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جمعه 29 اردیبهشت 1396

Reebok Is Coming Out With a ‘Bro Romper,’ Or Onesie for Active Men

Call it the new romper room.

The latest trend — both loved and loathed by social media — is taking shape: the onesie for men. The product, a romper worn by style-loving gents, began to take off this month after its founders launched a Kickstarter campaign called RompHim, with the idea of raising money to fund production of a man-sized romper in cool colors and bright prints.

Now savvy companies such as Reebok are getting in on the action.

Reebok today said it would produce a limited run of rompers dubbed the ReeRomp by Reebok. The company, which is selling the one-piece outfit online, said the “bro romper [is] made from Reebok’s signature ActiveChill material, strictly with the active man in mind. The perfect merger of function and style, the ReeRomp by Reebok is engineered with enhanced breathability to help keep your body cool so you can maximize your potential, no matter the conditions.”

The company claims the look could be the biggest hits (or hates, depending on whom you ask) of the summer, particularly as it will appeal to trendsetters on the go.

“Guys can wear rompers too,” designer Eun Jung Park said in a statement. “One-piece styles work for men and women. The design reflects the current trend, and our ActiveChill fabric is perfect when temperatures spike.”

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  • چهارشنبه 27 اردیبهشت 1396

    Top button issue: Corbyn, Obama, Trudeau and the meaning of an open collar

    We find ourselves in an age of button diplomacy. Jeremy Corbyn, Justin Trudeau and Barack Obama – three very different politicians – are all fans of the unbuttoned top button. But what does the look tell us about their policies and their personalities?

    An undone button is Corbyn’s sartorial trademark. Criticised for failing to properly tie his tie (thus, it’s said, hinting at an inability to compromise), the truth is actually more nuanced. “If you are standing up for the working classes, this look suggests that you are against the Man and with the people,” says Erynn Masi de Casanova, a sociologist and author of Buttoned Up: Clothing, Conformity, and White-Collar Masculinity. But it’s also crucial on the campaign trail, as it hints at the sort of connection politicians need – see Corbyn launching his manifesto in a suit, but also Corbyn interviewing the rapper JME, about first-time voters in an unbuttoned shirt.

    “One is a uniform for the job and the other is down-to-earth and honest,” says Casanova. “It sends a good message, which is why Republicans often follow the same strategy.” Take Mitt Romney who often went tieless and unbuttoned as he campaigned for the White House in 2012.

    Throughout his presidency, Obama’s approach to the undone button was perfectly struck, which made his appearance in Milan last week with two buttons undone something of a shock. Trudeau and Donald Trump, meanwhile, make a curious button neighbours. Proto-liberal Trudeau often goes unbuttoned. The Canadian PM knows he is a pin-up, “so this is intentional. His look says: ‘Judge me by my looks’,” explains Casanova. “It’s also a rejection of fashion being rejected, which is very modern. Suddenly, men are being judged for their clothes and they are not used to it, but Trudeau is ahead of the game.”

    Which leads us to Trump, who conveys the opposite message. Buttoned right up with a too-long tie, his look belies a confidence that he is not being judged on his appearance. “Which is ironic,” says Casanova, “because he is trying to appeal to the working class – so his visual and verbal message are at odds.” It also, arguably, points towards the sort of narcissism that thinks his way – for example, Sellotaping his tie together – is the right way.

    In many ways, button-undoing is an exercise of male privilege. “Business and politics are traditionally two social institutions dominated by men – there is no equivalent of the button for female politicians,” says Casanova. “In male-dominated fields, woman are also more scrutinised,” she says. As Susan Bordo explains in her 1999 book The Male Body: “I never dreamed that ‘equality’ would move in the direction of men worrying more about their looks rather than women worrying less.” Still, progress is progress.

    So what of the others? Emmanuelle Macron has adopted a more subtle look, buttoned-up with a discreet tie. It is both forgettable and the uniform of the establishment. Philip May, as our Flotus, went unbuttoned on The One Show last week in a bid to “visually pull back” from his wife’s status.

    While no politician would forgo a suit, their approach to its accoutrements is loaded; see also the loosened tie, which implies the end of a long day’s work, and rolled-up shirt sleeves, which suggest you’re still at work. As for Trump, in his flapping suit, long tie and Sellotape, it’s probably best he stays away from buttons altogether.

