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سه شنبه 31 فروردین 1395

Christian Siriano Is Officially in the Bridal Game

Starting today, you don't have to be a movie star attending a glitzy red-carpet affair to rock a Christian Siriano creation.

That same flair that made women swoon over Siriano’s glamorous ball gowns on Project Runway will soon be available to blushing brides-to-be seeking a more fashion-forward dress option, thanks to a new venture with Kleinfeld.

After a successful side business designing custom wedding gowns for friends and private clients like blogger Nicollete Mason, Siriano is going mainstream with a custom collection for the bridal boutique of Say Yes to the Dress infamy.

Dress: forever yours bridesmaid dresses

But while the offering includes the classic silhouettes and shapes, Siriano tells Fashionista that he's managed to weave some of his signatures throughout, such as impeccably tailored pleated details and flashes of color. In addition to gowns, the collection also includes an offering of embellished heels for the big day.

The designer will show his inaugural collection, which is available in straight, petite and plus-sizes, at a presentation this afternoon at the store. Also coming to Kleinfeld is a custom Christian Siriano bridal suite which will house his creations (priced between $3,500 and $10,000) and offer the full Siriano experience.

Given the designer's bubbly, camera-ready persona, we have a feeling we may see a Siriano cameo in the coming season of Say Yes to the Dress. That is, if we're lucky.

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  • شنبه 28 فروردین 1395

    Of the 15 woman artists who created artworks for a Hong Kong exhibition of art from along the Silk Road, one name stood out in the fashion community, that of Hong Kong fashion designer Vivienne Tam.

    The tapestry she created for the One Belt One Road Visual Arts exhibition is the first art Tam has produced for public viewing.

    Tam said her involvement in the exhibition was fate. When the Hong Kong Federation of Women approached her with the idea a few months ago, she was already working on her autumn-winter 2016-17 collection, which was also inspired by the ancient Silk Road’s role in cultural exchange.

    “They approached me but they didn’t know my collection was themed in a similar way so it came together like magic. My fashion collection spoke to the same themes and I had already spent plenty of time researching places along the Silk Road including Urumqi [in China’s Xinjiang region] and all the crafts used there to decorate people’s homes.”

    tan hat pale skin self fake tan

    Photo: cadbury purple bridesmaid dresses uk

    It was only natural, then, that Tam’s fashion collection provided a starting point for her art piece, Cultural Dreamland (they share the same name)- a larger-than-life tapestry depicting a mosaic of dreamy Chinese landscapes blended with cultural symbols, prints and patterns from countries including Kazakhstan, Turkey and Russia.

    “As soon as I started drawing, I was bringing together mountains and different landscapes and patterns. When you look at it closely you see all the details but from the distance it’s dreamlike, almost as though you are in the clouds. The more you look at it, the more you discover,” she says.

    To bring her vision to life, Tam found a weaving factory in China to create the tapestry from scratch using a range of different yarns made from fabrics such as silk, cotton and wool, in various thicknesses and colours. It was important to Tam that the tapestry didn’t appear old, so she added a modern touch through her choice of colours and textures.

    “For me, fashion is art,” Tam said. “So much of what I do derives from and is inspired by art. If you think about it fashion, it is actually a moving art. It’s about craft, which you can see in my prints, embroideries and appliqués. You can say that many of my pieces are art in some form.”

    “With the artwork it is about textures and creating a graphic element, whereas with clothing it’s important to think about wearing it on the body. At the same time both need to be visually stunning for those looking at it,” she said.

    Aesthetics aside, Tam hopes Cultural Dreamscape will resonate with audiences, especially women.

    “Meeting all the artists together was amazing. It was a great opportunity to learn from each other and talk about different cultures. Like the art pieces themselves, it’s symbolic of different cultures blending and working together in harmony,” she says.

    “Art and fashion are one and the same. Fashion is moving art in the sense that it is alive and is a part of our lifestyle. They both evoke consciousness, stimulate dialogue and enhance our style.”

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  • پنجشنبه 26 فروردین 1395

    The long-running British soap opera that centres on the undulating fortunes of Marks & Spencer enjoyed a cameo appearance by Alexa Chung on Wednesday as the department store launched its new collaboration with the TV presenter-cum-fashion star.

