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چهارشنبه 29 آذر 1396

Like Fashion & Ballet? These Mario Testino Photos Are For You

PHOTO: MARIO TESTINO ARCHIVE.In case you haven't noticed, the holiday season is fast approaching its merry end, which means you've probably already been to your fair share of holiday parties, dinners, and work events. But if you're really in the spirit, have you seen The Nutcracker for the umpteenth time yet? And indulged in spending your hard-earned, grandparents-loaned holiday cash on an outfit replete with sequins and velvet? Okay, we'll cut to the chase: For those of you who know what we're talking about — or don't, honestly — look no further for eye candy than these Mario Testino photographs of The Nutcracker. They're, for lack of prettier words, gorgeous as hell.

To fête principal Royal Ballet dancer Sarah Lamb's turn as the Sugar Plum Fairy in The Nutcracker, the ballerina maps out her routine. Pas de bourrée, arabesque, attitude and pirouette, pas de couru — you get it. In the clip, Testino's team captures the strength of ballerinas, and how the costumes, from rehearsals to the curtain draw, play an integral role in bringing the character to life. The product, as you'll see in the slideshow ahead, is exactly what the meeting of the fashion and dance worlds should look like. No Insta-models or celebrities who admired dance when they were younger — pure art, in two of its most breathtaking forms.

From Testino's photographs of former dancer Benoît Maréchal in Paris, to Darcey Bussell in London, all the way to snapshots of Natalia Vodianova and Kate Moss (yes, that happened), there's a lot to take in. To catch the rest of what it takes for Lamb to turn into the Sugar Plum Fairy, head over to Mira Mira for the full scope. And, look, if that doesn't get you in the spirit, or at least one step closer to treating yourself to a night at the ballet, then, bah humbug, or whatever.

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  • دوشنبه 27 آذر 1396

    Reliquia, the jewellery label everyone is wearing, just launched a new line

    You’ve definitely heard of Reliquia or at the very least seen the brand’s fine jewellery hanging from lobes or around the necks of almost every woman in Australia in the last two years.

    Launched in 2015, the brand’s spiral earrings and coin necklace are firm favourites for Reliquia converts and we imagine that if just one more purchase is made in 2017 the pieces can officially claim the ‘cult’ label or at the very least, become a permanent pillar of Reliquia’s offering.

    And while Reliquia, which is a Spanish term for family heirloom, finds its inspiration in vintage pieces it seems fine jewellery can no longer satisfy the jeweller behind the brand – who prefers to remain anonymous – as Valet, the younger, bolder sister of Reliquia launches.

    “Valet came from a desire to work with colour and dramatic shapes. Reliquia is based on the idea of jewellery that you can wear every day and easily not take off for months at a time. For Valet, I wanted to explore the idea of more ‘occasional’ jewellery,” says the designer. “I hoped to create pieces that one could put on for a day when you’re in need of a ‘pick me up’ or when you simply want to elevate your favourite denim and white tee,” the designer tells Vogue of the bold and brightly coloured resin pieces.

    For this new label, resin gives the designer space to be as creative and as bold as possible, given that the material allows infinite options in colour and shape. In short, Valet is for the woman seeking adventure and thrill – the kind that can only come with a statement earring.

    “I also fell in love with the idea that no two pair of earrings can ever be the same. Due to the way the resin is poured, there will always be differences within each piece and there is something personal, romantic and deeply appealing about that quality.”

    Of course, resin is extremely lightweight, meaning you can be bold all day long and your ears don’t have to suffer. So go on, make a statement.

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  • پنجشنبه 23 آذر 1396


    Now in its third year, the Global Change Award will select five successful entries that could revolutionise the way we design, make and use clothes. If selected by a judging panel including Ellen MacArthur and other experts, submissions will then proceed to a public vote to decide how the prize purse will be split. They’ll also gain access to a one-year innovation accelerator provided by the H&M Foundation, Accenture and KTH Royal Institute of Technology.

    Previous award winners highlight the spectrum of innovation possibilities in the fashion industry, and show how applying the principles of a circular economy can unlock new and creative solutions to our most pressing challenges.

    There are the examples of materials innovation, with orange peel fibre and grape leather, which use waste byproducts from the food and winemaking industries to create new fabrics. The team behind last year’s ‘solar textiles’ entry discovered a way to make nylon using just water, plant waste and solar energy, with the biomass replacing conventional petroleum based material.

