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جمعه 28 اردیبهشت 1397

 Shanglian: jiayujia female is the next couplet: spring day spring people dance spring breeze.

  Union: marriage and Hong Kong: life and year order renewal.

  Shanglian: happy New Year feast: the marriage of qing xi shengshi.

  The union of two lovers of the spring: a hundred years of devotion.

  The relationship between the two lovers is a new one.

  Shanglian: the spring is in the second half of the spring.

  Shanglian: wong and Ming dynasty: yuanyang together to celebrate the third spring.

  Shanglian: mei dai chunsheng willow green down: the jade building people reflect peach blossom red.

  Shanglian: in the qin and jin dynasties, the marriage of the Spring Festival was linked: phoenix wings rainbow fly.

  Shanglian: the mountain green water bichun light good next couplet: the wine green lamp red is happy much.

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  • چهارشنبه 26 اردیبهشت 1397

     Every detail of the wedding is not new people neglect and contempt, and wedding banquet is a very important part of the ceremony, the weddings as a formal state of seats arrangement is more exquisite, wedding banquet seats arrangement but a university asked, new people have to know what the careful arrangement. How about the wedding banquet? Let's take a look at some of the Chinese wedding seating arrangements and see what you don't know.

      What about the wedding banquet?

      1. Male and female guests.

      The bride and groom entered the room on the left of the right woman, and the two of them rotated to the inside of the stage to face the guests. At this time the groom should correspond to the bride's main table, the bride should correspond to the groom's main table. Therefore, the bride's main table should be located on the right side of the stage and the main table of the groom is on the left side.

      2. Lead the VIP table.

      Arrange the leaders and VIP guests of the two parties at the best seats (usually adjacent to the main guest seat or directly arranged on the main guest table) at the distance from the viewing Angle. At the same time, it is convenient for parents and elders in the main guest house to show their respect and attention to them.

      3. Relatives sit down.

      If the new couple can't make it clear, they can consult their parents and try their best. As far as possible will arrange away from walking elders acoustics, close to the location of the channel, one is to prevent the volume of the sound effect elders the heart or blood pressure, 2 it is to facilitate your elders toilet or free activities;

      4, friends sit at the table.

      Will be responsible for the help that day friend, best friend and close relationship between classmates, friends he arranged near the exit, so convenient their freedom in also won't affect other guests dining at the same time; You can put people you know in a table with friends of similar age or professional attributes, so they can have more conversations.

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  • دوشنبه 24 اردیبهشت 1397

     To bring different versions of the Chinese wedding menu with auspicious meanings, for the new people to choose. These menus are not only practical, but also fit for the festive atmosphere of the wedding.

      Chinese wedding menu: a hundred years good dinner.

      Festival and yingbin eight (butterfly), luck (red Suckling pig platter), deep meaning (braised lobster), military (pepper Fried cuttlefish kernel), future forest frog braised shark's fin, Jin Yuman ship (grilled oyster emperor awabi), year after year to spare (soy bravery steamed tiger spot), beaming (desert sandstorm chicken), elixir of love (black mushroom steak greenstuffs), happy (cantonese Fried rice), forever knot shuanghui (point), one hundred (lotus lily red bean paste), full (seasonal fruit tray), jujube round RenZi soup (early birth of music), selengensis smoked bean curd (wishful auspicious), on the green vegetable soup (beauty), double glow Yingying (flower moon circle), acacia fruit platter (wanzi red)

      Chinese wedding menu: an oath banquet.

      Emperor city red add festival (Suckling pig big platter), yuanyang jade belts (garlic steamed lobster), splendid flowers best ball (apricot bao) with bei), longfeng wings to the fly to offer them (the original braised chicken wings), the jade pool herself online bao (coral flowers bao), blue waves flying feeling long (ancient steamed figured out), starlight gold sand with ITO (mushroom) tender lamb chops), is a virtue to offer them best north wild rice stew (glue), who made a heaven-sent jade kirin (fresh lily asparagus), in one hundred the United States celebrates the good as soon as possible (scallops taro cake), darling forever together concentric (curry crispy red bean paste), rui GuoChengXiang family (seasonal fresh fruit)

      Chinese wedding menu: wedding banquet.