    The range – Archive by Alexa – is the department store’s attempt to harness some of the Chung spirit, translate it into sales and halt the long-term decline of its clothing business.

    The collection features reissues of actual M&S designs from decades past found by Chung in the company’s archive in Leeds, which have been tweaked and altered for a modern audience. At the launch there was a sense from M&S HQ that Chung’s tagline assertion that she has “found the future of Marks & Spencer in the past” could be just the trick they need.

    Last week, M&S’s new boss, Steve Rowe, said the company’s clothing performance was unsatisfactory and improving it was his “number one priority” as he revealed a 2.7% fall in sales of clothing and homewares in the three months to the end of March. The chain’s clothing sales have only increased in one three-month period in the past five years.

    Despite the collection being much anticipated and well publicised, the launch at the brand’s flagship Marble Arch branch on Oxford Street had none of the hallmarks of a modern collaboration frenzy: no sleeping bags, no queues, no crushes, no elbows. Instead this was a different kind of launch – well managed, well stocked, and with even a stately 72-year-old sales assistant well-briefed on the collection and Alexa Chung.

    At the press launch the designer gamely turned sales assistant, wearing an M&S neck-scarf and name badge on top of her polka-dot minidress as she scanned through piecrust blouses and knowingly joked about returns policies.

    The impossibly gamine Chung, who has the ability to make jeans and a jumper into a bonafide “look”, has had the role of Patron Saint of British fashion foisted upon her by the industry and public alike with some force. This makes her a safe bet for M&S, which struggles between pandering to fashion and competing with Zara on the one hand, and fending off the criticisms of customers who want a warm coat and a sturdy cardigan on the other.

    The Harry Blouse from the Archive by Alexa range

    Image: purple bridesmaid dresses uk

    In theory, Archive by Alexa is a win-win. It ticks the fashion boxes and yet by its very nature swerves the criticisms that the department store is straying from its roots. Add to that the fact that Alexa’s style is, when boiled down, quite attainable – a navy cable knit, a democratic trench and a long sleeved blouse – it feels unimpeachable.

    This collection has the whiff of the days when the department store had St Michael sewn into its labels. The piecrust blouse, named the “Harry”, is nostalgic in a good 1980s way, and the olive trench coat with its adjusted belt raised to make the wearer appear taller – at £89, the most expensive item in the range – is flattering whatever the size on the hanger.

    The painter’s smock of a shirt looks modern and suits grown-ups, while the 1960s minidresses are squarely aimed at Chung’s student fans. On the shopfloor the blouse and the mac were both doing brisk business.

    For the most part customers, ranging from students to those in their 40s, were scooping up the Harry blouse in pale pink. Many had never been into the department store before. Having been accused of frenzy tactics in the past – limiting stock supply of a well received item to make it sell out and increase demand – this time M&S is aiming to satisfy all of its customers who want in. The company was at pains to underline the fact that the collection is available in 66 stores nationwide, as well as online, where anecdotally sales were already outstripping expectations.

    Samantha McRae, 40, an interior designer, was one of the first through the doors: “I left at 8am to get here for 9am. I think she is great. I love her styling, I love her masculine feminine edge and I love the fact that she has tapped into that historical thing of M&S. I’m buying the blouse – for me and my sister. I think I will buy that guy too [the trench]. I’ve shopped collaborations before but I didn’t do the Balmain for H&M one, I don’t want to get stamped on for a dress.”

    But there were also younger customers, of the kind that M&S will be hoping the collaboration will attract to its stores. Anya Magliano Wright, an 18-year-old student, said. “I came for Alexa Chung’s style. That’s why I am here. I wouldn’t say I am a regular M&S shopper but I like Alexa Chung. It’s the fact that everything she wears is a complete mixture of different categories of style – really girly and then really androgynous.” Carrying armfuls of stuff, she added: “I’ll try it all on but about £200 is my limit.”

    Another 18-year-old, student Cecilia Boultwood, offered a keen assessment of what M&S was trying to achieve. “Alexa mixes different eras and I really like that. This is a smart move for M&S because the thing for them is that they have got this old vibe about them to people like us who are younger but by partnering with Alexa Chung who takes that old vibe and makes it trendy they have found a way to make themselves relevant.”