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  • دوشنبه 25 اردیبهشت 1396

    Young Ivanka Trump Kicked Off Her Mary Janes & More Mother’s Day Tributes on Social Media

    Ivanka Trump joined other boldface names who took to social media today to honor their mothers with heartwarming messages and photos on Mother’s Day.

    “Happy Mother’s Day to my incredible mom, Ivana. And to my children, thank you for giving me the gift of motherhood. You are my inspiration!” Trump captioned a throwback picture where she’s seen as a youngster planting a kiss on her mother. The photo shows little Ivanka’s purple Mary Janes on the floor, while she enjoys a tender moment with Ivana, President Donald Trump’s first wife.

    Ivanka is a mother herself, to daughter Arabella, 5, and sons Joseph, 3, and Theodore, 1, with Jared Kushner.

    Her father, President Donald Trump, wished first lady Melania a happy holiday. “Wishing @FLOTUS Melania and all of the great mothers out there a wonderful day ahead with family and friends!” he tweeted.

    Melania, who is mother to Barron Trump, also took part in the social media wishes. She shared a photo of herself with Barron, writing, “Happy Mother’s Day!”

    Kenneth Cole waxed poetic on Twitter when he honored his mother with an old photo. “It’s been said that ‘A mother holds a son’s hand for a while, but his heart for a lifetime,’ #HappyMothersDay” Cole tweeted.

    Brian Atwood also shared a photo of himself with his mother. The designer told his followers that he celebrated the holiday by her side in New York City.

    “Happy Mother’s Day to the most amazing mother @yourstem anyone could ever have!!! We love you soo much and thank you for instilling values that have made us who we are today!!! I loved having you and @jnstemer in nyc for the weekend.I miss you already. TeAmo,” Atwood wrote on Instagram.

    Nike-sponsored football star Russell Wilson praised his wife, Ciara, on her first Mother’s Day with their newborn daughter, Sienna. “Nothing better than spending time with you,” the athlete wrote. “You are an amazing mom & I’m so grateful I get to spend the rest of my life with you & raising our kids. I love you!

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  • جمعه 22 اردیبهشت 1396

    Coco Chanel once said ‘the best colour in the world is the one that looks good on you.’ Easier said than done, it seems.

    While it's all well and good planning to embrace the bright block tones and colour clashes on the catwalks, it's important to understand how to wear colour correctly and ensure our looks are flattering, rather than a sight for sore eyes.

    Want to try your own? We've started with the basics to help you better understand how to create chic colour combinations that suit you.

    Understanding colours is key

    The natural order of colour is red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet. If the two ends of this list are connected, the traditional colour wheel is created. This is the easiest way to understand how different colours work together, thus, ensuring your outfits are perfectly matched.

    So which colours work best together?

    ‘Colours work best when they are in harmony with each other,’ says colour analyst, Nikki Bogardus. There are five types of harmonies within the traditional colour wheel.

    1. Monochromatic

    Monochromatic shades are those of a single colour in various gradients. The Zara look below works so well because the blush jacket and pale pink trousers are different shades of one colour; pink. It makes for a pulled together look that is easy on the eye but also has variety, making it look interesting.

    2. Complementary

    The best colours to wear together are shades that are complimentary of each other. In the world of colour, this actually means shades that are opposites. These include red and green, violet and yellow and blue and orange.

    On paper, they seem quite striking and daring, but in reality, these shades work well together and won’t seem as statement as you may first think. They’re easy to find as they’re directly opposite each other on the traditional colour wheel.

    3. Analogous

    When two or three shades are side by side on the colour wheel, they are known as analogous colours, like red, orange and yellow, for example. These work well together because naturally, they blend into one another.

    Although this colour clash was all over the SS17 catwalks, we've traditionally been told to keep red and pink separate, even though they are analogous colours. 'The reason why this colour combination is not a smart choice for everyone is that red and pink have very different colour dimensions,' says Bogardus. 'Red is a warm colour, and in most cases, pink is its cool, lighter cousin. The mismatch creates an imbalance to the eyes.'