      Festive (dumpling) red bean paste, ruyi longfeng to celebrate (garlic steamed lobster), guangxi clam with a pearl end hath (XO sauce jade belt), jadeite jade with the wind (wing crab bird's nest), the spring breeze white water rafting lotus choi (abalone stewed black participation), the water rose bow mandarin duck (tree a steaming figured out), the magpies are a good tidings (beautiful bouquet crisp duck), edge stroke of good luck as (yam sanbao stew), deep meaning XiLian wong (bamboo sheng stewed greenstuffs), beauty, brightness and celebrate (conpoy turnip cake), sweet new jiao (tremella stew jujube), putian to lover (seasonal fresh fruit)

      Chinese wedding menu: love this life banquet.

      Oriental reflected gold all > < red Suckling pig, resonance spring crow < gold high-ranked imperial concubine chicken >, the sea water is to fish belly soup > < gourmet seafood BaoCan wing, pawns He Xinxi < butter on lobster soup > on the waist, gold jade belt < gold belt yuanyang d >, yuhuan pearl inlaid nursery > < yuhuan big column, dragon emperor been offered < volume the dragon spell crispy Fried meat >, brightness cui full round < bead bowling grilled mushrooms green vegetable > f to such as Chinese fir spot > < steamed sea in the east China sea, east Fried rice, love long, knot, "reunion"

      Chinese wedding menu: a nice lunar dinner.

      Exquisite eight color plate, oil spilt the original shell abalone, trepang squid products, huai qi soft-shelled turtle stewed chicken soup with burning, for Qingdao prawns, crispy milk best garlic, guangdong flavor roast duck, bone oil pour osmanthus fish, nestle screw slice beef fillet, sands yolk fan crab, riches and honour hoof, double mushroom stewed yuan bao sauce grilled vegetables, steamed red carp, celebration of points on a double glow, barbecued chicken Fried rice grain, elegant fruit bowl

      Chinese wedding menu: dragon and phoenix petite banquet.

      Emperor city red add festival (and wind appetizer), yuanyang jade belts (garlic steamed lobster), who made a heaven-sent jade kirin (XO sauce like clams pull), longfeng fly wings to the shark fin (Buddha jumps over the wall), the jade pool herself online bao (plastic buckle north wild rice), blue waves flying long affection (steamed seven spots), star gold sand with ITO (dressing small sheep row), is to offer them best virtue (abalone stewed chicken), splendid flowers best ball (apricot bao) asparagus), in one hundred the United States celebrates the good as soon as possible (mo zi tang imperial rice), darling forever together concentric (chrysanthemum jujube paste cake), rui GuoChengXiang family (seasonal fresh fruit)

      Chinese wedding menu: wedding banquet.

      Splendid brine spell (four generations), and exquisite eight beautiful butterfly (face), three fresh fish maw piece (white hair knot), soup on shrimp (measures), nestle cuttlefish jade belt (nesting), crispy Fried chickens (mood), autumn hairy crab (red), fan trace bake ribs (bonhomie), family (married), imperial concubine bei (turn auspicious) with taucu sauce, steamed sweet osmanthus fish (well-off), stir-fried vegetables (wholeheartedly) in guangdong, wild fungus young pigeon soup on ROM play wind (group), height (beauty), red jujube tremella lotus seed peanuts (early birth), and the double reflect (big sing front), timeliness of fruit ( All purple and red

      Chinese wedding menu: the honey feast.