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  • سه شنبه 24 فروردین 1395

    Venezuelan President calls for a ban on hairdryers

    Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has declared that "a woman looks better when she runs her fingers through her hair and lets it dry naturally," in a bid to switch off hairdryers and help save electricity in the midst of the country's energy crisis.

    As reported in The Independent, government officials have been offering Venezuelan women alternative tips on drying their hair - a first for any political party. Forget budgets and foreign affairs, Maduro is now meddling with the country's beauty routine.

    Venezuelan President calls for a ban on hairdryers

    Image: red bridesmaid dresses

    The beauty decree

    The 65th President of Venezuela has asked women to use hairdryers only on "special occasions." Luckily there is at least some authenticity to all his hot air, being a man who favours the natural air-dried effect, over a barnet perfected with tongs and a dryer.

    The beautiful truth

    "It is just an idea I have," admits Maduro, who has already given his citizens Fridays off to save on energy. But his amateur beauty thoughts are facing the wrath of the country's glossy-of-mane, well-manicured women. "If the President thinks that not blowdrying our hair is going to help, then the problem is far worse than we thought," one woman told Al Jazeera.

    As the last bastion of beauty pride - the economic theory goes that in a time of crisis a woman's hair is the last style investment to suffer after shoes and clothes - putting hairdryers in the line of the energy crises fire could cause more electric sparks than it saves.

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  • جمعه 20 فروردین 1395

    Coleen Rooney suffers rare fashion fail as bright orange mini-dress clashes with deep tan at Aintree Racecourse

    Coleen Rooney was hard to miss as she arrived at The Grand Opening Day at Aintree Racecourse today in a show-stopping orange mini-dress.

    The 30-year-old Aintree regular had no problem showing off her toned post-baby body in the figure-hugging outfit, flashing her legs in the clingy dress just three months after the arrival of her son Kit.

    Hitting the racecourse days after returning from Barbados, the dramatic hue did nothing to flatter her sun-kissed skin though, resulting in a rare style miss for the usually chic dresser.

    Coleen Rooney arriving at Aintree

    Dress: silver bridesmaid dresses

    Queen of Aintree - Coleen rarely gets it wrong at the races, so maybe we'll see something a little more impressive at Ladies' Day tomorrow?

    The mum-of-three looked like she took outfit inspiration from Wonder Woman as she strutted across the Liverpool racecourse in the tangerine dress, her cape fluttering behind her.

    But even with this addition - it was an underwhelming debut outfit from Mrs Rooney.

    By racing standards Wayne's other-half played it safe in the lace creation.

    At last month's Cheltenham Festival there were nipples flying everywhere as boozed up reality TV stars Jessica Hayes and Katie Salmon flashed the cameras in their low-cut outfits, while knocking back champagne in the VIP section.

    The Rooneys are regulars at the annual Aintree Racing Festival - culminating with the Grand National on Saturday - and Coleen looked ready for a weekend of mayhem as she returned to her stomping ground on Thursday.

    The racing festival is almost as well-known for the over-the-top outfits of its spectators, as the horses competing on the famous course.

    With guests competing for the spotlight in an array of garish outfits.

    The rare fashion fail came just days after Coleen chose the perfect outfit for her 30th birthday celebrations.

    Hitting the party in a flattering white dress - that complimented her sun-kissed look - Coleen sparkled at the bash thrown in Cheshire earlier this week.

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  • چهارشنبه 18 فروردین 1395

    Terri Seymour, 42, sports flowing maxi dress as she shops for groceries with daughter Coco and toyboy Clark Mallon, 25

    She's a doting mother to her beautiful baby daughter, Coco, 13 months.

    And Terri Seymour looked every inch the proud parent as she shopped for groceries at Bristol Farms in West Hollywood on Monday with her precious little one.

    The TV presenter, 42, was clutching a beautiful bunch of blooms as she left the store with her hunky toyboy beau, Clark Mallon, 25.

    The former model wore an ankle grazing black polka-dot maxi dress as she straddled a small shoulder bag across her slim frame.

    Going dotty: Ensuring maximum comfort, Terri opted for a pair of simple black flip fops as she carried her adorable mini-me in her arms 

    Dress: gold bridesmaid dresses

    Not overwhelming her skin with layers of make-up, the Extra entertainment correspondent opted for a barely-there layer of products and wore her chocolate brown locks in beachy waves.