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  • سه شنبه 21 آذر 1396


    1. Riccardo Tisci not going to Versace

    The past few years have seen a non-stop deluge of designer musical chairs. Superstar designers like Alber Elbaz, Raf Simons, Maria Grazia Chiuri, Peter Copping, Peter Dundas have left high-profile jobs. One of the biggest shocks was Riccardo Tisci leaving Givenchy after a 12-year tenure and making the label one of the hottest in the world. Everyone said he was leaving to take over Versace, alongside his dear friend and one-time Givenchy campaign model Donatella Versace. There are rumors that Tisci was too demanding in negotiations and derailed the hiring, one that most of the fashion world imagined was a done deal.

    2. Graydon Carter leaving Vanity Fair

    After Anna Wintour, Graydon Carter is the most legendary editor in American publishing. He's been at the helm of Vanity Fair for 25 years and overseen covers with every major global superstar, as well as an Oscar party that has eclipsed the actual awards themselves as the most star-powered event of the year. When he announced this year that he was leaving the publication, it was a rare case of a big fish leaving without being pushed, whereas other high-profile step downs have led to endless speculation. At Glamour, Cindi Leive left after 16 years as editor-in-chief. Robbie Meyers was out at Elle after 17 years and Jim Moore, creative director of GQ, has left the position after nearly 40 years at the magazine. As budgets are slashed at major publishers, it's often easier to save money by laying off legends whose contracts and salaries were negotiated back in the good old days. Still, Vanity Fair won't be saving much if the rumors are true that part of Carter's departure package is a full salary for 20 years.

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  • پنجشنبه 16 آذر 1396

    Solve summer with this Australian label and their easy-going pieces

    The name Magdalena Velevska will ring a bell for those who were fans of the Australian designer’s eponymous line or her work with high street brand Seduce but now, in 2017, Velevska is back with a fresh point of view and just in time for summer.

    Alys, pronounced Alice, is the newest venture from the designer launching today and promising to solve all matter of wardrobe dilemmas with easy silhouettes, light-hearted prints and practical clothing.

    “I took the time to have two little girls and I kind of felt that they’re now old enough and that I’ve had a little bit more time to give back to work as well and also I think have a lot of nice things to say to the customer again,” says Velevska of returning to design after pausing her self-titled line four years ago.

    For Alys, the philosophy is simple, Velevska wants to produce clothes that are accessible in price point but also won’t compromise on aesthetics or the environment.

    “What’s been important now that I’m also a mother of two - and it’s been increasingly important for me as a customer - is that it’s not just about beautiful clothes but a beautiful world also. We’ve got the choice to buy from companies with sustainable and ethical practices in our power and so we’ve made sure that Alys operates with a fair cycle commercial responsibility accreditation both here and overseas,” Velevska notes of the brand’s choice to use sustainably sourced natural fibres like cotton, linen and rayon.

    “The idea is to give these pieces the longevity through the designs, original prints and good quality finishes so that that longevity is there and not just disposable fashion,” says Velevska, who adds while there’s a serious side to the brand Alys is supposed to be “fun, wild and youthful”.

    With prices starting at $89 and hitting the $300 mark, Alys hits the sweet spot in terms of design and price – we dare you to take a look and not find anything you like. From separates to off-the-shoulder dresses and lace detailing, Alys is going to turn up on every beach as the mercury rises, so don’t get left behind.

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  • سه شنبه 14 آذر 1396

    Meet Instagram's New Wave Of Style Influencers

    There are endless assumptions about the fashion influencer with the perfectly curated Instagram. Sure, many of them hold true: They do, in fact, snap photos of everything, from quirky outfit details to artfully arranged egg dishes; yes, they clock in more hours a week playing dress-up than you did in the entirety of your tween years; and, believe it, they're literally always on — whether they're at home, out to dinner, or on vacation. But there's a whole lot more to the women behind your favorite social feeds than meets the eye.

    Today's sartorial stars, just like the blogger generation before them, are turning their Insta accounts into legit businesses — the kind that are all about the brand. They are choosy about what they say yes to — considering, above all else, what will resonate with and inspire their followers — and make a conscious effort to never bite off more than they can chew (knowing that when you overcommit yourself, your productivity and authenticity can take a hit). The truth is, in such a saturated space, style isn't enough to set you apart. You have to be driven, innately creative, and smart about how you use every minute of every day, too.