      Type all > < red Suckling pig, Oriental pearl yao hua song choi chicken crispy chicken > < east, taken note nectar < > braised shredded chicken wing, the race for pawns dance < jade Ming shrimp > new, magpie nests "nestle cashew butyl tape >, beautiful pearl vomit < maggi steaming fresh bao >, joy every volume spell crispy Fried meat > < gold, yushu money grilled black mushroom > < emerald sea cucumber, a surplus year after year < steamed sea green spot > happy happy, happiness, Fried rice, the noodles, mandarin duck beautiful spot

      The Chinese wedding menu: a double flying banquet.

      And yao spring brightness all > < red Suckling pig take the crow < rose drum chicken >, hai bao jade pool < shark's fin seafood soup >, gorgeous dragon emperor Ming shrimp balls > < splendid, gold waist prince > < cashew jade belt yuanyang butyl, samsung has good < three color Fried abalone slices >, yellow Jin Pu orange incense bone > < characteristics on the ground, and bamboo when < spirit grilled mushrooms bamboo sheng green vegetable > shipped, fusion < steamed sea green spot >, jinxiu Fried rice year after year, xi and continuous, in marriage, bonanza

      Chinese wedding menu: always concentric feast.

      Jinxiu fook lam moon > < splendid Suckling pig plate, east show color chicken chicken > < east happiness, seafood fish to water seafood soup > < abalone silk wing skirt, ZiQi dance pawns < cheese Ming shrimp >, the ancient philosophers with mandarin duck < cashew splendid double d >, children and grandchildren with filial piety < black mushroom sea cucumber braised fish maw >, graceful dignified < it > supreme, jade garden full mushroom > < jade leaf steak spirit, gather a surplus < steamed turbot >

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  • جمعه 21 اردیبهشت 1397

    A successful wedding wedding music do without touching foil, important in the wedding scene played appropriate music, as you will make all your purest, receive the unexpected effect oh! So what are the wedding background music? Let's take a look at this article and share it with you.

      A wedding background music helps you make a sweet wedding.

      Sweet Dream

      Sweet Dream is sung by South Korea's jang nala, which is very suitable for weddings, and several couples use the song to marry.

      Light Of My Life

      The Light Of My Life is sung by Lara Fabian & wang leehong, which is included in the song Of the song, which is a special collection Of choral songs, most Of which can be used as wedding music. This is recommended!

      I SWEAR

      The song is about a boy who vows to the girl that he will live a whole life, like the stars and the moon hanging in the sky every night.

      I Know I Loved You

      The soulful lyrics go with the beautiful melody, plus Darren's soft voice, the one in a hundred! Perfect music! Not listening is a lifelong regret!

      Happy anniversary

      "Today is the anniversary of happiness, putting my dream on your ring finger, and when I hear you say I will, I never feel so happy." What could be more telling than the lyrics? Once at hung hom stadium, the stage emperor Anita mui, in the witness of thousands of fans, was dressed in a wedding dress and sang "beautiful month".


      I think WEDDING is a good song, the lyrics are good, and it's good to listen to. The key recommendation is that the 98 degree is not only good for singing, but also a group of muscular men.

      I wanna be with you

      The first song by the dinosaur sister xu jieyi was a happy song. "I wanna be with you, I wanna be with you, I wanna be with you, I wanna be with you, I wanna be with you, and I wanna be with you."

      Love Will Keep Us Alive.

      Reason: The Eagles song, from that famous "Hell Freezes Over," it's a pity The man who bought The album more than 90% is to listen to that first passionate "Hotel California" instead of ignoring The album in several other good song, especially The song "Love Will Keep Us Alive". Personally, I think it is a rare good song to interpret the true meaning of love. Not only is the melody beautiful, but the lyrics are beautiful and simple.

      For the first time

      Everything starts from the beginning. Remember when we fell in love for the first time, and the beauty and fluster were still flowing in the blood. When the flowers are gone, we stand in the same place, looking at the clouds in the sky, looking at the ripples of the breeze across the lake, the past is filled with the morning mist. I wish I could read you through the eyes of time, all the weariness and dreams that lie in it. The hands that we hold, whether we will still infiltrate the rain of the mark, our relative gaze, will be as long as before. In the past and in the future, maybe I would like to tell you all about my joys and sorrows, and I just want to be with you, you and me.

