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شنبه 30 دی 1396

Thigh high Ugg Boots are officially in fashion

They’re the shoe that divides the world. Love them, hate them, or swear they’re truly only to be worn in the confines of your home and strictly in winter, you’re bound to have an opinion on them.

And now, they’re back — and thigh high.

Perhaps the ugliest shoe of the ugly shoe trend so far (yep, Balenciaga’s dorky dad sneakers now officially have a cold weather friend), with Y/Project unveiling a thigh high version of the classic Ugg Boot at men’s Paris Fashion Week.

The brand, which is known for exaggerated, baggy layering, took the same approach to the iconic boot, with creative director Glenn Martens giving the thigh high style a textured, many-layered update.

Another shorter style was also seen on the runway, complete with three-tiered shearling details in the same much-loved tan brown suede.

Not sure how to feel? Us either, but we have to admit — those look mighty comfortable.

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  • پنجشنبه 28 دی 1396

    Fashion is getting personal as brands battle for shoppers

    The idea that shoppers won't buy their clothes online has been more than proven to be a myth.

    And with growth in the clothing category slower than the overall retail sector, those retailers need to fight for every sale on every platform.

    Industry experts recommend a strategy that provides customized products and personalized services both online and in stores.

    "What's in the store, on your phone, on your laptop … it's a 360, sort of, surround-sound shopping experience and that's where customers are going," said Matthew Shay, president and CEO of the National Retail Federation, at the group's 2018 Big Show in New York.

    Meantime, Amazon has created an overhanging "threat" against the sector that won't go away anytime soon, Don Kingsborough, the CEO of San Francisco-based One Market told CNBC. That's what has pushed some brands to do more and to act swiftly, he said.

    "We've seen these trends come and go, but this time retailers are being applauded because they're more thoughtful about where they position themselves and how," said Kingsborough, who also serves as a member of NRF's board.
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  • سه شنبه 26 دی 1396

    CALLED M&S Collection Curve, the range is available in sizes 18-32 and includes everything from cotton basics to party dresses, and knitwear to coats, all designed to ensure a perfect fit for the curvier customer.

    It's affordable too, with prices starting from £7.50 for a white T-shirt, going up to £89 for a black fitted dress.

    During the design process, the retailer borrowed the expertise of popular plus-size fashion blogger Danielle Vanier, who says: "I have loved consulting on this collection with the team at M&S. It has been amazing working alongside a high-street retailer that I have grown up with, on this collection that really celebrates curves through every detail."

    The 30-year-old, who has 94,000 followers on Instagram, also designed two dresses as part of the collection.

    "For me, a little black dress is a must-have for any woman, and one of my favourite LBDs ever came from M&S," Danielle explains.

    "I have taken a few elements of what I loved about this piece and created two new dresses for the collection. I have added some subtle sports details, like hardwear on the waist and mesh layering for a contemporary feel; so both can be styled in really different ways, whether you team with crisp white trainers for a chic take on daywear, or dress up with heels ready for the evening."

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  • جمعه 22 دی 1396

    Dame Ellen MacArthur on Building Momentum for Sustainability in Fashion

    This interview is part of BoF’s State of Fashion 2018 report, published in partnership with McKinsey & Company. For more insights into the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for the global fashion industry, download the report here.

    LONDON, United Kingdom— After making yachting history in 2005, becoming the fastest solo sailor to circumnavigate the globe, Dame Ellen MacArthur turned her attention to launching her foundation, which works with education, business and government enterprises to educate and support the transition to a regenerative circular economy.

    BoF: Could 2018 be a watershed year for the fashion industry, in terms of a greater commitment to sustainability and circular-economy principles?

    Dame Ellen MacArthur: Since we launched the Circular Fibres Initiative in May 2017 we have seen that leading brands are increasingly committed to tackling some of the drawbacks of our current “take-make-dispose” model.

    Today’s textiles economy is so wasteful that in a business-as-usual scenario, by 2050 we will have released over 20 million tonnes of plastic micro-fibres into the ocean. While existing mitigation efforts are essential to reduce the negative impacts of today’s system in the near term, we need to start the transition to a fundamentally different and better system — a new textiles economy. We need to raise the level of ambition and aspiration by working towards a common vision and setting clear targets. There are already efforts underway to get commitments to some of the ambitions of a new textiles economy. For example, the Global Fashion Agenda is gathering commitments towards building a circular economy for textiles, to be achieved by 2020.

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  • چهارشنبه 20 دی 1396

    New Year, New You: Career Advice From Fashion Leaders

    At the close of 2017, BoF asked speakers at VOICES, its annual gathering for big thinkers in the picturesque Oxfordshire countryside, to share advice for those seeking to break into the fashion industry and move ahead within it.

