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دوشنبه 19 آذر 1397

An important preparation before a wedding is to send wedding invitations to guests. Any wedding details are important to the couple, and if your wedding theme is determined, your wedding theme can be chosen. So how do you choose the right wedding gift for your wedding? Introduce some creative and beautiful wedding invitations to everyone.

Wedding invitations style: small fresh warm theme wedding invitations

On the wedding invitations with light yellow decals, can not only make the invitations with stereo feeling, also can make invitations, full of delicate feeling, this theme wedding wedding invitations are not only suitable for yellow, is suitable for a wedding in the summer. Simple but elegant.

Wedding invitations: pink romantic wedding invitations

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If your wedding theme determined for pink, or choose your wedding held in the spring, so it is set in the peach blossom wedding invitations are definitely very suitable for you, shallow pink let a person love, sweet romance and individual character is dye-in-the-wood, earn people eyeball.

Wedding invitations style: court wedding invitations

Use simple bowknot to bind the happiness that delivers, pull open slowly, can feel the happiness of new person. The simple and gorgeous palace wedding invitations will remind people of the beautiful sentence "the prince and princess live happily ever after".

Wedding invitations style: ocean themed wedding invitations

With the diversification of the wedding theme, the wedding invitations also correspond to become emerge in endlessly, ocean theme wedding invitations, fresh and elegant, decorated with small starfish wedding invitations, creative and lovely full marks.

Wedding invitations: traditional wedding invitations with innovative wedding invitations

There are still many new people like to choose red color as the theme of the wedding, if you want to seek for innovation on wedding invitations, so the wedding invitations with traditional flower background material must make you satisfied, traditional novel, and generous, creative novelty is dye-in-the-wood.

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  • شنبه 17 آذر 1397

    According to article 258 of the criminal law, "whoever marries another person with a spouse, or marries another person with the knowledge that he has a spouse, shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than two years or criminal detention.

    Article 259 whoever knowingly cohabitates with or marries a soldier who is the spouse of an active serviceman shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than three years or criminal detention. "

    Accordingly, bigamy may be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than two years or criminal detention; Whoever cohabitates or remarries with the spouse of an active serviceman shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than three years or criminal detention.

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    On February 1, 1994 the ministry of civil affairs before the implementation of the marriage registration management regulations of our country on the fact marriage is limited to admit, that is conditionally admitted the fact marriage law, so only the fact marriage has the force of law, to set up the fact bigamy. On November 21, 1986, the supreme people's court promulgated the following provisions:

    First, on March 15, 1986, before the enforcement of "the marriage registration method", not for marriage registration to couples living together life, people also considered the relationship, a direction in a people's court "divorce", such as to Sue the legal conditions, when both parties conform to get married can be identified as the fact marriage; If one or both parties fail to meet the legal conditions for marriage at the time of prosecution, they may be regarded as illegal cohabitation.

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  • پنجشنبه 15 آذر 1397

    Everybody thinks the girl makeup look of Korea TV series inside is particularly good-looking, the makeup look of bride is romantic more delicate, this also is the reason that Korean style bridal makeup receives a lot of prospective bride favour. So how are these romantic and delicate makeup made? Small make up this to share the painting method of beautiful Korea type bridal makeup for everybody, help everybody make a sweet bride.

    Aesthetic Korean bridal makeup painting method 1, bottom makeup

    Korean bridal makeup of the bottom pay attention to transparent immaculate. Apply pearlescent foundation fluid evenly to all face first, must notice the neck also wants besmear, otherwise color difference can be very apparent. Then use the concealer pen on the spot that has blemish again, push with finger abdomen, reoccupy sponge is patted gently decorate. Finally choose the honeypowder of transparent quality of a material to press gently on the whole face to make up.

    Only Korean style bridal makeup painting method 2, eyebrows

    Korean style bride makeup stresses natural and fresh, so the method of brow painting is natural Korean style eyebrows. The eyebrow that USES light color eyebrow pen to outline gives brow form first, brush a layer of eyebrow powder that is close to hair color gently again.

    Aesthetic Korean bridal makeup painting method 3, eye shadow

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    South Korea bride makeup often USES aureate to fasten eye shadow, because aureate series eye shadow already elegant atmosphere and nature is 100. The painting method is to use white eye shadow to hit a bottom, emphasize at eye end place, next brush with eye shadow gently besmear a layer of aureate eye shadow, carry bright eye corner with white bead pink finally.

    Aesthetic Korean bridal makeup painting method 4, eyeliner

    The eyeliner of Korean type bridal makeup stresses natural and fluent, the eyeliner that USES black eyeliner first is stuck to eyelash root all the way to eye horn, deepen the eyeliner of eye end place again, make the eye appears more abstruse. Finally, apply the brush to take the eyeliner paste, deepen the eyeliner drawn, and emphasize the eyeliner at the end of the eye.

    Aesthetic Korean bridal makeup painting method 5, eyelashes

    Korean style bride makeup eyelash presents the effect that is natural roll become warped, root trenchant, use eyelash clip to become warped, besmear again a layer eyelash creams can. If your own eyelashes are too thin, you can also choose natural long false eyelashes.

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