      The moonlight stands for my heart.

      This is a classic old song, although there are 23 versions of the song, but the meaning is the same: my love is the same, my love is the same...

      And I love you so

      This is a classic love song that has been sung by more than N people. The melody is very elegant, which is suitable for the wedding background music, congratulations to the wedding day of the couple.

      Before the start of the wedding is welcome and guest in time, the environment is relatively chaos and noise, at this point, the suits with gentle soothing music create an atmosphere of elegant, calm the mood of the guests, as the beginning of the wedding. That's all for the wedding, music, for your wedding music.

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  • چهارشنبه 19 اردیبهشت 1397

    Please accept my hearty congratulations upon your marriage.May Peace,Health,Happiness and Bright Future attend both your bride and yourself until the end.

      I wish you both the best of luck and, ever-increasing happiness as the years go by.

      I wish you both all the luck and happiness life can offer。

      Please accept our most sincere congratulations upon your holy matrimony with... and very best wishes for all the good future in the world.

      Allow me to join the chorus of congratulations upon your recent marriage.

      My husband joins me in hoping that you have a long and happy and prosperous life together.

      Wishing you many happy returns of the wedding day.

      My heart felt congratulations on your coming happy union!

      My sincere congratulations on this auspicious event of yours.

      Our best wishes to the two of you for a happy marriage filled with all the good things.

      Best wishes from one of your old friends on your engagement.

      My very best wishes to you for a lifetime of happiness.

      I take great pleasure in sending here with a little wedding present in celebration Of the happy event.

      We send you both our love and best wishes for every happiness that life can bring.

      Let me wish you and your bride every joy and the best of everything.

      I hope you will have nothing but joy and happiness in your life together.

      May you always have everything you wish for a rich life together.

      May every happiness be yours on this wedding day.Let an old friend of yours send her love and congratulations to you and the groom.

      The news of your recent marriage having reached me,I beg to offer my most sincere congratulations.

      My wife and I are very delighted to hear the news of your marriage.We send you both our love and hope you will have nothing but joy and happiness in your life together.

      I heartily congratulate you upon your choice of your partner for life since l can't think of two people more suited to each other than you two.

      I wish you all the happiness in the world.

      My sincere congratulations on your happy marriage and my best wishes to you two for a lifetime of happiness.

      Heartiest congratulations and best wishes to you both for along life and an ever—lasting happiness。

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  • دوشنبه 17 اردیبهشت 1397

     The bride's return is an indispensable part of Chinese traditional marriage custom, it is the bride's first visit to the family after the bride's marriage, so it is very important. So what questions should we pay attention to during the return of the bride? Let's take a look at this article for your analysis.

      It is important to note the importance of the bride's return.

      A, recalls

      The return door is also called "returning to the family". Traditional Chinese marriage customs. That is, the daughter went back to the women's home to see the family. Hui men also called the traditional marriage customs of the han nationality. It refers to the first time a woman returns to visit her family after her marriage. The newlyweds return to their parents' home after the third day of their marriage. For the bride, it is the first time to go back to her family.

      2. Return time.

      The time of marriage and return to the door varies from place to place. In ancient times, it was the third, sixth or seventh, eighth and ninth day of marriage. During the spring and autumn period, there was the custom of returning to the gate. Because "return door" is a newly married couple return door, so call "double door", take the auspicious meaning of pair of pair.

      Three, return door dress up.

      After the wedding, the bride and groom should groom and dress like the wedding ceremony, keeping the beautiful and beautiful image of the wedding. If the woman needs to hold a ceremonious return banquet, the bride and groom should carefully select the return dress.