    From Dries Van Noten's belief in the importance of being well prepared, to Karlie Kloss and Phillip Picardi's focus on staying true to your identity — and more prosaic advice from Dapper Dan and James Scully on the importance of fashion technology and the need for humility as you further your career — hear how to make the most of your fashion career from industry leaders.

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  • دوشنبه 18 دی 1396


    A Virtuous Circle: Bethany Williams Makes Clothes With an Ethical and Environmental Spin

    In what already feels like a menswear season in flux, one of the most interesting offerings from London on Day 1 came from an outlier set on doing things differently. On the face of it, Bethany Williams’s presentation seemed pretty darned sparse. The three looks included a coat in a lettered post-Céline shopping-bag weave over trackies, a Canadian tuxedo with more lettering, and a riotously piled sweater-short combo, all worn over Nikes.

    It was the piles of frayed fabrics placed between the models that pointed to the richness in Williams’s interesting fledgling efforts to create clothing that is both morally and environmentally responsible. As she explained, the textiles had been woven by women in San Patrignano, a substance abuse rehabilitation community near Rimini, from waste materials generated there. That coat, for instance was made of repurposed electrical tape. After being designed by Williams, the garments were then sewn by inmates at HMP Downview, a women-only prison in Sutton, England, where Williams participates in programs designed to help vulnerable inmates equip themselves for life after incarceration. Furthermore, the models were cast by an agency that works with young Londoners affected by homelessness.

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  • جمعه 15 دی 1396

    BoxLunch's new "Sailor Moon" fashion collection will have you channeling your moon powers

    e can always count on the pop culture retailer BoxLunch to bring us the heat when it comes to fire collections themed around our favorite television shows and movie franchises. So it feels completely fitting that BoxLunch is launching a Sailor Moon collection to kick off the new year in proper ’90s anime style.

    We’re honestly still reeling with delight from all of the offerings in BoxLunch’s recent Star Wars collection, so this upcoming Sailor Moon-themed line feels like an extra big treat to help us start our year in true fangirl style.

    The collection officially launches on January 9th and will feature a variety of exclusive BoxLunch goodies, including a mini-backpack, a Sailor Moon denim jacket, a killer Sailor Moon flannel jacket, and of course, there is more swag on the horizon. Also, to make the collection even better – for every $10 you spend, BoxLunch feeds someone in need through its partnership with Feeding America.

    While we don’t have many details on the prices for the collection, most BoxLunch pieces hover between $15 and $60, so you’ll be able to channel Usagi’s transcendent moon powers without breaking the bank.

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  • چهارشنبه 13 دی 1396

    In with the new: how to survive January in style

    Navigate the post-Phoebe-Philo world

    The departure of Phoebe Philo from Céline will leave a gaping hole in our wardrobes. Luckily, the high street is full of Philo-esque minimalism, which, if you’re a consummate liar, you can pretend is Céline. Wear this sky blue jumper from Arket and it will be like she never left! Fashion’s equivalent of sticking fingers in your ears and singing la la la. MF

    Ditch your statement earrings

    What with Ivanka Trump’s mismatched earrings, Zara’s rhinestone danglers and the clavicle-grazers from Saint Laurent, we’ve had it up to here with statement earrings. We are post-earring. This spring, it’s all about looking ahead, getting a bit “mystic” with your accessories. Think the aesthetic at Dior’s show, which was inspired by Niki de Saint Phalle’s Tarot Garden, or whatever is on sale, like this Aquarius pendant, from Astley Clarke. MF

    Pretend you know what you’re doing in the gym

    With masochistic self-improvement a customary part of January, you may as well look the part if you decide to join the gym. No one likes a Johnny-come-lately though, so if you want to blend in, wear a sports bra in something tonal or neutral (like this NO KA’OI khaki-green Ola bra) and wear it like a top. Yes, it feels weird and naked but it’s that or look like a cardio tourist. MF

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  • جمعه 8 دی 1396

    Top five fashion moments in 2017

    This has been an eventful year in the world of fashion. We take a look at some of the most unforgettable fashion moments in 2017 as we get ready to enter 2018.

    The French luxury brand showed its spring-summer 2018 collection against the iconic Eiffel Tower in September, with models trotting down the runway in a collection that paid tribute to the house’s signature design codes. Saint Laurent also opened two museums this year – in Paris and Marrakech – which celebrate its rich heritage.