    Ensuring maximum comfort, Terri opted for a pair of simple black flip fops as she carried her adorable mini-me in her arms.

    Coco looked charming in a simple ensemble of grey leggings and white patterned top as she seemed enthralled by the bouquet of flowers her mother held.

    Her dad looked handsome in a plain black shirt and loose-fitting dark blue jeans as he ran errands with his two girls.

    Male model Clark displayed his romantic side as he held two extra bouquets of pink flowers in his hand, presumably to decorate the couple's Los Angeles home with.

    Terri's famous former other half Simon Cowell, whom she dated for six years before splitting in 2008, was a guest at Coco's first birthday bash - proving that they are still close friends.

    The X Factor judge also brought along his son Eric, son, who planted a kiss on Coco, which was chronicled in a sweet picture by Terri.

    'A little #kiss for the #birthday girl #Eric & #Coco #BirthdayKisses #FirstBirthdayParty,' she gushed on Instagram.

    Last year, Terri talked to HELLO! magazine about how Simon reacted to her baby news.

    She explained: 'He said it was perfect timing with his son Eric being so young and he hoped I would have a baby girl so he could set her up with Eric and they could date.

    'How perfect would that be, he said. Typical Simon.'

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  • شنبه 14 فروردین 1395

    Kylie Jenner Made a Short Film, Louis Vuitton Almost Certainly Hates It

    Reality television star and mass-market tastemaker, Kylie Jenner, made headlines yesterday when she released a promotional video her new collection of lip glosses. The video itself is a bit like a music video, albeit without an emphasis on the music. People magazine’s description of it is quite apt: “Kylie drives down a dirt road in her Rolls Royce and Louis Vuitton head scarf. When she arrives at her destination, she whips out a baby pink lip gloss. She then cues her friends, via a “gametime” text, to raid what looks to be a modern-day western drug bust. The crew flees with the cash, and we’re left to wonder what’s to come.”

    Note the placement of a Louis Vuitton scarf in the video (and promotional materials for Jenner’s collection). Also note the various publications that specifically mention the Louis Vuitton brand when describing the video; People is not the only one to do so. This is the element that could be hugely problematic for Jenner in a legal sense, and rightfully so.

    Few brands are as protective of their trademarks as Louis Vuitton. The Paris-based design house notoriously sued everyone from Britney Spears to Warner Bros. (the former in connection with fake Louis Vuitton print in her “Do Somethin” video and the latter in connection with the use of faux Louis Vuitton bags in The Hangover), and has not hesitated to threaten unauthorized users of authentic Louis Vuitton goods either when those goods are used in a way that might lead consumers to believe that the famed design house has approved or is in someway affiliated with the underlying usage. (Such activity arguably falls within the duty of the trademark owner to police its marks in order to avoid widespread unauthorized usage, which could lead to the genericization of the mark and its failure to operate as a trademark - aka as a source-identifying mechanism).

    Image: girls bridesmaid dresses

    This will certainty prove an unpopular point for most, who will undoubtedly assert: Louis Vuitton cannot bar Jenner from wearing the scarf, which is presumably real and which she likely purchased!

    Well, actually, it can. The typical claims asserted in this context are federal law claims of trademark infringement, unfair competition, and trademark dilution. In these situations, the plaintiff (Louis Vuitton in our hypothetical) typically alleges that the defendant (Kylie Jenner)’s unauthorized use of its product is likely to confuse the consumer into erroneously believing that the plaintiff sponsored or is otherwise affiliated with the project in some way and that such unauthorized usage harms the mark. And the mere use of a mark is enough to trigger consumer confusion as to sponsorship of that use.

    While courts tend to vary in their rulings on fair use in general, such claims tend to be unsuccessful when the trademarked good is used in a medium that is largely based on entertainment. Products - luxury ones included - appear in various forms of entertainment all the time, and courts have often held that there tends to only be a very small likelihood of confusion amongst consumers as a result. Without a showing of likelihood of confusion, claims for trademark infringement and unfair competition will be unsuccessful.