      4. Return clothing.

      Every place has different customs and different clothes. But in general there are some similarities, the first is to be new, the color should be based on happiness. Big red, for example, because now the pure bright red clothes at ordinary times how can not wear out, and our garments can't wear so once is wasted, so, in order to can also wear at ordinary times, we should pay attention to the choice of some in color, like a pale pink, pink, pink, purple or dark red, like a rust red, dark red, anyway as long as around the sharp tonal it is good.

      However, to avoid the color of black and white, these colors, after all, do not seem festive. There are some places where the wedding day wore big red clothes, the bride's home can no longer wear big red, but now also not so much attention.

      The style of the clothes, can choose clothes pants, or small dress dress, clothes dress looks very have temperament, a stable small skirt looks dignified, dress looks relaxed and bright, is the best clothing for recalls. But be careful, skirt words to knee length is ok, should not be too short. You can also wear a cheongsam. Dress also should choose according to the temperature of the year round, spring, fall can choose small sweater, small dress, summer chooses dress, winter word chooses beautiful down jacket is good.

      5. Return door notes.

      In return, the old custom dictates that the bride walk in front and return to the men's house, the bridegroom in front. Because the return gate is the first time that the daughter is married to go back to the family, some say "walk the first time". After the "double gate", generally prohibit to stay in the house of yue family, must return to the man's home that day, because old time has the custom of not empty room for a month.

      Six, something to prepare.

      The old woman's heart attached great importance to the return of three days, so the groom had to be prepared for both the thought and the gift, so as to make a pleasant impression on his in-laws. At this time, the new son-in-law will also present to the parents-in-law "return gifts", "return the money", and according to different places, bring different gifts. Some take a rooster, and take the meaning of "good luck"; Some bring some meat, eggs, noodles and other gifts; And more common in orange, apple, banana, wine, etc., style is not fixed, but recalls the ritual of avoid by all means is single, must be dual meaning for couples in pairs, together in one hundred, the singular is unlucky.

      Seven, return door banquet.

      In general, when the bride and groom return to the door, the women's family will have a banquet, and the new son-in-law will be seated at the table and will be accompanied by the woman. The bride's family has a banquet in China to entertain the new husband. During the meal, the bride will accompany the groom, a family of parents, relatives and neighbors to drink wine, thank you for your wedding blessing. After dinner, don't rush home, talk to your parents for a while, listen to their teachings, and then go home. We should invite two old people and brothers and sisters to visit our home, and invite friends, relatives and neighbors.

      8. Mixing ceremony

      The stirring ceremony is an important part of the return banquet in the southwest and the surrounding area. It is said that "the door curtain" should be used first, and the hanging door curtain is the folk marriage custom of the han nationality. Popular in the southwest and surrounding areas. It is said that the door curtain is one of the dowries that wang zhaojun wanted for the emperor wu. Posterity imitates, along the line becomes vulgar.

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  • جمعه 14 اردیبهشت 1397

     1, Tianxiang than the wing bird, the ground is a joint branch; blue pool in the pool of lotus, mandarin ducks frolic, the guests praise, Lang Jun new woman sages; a hundred years to match the immortals, candles also exhibition.

      2, from acquaintance to acquaintance, from acquaintance to love, from love to marriage hall. I know that this process is not only happy but also bitter. May you cherish this hard won happiness and go all the way with your hands.

      3, looking at the invitation of the happy newspaper, looking at the laughter of the firecrackers, listening to the noise of the gongs and drums, looking at the rookie of the charming, thinking of the joke of the cave, blowing the blessing of the horn, I wish you love each other, old life together!

      4, may your sincere love, such as the rising sun, the longer the longer the more prosperous, let the water can not be extinguished, the floods can not be drowned!

      5. May your love life grow as the fruit of a fig tree, and as the vine blossoms and incense, as the witness of the sweet smell of Christ, with the heavens and the heavens, every night and the glory of the glory of God and glory.

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  • چهارشنبه 12 اردیبهشت 1397

    Wedding day detailed flow chart, help you create romantic wedding. Fashion romantic wedding planning will be unforgettable and leave a good impression on people. The wedding day detailed flow chart makes your wedding more organized.