    For Chanel’s autumn-winter 2017 Haute Couture show, held in July, the maison erected a scaled-down replica of the Eiffel Tower inside of the Grand Palais. After the show’s finale, Karl Lagerfeld was awarded the Grand Vermeil medal – Paris’s highest honour – by the city’s mayor before an audience of celebrities which included Julianne Moore, Katy Perry, and Tilda Swinton.

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  • چهارشنبه 6 دی 1396

    Fine vs chunky: which jewellery style are you?

    In favour of fine jewellery: Alice Birrell

    I have a secret tactic whenever I need an emergency boost: my antique necklace with a thin-as- sacramental-bread Saint Christopher pendant is but a pinch away. I’m not entirely convinced of his power to stave off lightning, travel ills and toothache (who knew?), but when I’m far from home I can be brought back to calm and comfort in a superstitious blink.

    How many other objects can we imbue with such mysticism? Not bulbous dangling earrings or bib necklaces bigger than a dress’s yoke: it’s the subtly exquisite jewellery with minute handiwork we reach for every day. Or, more accurately, never take off. Those pieces, like a friend’s custom-made ring with a personal aphorism, or my mum’s heirloom art deco necklace I was fascinated with (What kind of dinner parties did it jangle off to? Who was there? Who did it ensnare?), are the bijoux equivalent of a well- tailored pair of pants: they don’t drown out the wearer’s style and go anywhere.

    There’s also plenty of room for personal expression in signet rings, lettered chokers or zodiac talismans. The only thing more personal is a tattoo, which, incidentally, looks indelibly intriguing beneath jewellery. Give me Alighieri’s pummelled gold-coin trinkets seemingly freshly unearthed from an Etruscan midden, or Spinelli Kilcollin’s glinting stack rings. I’m still undecided on the afterlife, but wherever I am in the world, I can reach to my collarbone, pluck the slender disc from my neck and feel nonsensically, giddily safe and like no-one else but me.

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  • دوشنبه 4 دی 1396

    These are the six biggest fashion looks for 2018

    There's not much you can be sure of in 2018, like whether you'll ever use your gym membership or stop binge-watching box sets.

    What you can be certain of is what to wear, as fashion houses have already been setting out spring and summer's biggest trends.

    From feathers to clear plastic, purple to polka dots, there were a wide variety of styles on display at London, Paris, Milan and New York Fashion Week.

    With loads of Christmas sales to choose from, here's how you can get ahead with six trends to look out for next time you hit the shops.

    50 shades of lavender

    Every time the Spring/Summer shows come around, a new pastel palette takes over and this year is no different.

    If you want to be on trend in 2018 then it's all about different shades of purple.

    Lavender is taking over from "millennial pink" as the next must-have colour and was shown in floaty dresses, structured suits and metallics.

    Michael Kors, Valentino, Bottega Veneta and Erdem were all over this look at fashion week.

    Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake called and they want their double denim back.

    The fashion houses are taking a nod from 00s fashion with matching denim ensembles, this time in a deep indigo shade.

    The embellished and ripped jeans of the last decade make way for a more sophisticated and polished look.

    Fendi, Tom Ford, Chloe and Nina Ricci rocked this look on the catwalk.

    The plastics

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  • جمعه 1 دی 1396

    The Greatest Fashion Memes Of 2017The Fashion Meme. It holds the power to conjure a cursory chuckle, a firm follow or even ignite a full-blown movement. Take, for example Gucci’s resort 2018 show in Florence, where one look bore a suspicious similarity to a Dapper Dan creation from the Eighties. Beady-eyed meme artists placed the two looks together and a wave of both protest and adoration subsequently rippled through Instagram. The result? An eventual friendship and collaboration between Alessandro Michele, Gucci and the designer on a bespoke atelier opening January 2018 in Dapper Dan’s native Harlem.

    Through social media, meme artists and luxury brands alike can reach boundless audiences, develop original or reconceptualise old content and rewrite the rules of fashion communication. Add to that the mammoth shift of advertising budgets into online platforms and it’s no wonder fashion and meme culture have harmoniously tied the knot. Earlier this year, Gucci commissioned a series of meme artists to reinterpret their watch campaign (to brilliant ends); Marc Jacobs recently collaborated with Instagram bootlegger @AvaNope on a capsule range of T-shirts; after @diet_pradaflagged Loewe’s use of Ecuadorian textiles in their spring/summer 2018 collection, creative director Jonathan Anderson promptly released a statement explaining profits from his tapestry styles were being donated to charities promoting craft around the world. They might at first seem frivolous, but the Fashion Meme is most definitely here to stay. Here are some of those that made the best impact in 2017.

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