in 2016, inspired by the global #IMadeIt campaign by the popular blog Fashion Revolution, which encouraged designers to highlight the work of tailors and artisans.

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  • جمعه 25 اسفند 1396

    In fashion news: Uniqlo collaborates with Tomas Maier on a resort collection

    Japanese fast fashion retailer Uniqlo has collaborated with Bottega Veneta creative director Tomas Maier on a resort collection complete with both a men’s and women’s range. Available in store and online across 19 markets from May 17, the collection is one that echoes the German designer’s “time off” and “escape” ethos. “Our new collection is designed to work in many different ways. Beach attire can turn into lounge wear, casual cover-ups paired with polo shirts can easily be worn in town—this is the concept of my brand,” says Maier. The designer pulled inspiration from his hometown of Florida, creating bright-hued yellow and orange pieces and others feature palm tree prints, alongside more traditional and low-key looks that are sure to become your new summer staples.

    Lingerie, clothing and lifestyle label Par Femme is set to launch a two-day pop up store in Paddington from March 23 to March 24—think ribbed cotton staples, comfortable loungewear and perfect silk slips. Inviting women to embark on an exploration of themselves, Par Femme is encouraging open dialogue around femininity and will welcome guest speakers and sexologists who will hold education sessions and answer any questions customers see fit to ask throughout their visit. And with gift bags on offer, there’s never been a better time to treat yourself to something special.

    Accessories and apparel label Lucy Folk have launched its autumn/winter ‘18/’19 collection titled Salacia, available in store from March 13. In celebration of the line created in collaboration with British designer and illustrator Luke Edward-Hall, Lucy Folk will be launching a 14 piece capsule collection on Net-a-Porter. Available from April, the collection will include items from the Salacia collaboration—inspired by the Roman goddess of salt water—crochet jewellery, a selection of frames and eyewear chains, and iconic archival pieces.

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  • چهارشنبه 23 اسفند 1396

    Nashville Fashion Week 2018 featured guests include Anna Sui and Fern Mallis

    Nashville Fashion Week, the city's longest-running fashion industry event, announced Tuesday morning that iconic fashion designer Anna Sui and legendary New York Fashion Week founder Fern Mallis will be featured guests during the event set next month.

    “We are incredibly honored to be hosting both,” Nashville Fashion Week co-founder Marcia Masulla said. “To have Anna Sui participate in such a meaningful way is tremendous gift to our community, especially with her thoughtful ties to both Third Man Records where she designed its yellow-and-black uniforms, shares Detroit roots with (Nashville rocker) Jack White and has worked with Nashville supermodel Karen Elson, a staple on Sui’s NYFW runways and the muse for her recent collaboration Macy’s I.N.C. collection."

    Masulla added that Mallis has been an unwavering mentor of NFW's mission — the Nashville Fashion Forward Fund — and also led the charge to bring Sui to Music City.

    The annual four-day event, which began in 2011, was co-founded by Connie Cathcart-Richardson and takes place April 3-7.

    The citywide celebration of Nashville’s thriving fashion and retail community and its vast creative talent features local, regional and national designers and industry professionals in an array of events throughout the week and encourages attendees to explore the city’s diverse fashion and retail spaces throughout the week with promotions, partnerships and educational workshops.

    Kicking off the weekend be NFW Fashion Talks with Mallis and Sui on April 6 at Union Station Hotel on Broadway.

    “I’m thrilled to be back at Nashville Fashion Week to see the talented designers along with our special guest, designer Anna Sui, from New York,” said Mallis, in her third year. “Nashville continues to be one of the coolest cities in the country, inspiring us all with music, food and style.

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  • دوشنبه 21 اسفند 1396

    At Uehara show, homage to fashion and to singing photographer

    Designer Yuka Uehara, whose hand-painted gowns and geometric day dresses have dazzled fashionistas at cultural openings and left shoppers at MAC awestruck, hosted a fashion presentation to celebrate her new Tokyo Gamine Capsule Collection.

    MOST POPULARNew allegations suggest Oakland chef Charlie Hallowell was...Russian criminals’ links to Trump could compromise himSeeing San Francisco through new eyes after trip to tidy D.C.Source says 49ers agree to terms on 3-year deal with Richard...Yountville killer Albert Wong hoped Pathway Home could help...At dinnertime, mountain lion lurks in the shadowsGiants struck early on Evan Longoria, but Mike Moustakas wound...This was on Tuesday, March 6, at Dirty Habit on Fourth Street, a kind of snazzy cocktail lounge-ish place with an informal atmosphere. Arriving guests peering at each other discovered a mix of friends and clients, fashion-fans of the Millennial generation and older society types, as well as Uehara’s dad, a Tokyo filmmaker who seemed the epitome of cool chic.

    The designer herself, whose co-hosts were Erin Carlson and Damion Matthews, flitted around greeting pals and radiating excitement. Her past shows have featured dancers dressed in the clothes, sashaying down “runways” to music. This time, she said, there would be a singer.

    Suddenly, a keyboardist began playing, the preshow chatter morphed into a hush, and music filled the room. A pair of dancers in Yuka clothes came out, and then, with great self-confidence in both his appearance (a red-bearded 6-foot-2 man wearing a Yuka dress and a pair of towering high heels) and his voice (a strong tenor), Devlin Shand sang songs from the ’70s as more models pranced around him

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  • پنجشنبه 17 اسفند 1396

    Why Work Wives Are the Future of Fashion

    One cool thing about fashion — besides the bedazzled footwear, the outlandish cotton candy-colored fur and the enormous purses — is that a lot of very cool women work in it, a fact worth celebrating on Thursday, which is International Women’s Day. Yet when it comes to being the creative director of a grand design house or starting a splashy e-commerce brand, the boys still outnumber the girls. The three companies here are working to change that, applying an approach that stresses collaboration, communication and practicality to create and sell clothes that women crave. Best of all? They are each run by not one woman, but two!

    Of a Kind: A Bazaar Run by Besties

    Erica Cerulo and Claire Mazur, the founders of the Brooklyn online bazaar Of a Kind, can take their pick from a long list of things to be proud of. Like, for instance, the fact that they went out on a limb at a time when the internet still had training wheels (2010) to introduce an e-commerce platform (it sells limited-edition gems culled from their favorite designers and artists) and succeeded.

    Or that they recently expanded to create two in-house lines: Permanent Collection, a line of chic basics; and Professional Enthusiast, a line of T-shirts and sweaters stamped with that moniker. Or that they recently snagged a book deal.

    The women have been thinking a lot about partnership because that book they’re writing is called “Work Wives” and explores the power of female friendships to fuel successful businesses.

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