      Get up at 6:00

      6:30-7:30 flowers decorating wedding cars

      7:30-8:30 bride's make-up

      The 8:30 wedding car goes to the studio to pick up the bride to the hotel

      9:00-10:30 groom, bride to eat, rest

      Bring sugar, smoke, wine, tea, drinks to the hotel at 10:00.

      At 10:10, check the details of banquet arrangement, sound, check-in and so on.

      10:30, ready for the bride and bridegroom to use cigarettes, lighters, sugar.

      At 11:00, the check-in department will be seated (4 persons) and guide the doorman to take place. The bride and bridegroom at the door of the bride and groom are welcome guests.

      At 12:15 the host prepares, the flower child (2) preparations, the groomer, the bridesmaid, the golden girl (handheld) preparation, the sound preparation, the marriage certificate, the ring preparation, the balloon, the color ribbon in place

      Wedding day detailed flow chart to avoid wedding day rush.


      (1) newcomers enter, chase, play, ribbon, throw balloons, and salute.

      (2) the introduction of the host

      (3) the speaker's speech

      (4) a marriage certificate is issued by a witness and a speech

      (5) new parents come to power

      (6) the bride and groom exchanged rings and three bowed

      (7) new people give tea to their parents

      (9) parents' retirement from both sides

      (10) students and friends are speaking on behalf of

      (11) the reply of a new person

      (12) the newcomer opens champagne, cuts the cake, drinks the glass bottle to cover several holes, or is the special watering pot, regularly sprinkles the sprinkler. In addition, the bridegroom's broth must have a backup, often found that the bride and the reason for the long time, to the beginning of the ceremony, the bridegroom's breast is 3 points, it is very effective.

      In addition, it is the petal problem, the wedding company is almost ready to throw away the garbage in the flower shop, not very lucky! So it is better to have a rose, before the wedding ceremony, the quality and quantity, and there are flowers, where there is less, and can be filled. Prepare a little more, and lay a heart or two hearts on the wedding bed with petals. It is much better than the bubbles in the bed.

      The wedding banquet started at 13:00

      13:00 bride and groom exit, fast food, bride for dress.

      At 13:15 the bride and groom toast the table by the table

      At the end of the 14:00 banquet, a photo of the guests and the newcomers

      Guests leave or go to the chess room for entertainment at 14:00

      At 14:30 the bride and groom dine and rest

      At 14:30 the remaining tobacco, wine and sugar, etc

      The number of dinner numbers at 14:30

      Tell the hotel for dinner at 17:00

      Invite guests to dinner at 18:00

      Clear all the items at 20:00 and leave the hotel

      Summary: the wedding day involves a wide range of things. In order to avoid panic in the wedding day, a detailed list of the wedding day is very important.

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  • جمعه 7 اردیبهشت 1397

     1. Phalaenopsis

      The shape of this flower is very similar to that of butterflies, and the flower fragrance of Phalaenopsis itself is even more fascinating. However, when you give this kind of flower to your wife, it is best to add some other more atmospheric flowers, so that the unique temperament of Phalaenopsis can be put off.

      2. Lilies

      Lily seems to be a flower for couples or lovers. Its pure breath is unaccessible. Therefore, in the matter of getting married 5th anniversary flowers, you may as well wrap them with lily, and give your sweetheart a pure and warm life experience.

      3, rose

      On our planet, there are no flowers or lovers who are more suitable for love than roses. On Valentine's day, roses can be found on the streets. In addition, the colors of the colorful roses can meet all kinds of needs of the people. However, different numbers of roses have different meanings.

      Four, marriage 5th anniversary send a few flowers good

      The above is the question that the little editor asked you to get married 5th anniversary to send flowers. I believe you all have a kind of flower that you can give yourself. However, how many flowers do you send for your 5th anniversary wedding? Let's take a look at the following analysis:

      1, 100

      In fact, love is the company that can not be reluctant to give up in countless days and months. A rose is your confession to your lover. One hundred roses are your oath to the earth. So, on the day of your 5th anniversary wedding anniversary, it will be perfect to prepare one hundred roses for your wife.