    To celebrate this new wave of women successfully blending fashion and business, we tapped a trio on the rise across various time zones — Londoner Monica Ainley, a journalist and creative consultant; Reese Blutstein, the Atlanta-based 21-year-old behind Double3xposure; and Jiawa Liu, a lawyer turned content creator living in Sydney — to share a glimpse into the inner workings of their everyday lives. Donning Gucci's latest array of watches (which are polished, practical, and yet every bit as whimsical as you'd expect from the label), they reveal how they juggle the demands of their 24-hour, seven-days-a-week jobs and make it look truly effortless, plus the secrets to their impeccable personal styles, just below.

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  • جمعه 10 آذر 1396

    The Bag Brand That's Become the Fashion Set's New Obsession

    Wandler preceeds itself: Before I'd even seen any product from the bag brand, no less than four people had told me how "obsessed" I'd be with them. Designer Elza Wandler, who launched the brand in 2017, hails from south Netherlands, currently resides in Amsterdam, and has her bags made in Italy—so yes, anyone who really knows my simple yet polished style, would be correct to guess I'd love Wandler bags. But anyone who knows me also knows I can be a bit stubborn, so I had a very "I'll be the judge of that!" mentality about the whole thing.

    When the bags finally landed on Net-a-Porter, I had to give it to everyone: I'm obsessed. Clean lines? Luxe leather? No-frills colorways? Hell yeah, sign me up!

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  • دوشنبه 6 آذر 1396

    Model/Performer Stephen Garcia Spotted at Denver Fashion Weekend

    From November 9 through November 12, 303 Magazine put on a string of three fashion shows, in the seasonal social offering that is Denver Fashion Weekend. While the fashion on the runway was nothing short of amazing, there was great style off the runway as well. One standout ensemble came courtesy of local performer, model, and creative, Stephen Garcia, who loves pink and made it work during night one of the fashion shows. We spoke with him to learn what inspires him and how he concocted this eye-grabbing look.I draw my style from many places. My

    Mexican/Samoan culture, my queerness, the call to challenge my own masculinity and limits, people I respect and more. The need to put those things at the front of my identity in plain sight really pushes me to dress the way I do. Especially in today’s violent, racist and homophobic climate. I guess it’s a small form of resistance. Also my boyfriend. He has the best eye for fashion and styles my outfits all the time. He really pushes me to be the best me in fashion and in life.

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  • جمعه 3 آذر 1396

    15 Books To Add To Your Encyclopedia Of Fashion

    Everybody knows how fun it is to wear clothes. But to know about them — and to be able to hold your own in a Devil Wears Prada-like situation — is a whole other ball game. That's why we've compiled a gift guide for those who prefer to talk the talk and walk the walk.

    Not only will the books ahead be your go-to for beautiful pictures, illustrative histories, and, let's face it, stuff that just looks pretty on the shelf, but they'll also serve as their own sort of style almanacs that'll get you up-to-speed on all of the industry's happenings. What led to Raf Simons taking over at Calvin Klein? There's a book for that. Who is Mario Testino, and what is this towel series Ashley Graham posed for? We've got you covered. And why is Dolce & Gabbana calling millennials "the new renaissance"? Yup, there's one for that, too.

    If your attention span doesn't allow for hundreds of pages on the history of Dior or French haute couture, that's okay too. Instead, consider this your destination for what to buy your difficult fashion friend who's impossible to shop for. 'Tis the season for enriching our closets and our mind — to filling our pockets with cash from our grandparents and distant relatives who think we're fashion designers, our closet with random gifts from our S.O.'s we forgot we wanted — but they remembered — and end tables with beautiful, fashionable tomes that'll last a lifetime.

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  • چهارشنبه 1 آذر 1396


    How best to sum up the Spring / Summer '18 season? The easiest way would be by not attempting to. This was a catwalk season that defied any neat explanations, in much the same way the world does at the moment. The fashion world responded to global turbulence the way it knows how, by wilfully celebrating beauty and the joy of life.

    What that means depends on who you ask. In one corner of the fashion world, there was an explosion of unabashed glamour and glitter. In another, an overwhelming wave of humour and nostalgia. And on the opposite end of the spectrum, a sense of punk rock rebellion. And running throughout it all, a stand for uplift and individuality in uncertain times.But, as always, we will attempt to distill this season's plethora of themes and sub-themes into digestible chunks for the fashion-hungry, so that you can be sure to enjoy the best that 2018's designer offering has in store.

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