    Trademark dilution, on the other hand, does not require a showing that consumers are likely to be confused as a result of the defendant’s use of the trademark. Instead, a plaintiff must show that the unauthorized use of the mark will tarnish or harm the reputation of the original mark, or harm the ability of the mark to serve as an identifier of the plaintiff’s product.

    As you may know, the Federal Trademark Dilution Act (“FTDA”) protects against two different types of dilution – dilution by “blurring” and dilution by “tarnishment.” Blurring typically refers to the whittling away of distinctiveness caused by the unauthorized use of a mark on dissimilar products. Blurring occurs when the third party’s use of the trademark decreases the likelihood that the mark will serve as a unique identifier of the owner’s product and hinder the selling power of the owner’s mark.

    Tarnishment, on the other hand, negatively impacts the trademark owner’s reputation. Tarnishment involves an unauthorized use of a mark which links it to products that are of poor quality or which are portrayed in an unwholesome or distasteful context (read: in connection with sex, drugs, crime, etc.) that is likely to reflect adversely upon the owner’s product. For example, in the Coca-Cola Co. v. Gemini Rising case we learned that the defendant’s sale of posters that read “Enjoy Cocaine” (instead of Enjoy Coca-Cola) in the form of a logo that looked like the soda company’s amounts to tarnishment. Given the prevalence of guns and the strong implication of drugs in Jenner's video – a claim of dilution by tarnishment might not be a stretch.

    Even if the plaintiff can establish a likelihood of consumer confusion and/or dilution (by way of tarnishment or blurring), it is not necessarily a home run, as the defendant can (and will likely) claim First Amendment protection. Courts have often held that for purely entertainment-oriented projects (such as movies or video games, for instance), the trademark owner does not have the right to control all public discourse about its marks or products, and so, the inclusion of its mark in the program may be permissible.

    The difference between a movie and what we have in the case of Kylie Jenner is that the primary purpose of her video is not entertainment. It was released for the sole purpose of promoting her collection of lip glosses, for the purpose of selling her collection of lip glosses. This bodes well for Louis Vuitton's hypothetical case. Another thing that would help - if Louis Vuitton were to file suit against Jenner - the fact that Jenner is wearing the same Louis Vuitton scarf across a wide range of platforms. She appears in the scarf in a photo on her website and on her personal Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts, as well as the Kylie Cosmetics social media accounts – all of which are currently being used for the promotion of the lip gloss collection. And we starting to inch closer to a likelihood of confusion.

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  • پنجشنبه 12 فروردین 1395

    Lovely in lace! Salma Hayek sports feminine zip-up midi dress for Jimmy Kimmel appearance

    She is the master of feminine chic and polished style.

    And Tuesday was no different for Salma Hayek as she stepped out in a lace mid-length dress which flattered her curvaceous figure.

    The 49-year-old actress was in high spirits and flashed a wave to fans as she made her way to the Jimmy Kimmel Live! studios in Hollywood.

    Salma teamed the zip-up frock with strappy shoes featuring glittery heels and donned oversize aviators.

    Her locks were styled in a centre parting and she finished the look with some scarlet lipstick.

    Her accessory of choice was a black handbag with silver chain straps.

    Natural beauty: The Mexican star sported oversize aviators wore her hair in a neat centre-parting

    Dress: lace bridesmaid dresses

    Earlier the same day Salma shared a selfie with her 1.1million Instagram followers.

    The radiant beauty captioned the snap '#selfie #nofilter'

    Salma stars in upcoming fantasy flick Tale of Tales - based on a trio of stories by 17th-century folklorist Giambattista Basile.

    In one of the royalty-focused tales, the actress, alongside John C. Reilly, play a king and queen who attempt to conceive a child through unusual means.

    The movie - directed by Matteo Garone (Gomorrah) - is released in theaters and on demand April 22.

    Meanwhile, the mother-of-one suffered tragedy earlier this year when her dog Mozart was shot dead by her neighbour in Washington state.

    Shortly afterwards the Mexican beauty showed her appreciation for her fans support with an Instagram message: 'I am very moved by all your stories you have shared with me in regards of Mozart's death. I am trying to figure out a way to use technology so we can have a chat and shares my feelings with you,'

    According to People, a neighbour named Lund shot Salma's nine-year-old Belgian Malinois with an air rifle after the pup attacked one of his dogs in his garage on February 19.