      2, 999

      9 this number has always been very popular among Chinese people. Because 9 is the "long" homophonic, used in any scene is very lucky. If you prepare more than 999 roses for your wife on the day of the 5th anniversary anniversary of your marriage, and at the same time, to prove to your lover that you have a long time to accompany her, I think your wife will be sobbed at the moment!

      3, 144

      You can be together for five years together, which must have experienced a lot of sweet and sour life, but in order to prove to your wife that you are true to her to death, you can prepare 144 roses on your wedding day. It means to accompany her in life.

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  • چهارشنبه 5 اردیبهشت 1397

     The geometric elements of the classic stripes, lattices, and wave points have been in the forefront of fashion, and the geometry of the wedding is simple but not simple. The modern sense is full, the plasticity is high, and it brings a very bright visual aesthetic feeling.

      Do you have a Get to this idea for your wedding? The ingenious use of geometric elements in weddings will save some space and create an elegant and restrained fashion sense.

      Geometric background, one of the most popular forms of decoration in modern weddings, is striking and unique. It does not limit the choice of materials, but also creates different styles of appearance.

      The commonly used prop materials are metal, wood, paper and so on. With the flower material and the leaf material to be decorated, the wedding background and arches of different shapes can be built.

      Pure leaf wood is fitted with wooden geometric framework, with simple ritual background and full of vitality.

      The hexagonal wooden frame of different sizes is combined with floral art, coupled with lighting, warmth and romance.

      Is the background of wedding ceremony constructed by folded geometric patterns very novel?

      The triangle overlaps, the space is full of sense.

      The three-dimensional arch built by quadrangle overlapping can not be more fashionable.

      The superposition of the triangle body highlights the temperament of the new people in the atmosphere.

      The ritual background of multicolored panels is like a childhood overturned palette, a lovely dream.

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  • دوشنبه 3 اردیبهشت 1397

     The story may start in a summer,

      For a long summer, the garnet is like a fire.

      The minds of young people are like the white clothes of boys and girls.

      Green onion is pure, it is the age of first love.

      The new semester started in September,

      In rush crowds, busy check-in and hand in assignments,

      They met for the first time.

      The new students who met for the first time were probably vague.

      They all remember the thoughts that came out of each other's mind in the first place.

      She remembered that he was silently "complaining" of a boy, whose skin was whiter than the girl.

      He was thinking that there was a lovely girl,

      All love has nothing but love.

      She is a lively little talkative in the classroom,

      May be the teacher intentional,

      To arrange a quiet and quiet table for her,

      So she sat on his left hand.

      Start by asking a math problem.

      This classroom began a long spring, summer, autumn and winter.

      Recite a piece of text or borrow a piece of rubber.

      The dark circles of burning the midnight oil or the imminent simulation test.

      It is the beginning of friendship at the same table, or the beginning of a friendship that is fought shoulder to shoulder.

      I like to grow up in the dark.

      Until the end of the college entrance examination, two talents finally confessed each other.

      He is a person who likes not to change easily.

      For example, in the millions of delicious foods in the world, he only loves potatoes and roast beef.

      For example, there are so many people in the world that he only loves her.

      She is the one who sticks to her inner feelings and desperately cares for love.

      If you miss it, you will put down the things on your hand.

      No matter how far away, he ran to see him at once.

      There is a lyric in the mystery guest.

      "Thank you for your participation in life and accept my invitation."

      A person who breaks in by chance,

      Maybe it's the mysterious guest in life.

      Now, their stories have entered a new year.

      The garnet is red, like the weather when it meets.

      The bamboo color is green, and it is the love of an implicit.

      When I met a teenager, I went to the wedding hall from my first love in the campus.

      There is a time when the flowers bloom, and when the sun shines brightly,

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