    It still works for a striking colour clash, though, so if you're keen, perhaps break the look up with white or denim, or wear as accessories to ensure the combo isn't too full on.

    4. Triadic

    The term triadic is given to three shades in the colour wheel that are equal distance apart from each other. Pink, green and orange are good examples of this.

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  • چهارشنبه 20 اردیبهشت 1396

    5 Fun Ways to Wear Socks With Heels

    Can socks and heels be a winning combo off the runway? The answer is yes. Whether your style is grungy or posh, a wide variety of socks will give any heel style some extra punch. Below, we offer 5 different combinations to try.

    1. Color-blocked

    For a statement look, try pairing two punchy colors together. We love Gucci’s ruffled teal socks paired with Jimmy Choo’s simple suede pump in purple.

    2. Embellished

    Embellished hosiery is the perfect way to amp up a simple dress. For a dash of 1970s flair, try matching Marc Jacobs’ over-the-knee socks (fit with faux pearls) with Saint Laurent’s wooden platform sandals.

    3. Grungy

    For a cooler, downtown look, opt for a pair of logo-plastered socks, like these ones by Vetements x Reebok. Wear them with Gianvito Rossi’s frayed denim heels.

    4. Sporty

    Tube socks never looked so glam. We love Maria La Rosa’s luxe take on a sport sock. Add unexpected polish with Christian Louboutin’s leather and PVC sandal.

    5. Sequined

    For a fun going-out option, a sequin sock by Off-White is ready to hit the dance floor. Pair it with a similar metallic, like these silver sandals by Aperlai.

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  • دوشنبه 18 اردیبهشت 1396

    Finnish fashion boom sends exports soaring

    Finnish fashion is booming around the world, reveal recent export figures. Garment producers reported a 15% increase in exports last year compared to the year before, according to a report by Finland's Textile and Fashion Union.

    Finnish textile producers saw their turnover increase by a tenth between last November and December. Domestic sales got a 10% boost while export figures rose by 12%.

    Total exports in 2016 amounted to 650 million euros, with industry turnover grossing a total of four billion euros. Finnish designs seem to be especially in vogue in neighbouring Sweden, which ousted Russia from its number one spot in exports last year.

    The Textile and Fashion Union estimates that the recipe for the Finnish fashion fad is relatively simple.

    Finnish designers ride the wave of natural and clear-cut Scandinavian aesthetic, while designing bright, colourful pieces especially Asian consumers can’t seem to get enough of.

    Lastly, Finland’s popularity all boils down to functionality. Thanks to the country’s cool climate, Finns have mastered the craft of creating clothes designed for cold conditions.

    Not a bad way to heat up the fashion scene.

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  • پنجشنبه 14 اردیبهشت 1396

    Reformation Launching Mommy + Me Collection; Kendall Jenner Covers 'Vogue' India

    The Reformation Is Launching a Mommy + Me Collection

    L.A.-based sustainable fashion label The Reformation is delving into childrenswear. The brand is launching a limited-edition Mommy + Me collection featuring five of their most popular dress styles in children's sizes (2T-5T) in addition to adult sizes. The matchy-matchy collection drops on The Reformation's website May 4, just in time for Mother's Day coming up May 14.

    Kendall Jenner Covers Vogue India's 10th Anniversary Cover

    Vogue family favorite Kendall Jenner was chosen by Vogue India as the glossy's 10th anniversary cover star. The May issue sees Jenner, photographed by Mario Testino in India, wearing a lacy YSL number that's only slightly less sheer than her Met Gala look. Testino also guest edited the issue — his 12th "Vogue takeover," according to his celebratory Instagram post.

    Liv Tyler Stars in "Mama Said" Campaign for Gap

    Months after the release of its spring 2017 campaign starring the spawn of '90s celebrities (including Rumer Willis, daughter of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis, and Lizzy Jagger, daughter of Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall), Gap is releasing a second family-focused campaign starring a bevy of models and celebs with their tots. Liv Tyler, Victoria's Secret angel Candice Swanepoel, photographer Cass Bird, model Coco Rocha and more were photographed with their kids — all outfitted in Gap, of course — for the "Mama Said" film. The campaign is also Gap's call to action to encourage customers to donate to the Every Mother Counts nonprofit ahead of Mother's Day.

    Hugo Boss Reports First Quarter Net Profit Growth

    German fashion group Hugo Boss has reported first quarter net profit increase of 25 percent; however, its e-commerce sales fell 27 percent — a disappointing number considering the brand stated in March that it would shift its focus to revamping its online business. Shares for the company fell 5 percent despite the net profit uptick. The company is currently in the midst of an overhaul as it focuses only on its Hugo and Boss brands.

    Paula Schneider Steps Down As CEO of 3 L.A.-Based Brands

    After just 7 months on the job, Paula Schneider has stepped down as the CEO of three L.A.-based labels under the DG Premium Brands: 7 for All Mankind, Ella Moss and Splendid. The American Apparel alum was brought on in 2016. Schneider took the reins as CEO of American Apparel in 2014 (following Dov Charney’s unceremonious exit) and attempted to lead the brand’s turnaround efforts. She left American Apparel ahead of the company’s sale to Gildan Activewear.

    Judge Throws Out Tamara Mellon’s Lawsuit Against Jimmy Choo

    Tamara Mellon’s $4 million lawsuit against Jimmy Choo, the company she co-founded in 1996 with the namesake designer, has been thrown out by a judge in New York. In the suit, Mellon alleged that the company she left in 2012 was using underhanded tactics (for example, pressuring overseas manufacturers to refuse her business) after she launched her own eponymous brand in 2013.

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  • سه شنبه 12 اردیبهشت 1396

    The Cool Girl Labels Jessica Diaz Wilson, Alex Gonzaga, and Jasmine Curtis-Smith Are Loving Right Now

    When you’re a force to reckon with on social media, brands tend to just go to you, hoping you include them in your next outfit post. But digital curators always say they don’t just post whatever they are sent. It’s also choosing what they genuinely like and what they’d personally recommend to their friends. But the power of one post isn’t just a word of mouth kind of thing as followers can reach a million people in a few seconds. So you gotta hand it to today’s influencers when they put out something they can stand by to the test of a thousand judging eyes.

    What I want to say here is this: Pay attention to the things tagged in these people’s photos. The extra effort to tap will lead you to cult faves, new labels and revamped brands. Think of it as a different kind of online shopping, with A+ user review.

    Looking through the ‘grams of a few celebrities and influencers, we found six new lables we’re dying to get our hands on.

    Alex Gonzaga

    Australian label Finders Keepers carries pieces that can be used for power meetings in the office and for fun dates out. Sticking to a lot of solid colors and interesting cuts, they are easy to pull off even on ordinary days or even on camera. Just look at Alex Gonzaga. (Oh, and the label is available in the metro at ShopLCP, so no need to worry about shipping costs.)

    Renee De Guzman

    For trendy pieces that can take you stylishly through your next trip, Renee sems to favor Exhibit. This Singaporean brand creates clothes under their androgynous and minimalist aesthetic. The products are some killer pants and pleated shirt dresses.

    Jessica Diaz Wilson

    Una Rosa recently revamped their branding to reveal collections that are for the trendy but practical woman. A perfect example would be Jessica Diaz Wilson, who loves the lacey pieces along with the fool-proof denim jackets.

    Iza Calzado

    If you need sexy, daring, and one-of-a-kind styles in a shoe, go for high-end label Gianvito Rossi. A relatively young brand in the fierce shoe market, it’s caught the attention of a lot of fashionable stars. It seems like one of the go-to labels of Iza Calzado for her dressed to kill ensembles.

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  • جمعه 8 اردیبهشت 1396

    Latina entrepreneur turns passion for fashion into Cotati clothing boutique

    Sneaking into her mother’s closet, Mercedes Hernandez couldn’t resist trying on her blue satin jacket. Though the fourth-grader was far too small for it, she loved wearing it to school anyway.

    Her passion for fashion had emerged.

    A little over a decade later, that love has flourished into her own business. Hernandez, who had done modeling as a child and worked in retail while in high school, last summer opened Bow N Arrow, a bohemian-style clothing store across the plaza in downtown Cotati.

    Today, the shop is a lively spot, frequented by students on the hunt for trendy but affordable fashion.

    “I got really lucky with the location,” she said, noting its proximity to Sonoma State University about 2 miles away. She tries to keep prices low for students, many of whom are about her age.

    “It’s crazy, especially when I hear people talk about the store,” said Hernandez, now 22. “I didn’t picture myself being able to do this. I thought it was so unrealistic because of my age.”

    Unlike generations before her, who started in retail shops and later opened a website, Hernandez first launched the business online when she was just 19. She was waitressing at the time at a burger joint in Santa Rosa, saving her tips in hopes of one day opening a brick-and-mortar store.

    Sales online were booming. Hernandez, who received a business entrepreneur certificate from Santa Rosa Junior College, spent most of her spare time filling orders and stocking up on inventory. But she wanted to interact face-to-face with customers.

    “I wasn’t satisfied with selling online. I love the in-person connection (and) styling customers,” Hernandez said one afternoon at her store, which she was able to open with her savings and a microloan.

    She now has plenty of time to interact with customers. Although she has three employees, customers usually can find her at the register or arranging the clothes and décor around the store.

    A thrifty shopper herself, Hernandez refurbished secondhand furniture and decorations for her store. For example, she purchased two old glass counters for $20 and, with the help of her father, added pieces of wood from their weathered backyard fence to give them a rustic feel. She picked up driftwood from the beach to hang clothes.

    “She’s very disciplined. She has the drive,” said Marcos Suarez, business diversity program manager for the Sonoma County Economic Development Board.

    Suarez helped connect Hernandez with various resources, including the microloan lender, Working Solutions, after she approached him early last year. Impressed with her work ethic and determination, he invited Hernandez to speak at the Latina Business Summit, an event staged in November by Suarez and members of the Small Business Resource Network. About 200 women, mostly Latinas, attended the event at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds, where several Latina business owners shared their stories and discussed ways to support female entrepreneurs.

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  • چهارشنبه 6 اردیبهشت 1396

    What Ivanka Trump Wore During Her Big Day in Germany

    Ivanka Trump sat down to talk with the International Monetary Fund’s managing director, Christine Lagarde, and German Chancellor Angela Merkel at an international women’s summit today in Berlin, Germany.

    The first daughter was invited by Merkel to participate in a panel discussion at the Women20 summit, which aims to “promote women’s economic empowerment.”

    For her first international trip as a member of her father’s presidential team, Trump chose to wear a blue floral belted wrap dress paired with navy suede pumps. The first daughter, who was recently named one of TIME magazine’s 100 Most Influential People, has been known to frequently wear shoes from her own brand.

    At the summit, Trump vowed to push for “incremental, positive change” for women, while also defending her father’s attitude toward women. Amid groans from the crowd in response to her standing up for him, the president’s adviser simply brushed it off, adding, “I can speak on a very personal level knowing that he encouraged me and enabled me to thrive.”

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  • دوشنبه 4 اردیبهشت 1396

    From cool and casual to feminine and expressive, the newest trends in apparel and shoes are giving women the tools to express themselves through fashion this season.

    Unabashedly girly shades such as pinks and blushes are dominating the landscape, while creative construction and soft materials offer a variety of comfortable options for all occasions and lifestyles. Brittany Moeller, women’s buyer for shoe retailer Off Broadway Shoe Warehouse, shares some tips on how to wear the latest trends during the warm weather months.

    Embrace your feminine side

    Floaty, floral dresses, lace patterns and new blush shades are all trending this season, empowering women to express themselves through feminine details with the utmost confidence. Embroidery and crochet designs can be found on everything from shoes to jeans, as well as jackets, blouses and t-shirts, which is a subtle nod to inspirational throwback styles.

    Not convinced blush is your color? Not to worry: Neutrals, creams and tans also provide a sophisticated color palette to work with this season.

    Express your casual side

    “Whether you’re looking to take the Bohemian style to the next level or you love a cool and sporty outfit, there are so many ways to pull off a casual look this season -- plus plenty of footwear to choose from,” says Moeller.

    Cropped jeans, short sleeve cotton dresses and graphic t-shirts can all be complemented by the latest in outdoor-inspired sandals, sneakers and slides.

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