    The Frida star was outraged and ordered a necroposy which determined Mozart bled out after a .177 caliber bullet hit an artery.

    '[The Thurston County Sheriff] determined that there was no crime that occurred and he was justified in what he did. The case is closed,' Lt. Cliff Ziesemer told the mag.

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  • سه شنبه 10 فروردین 1395

    The plumes of taffeta, unimaginatve block-colours and frumpy chiffon that make up most bridesmaid dresses mean there is plenty of room for disaster, which is only amplified by the fact that each woman dresses the same.

    So, where does the tradition of bridesmaid wearing near-identical gowns originate?

    One theory that often circulates online is that it is a hangover from Ancient Rome: a culture that also valued monogamy.

    Some believe that the bridesmaids were essentially bait for evil spirits and jilted ex-lovers who were attracted by the spectacle of the wedding party and sought to wreak havoc. A group of women dressed the same distract the wrong-doers, and enable the couple to wed without interruption, Mental Floss reported.

    But Dr Liz Gloyn, lecturer in Classic and Royal Holloway, University of London, told The Independent that there is no link between Republican or Imperial Roman wedding traditions and bridesmaids dressing the same today.

    She explained this incorrect idea likely stems from a particular form of Roman marriage called, confarreatio which required ten witnesses.

    "[Confarreatio] did require ten witnesses, but the sources say nothing about the need for those witnesses to be dressed the same, and they'd all have been men anyway," said Dr Gloyn.

    But she added: "A Roman bride would have had a group of female attendants with her as she went from her house to her husband's, and there was a particular costume that the bride wore."

    Instead, it is more likely that the veil is inspired by the Roman era, she said.

    "[The bride] wore a deep yellow veil which may have been meant to act as a good omen, and marked her entry into society as a married woman who was now expected to cover her head in public."

    Connie Bell (pictured here with husband Sam) ditched her £1,000 designer wedding gown in favour of her grandmother's 50-year-old wedding dress 

    Dress: lilac bridesmaid dresses

    Identical bridesmaids dresses in the West are likely influenced by Court etiquette and Royal weddings dating back to Queen Victoria's ceremony in 1841, explained Lou Taylor, Professor of Dress and Textile History at the University of Brighton.

    "Such occasions provided, and still provide, the opportunity for a public display of Royal or Court power, and support for Royalty, especially via the wedding procession through the streets of the capital city to Westminster Abbey."

    Dating back to medieval times, Royal weddings were, and still are, staged similarly to Royal funerals as carefully organised, public displays of support for the monarchy. For a Royal funeral, the Lord Chamberlain prescribed mourning attire for those part of the ceremony - even down to the type of fabric used.

    Similarly, Royal weddings were a public display of support for the new couple.

    "[Queen Victoria] had 12 bridesmaids, wearing white off the shoulder fashionable 1840 dresses, with full-blown artificial roses decorating their hair behind their right ears.

    "They were all the eldest daughters of the highest strata of the peerage. She gave them each a brooch, an eagle (Prince Albert's crest) of turquoise and pearls," said Professor Taylor.

    "It is my belief that by regulating the bridesmaids formally into exactly the same garments, there was no room for any of them to try and outdo each other, let alone the bride, through the use of grander fabric, grander jewellery."

    Uniform bridesmaids were also a sign of the Royal family's authority, and the subservience of the guests, she said.

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  • جمعه 6 فروردین 1395

    Perrie Edwards looks sensational in skin-tight khaki dress as she joins her gorgeous Little Mix bandmates for a night out in Manchester

    They've been touring the UK, entertaining their fans in cities from Cardiff to Glasgow.

    So it's without surprise Little Mix - following their Thursday night concert in Manchester - felt the need to kick back and enjoy a night out on the town.

    Leading the way was Perrie Edwards, 22, who flaunted her svelte figure in a skintight khaki dress, as she was joined by bandmates Leigh-Anne Pinnock and Jade Thirlwall for a spot of post-show fun.

    The blonde beauty seemed hesitant to let go of her pal Leigh-Anne's arm, the three girls walking arm-in-arm as they arrived at the city's Club Liv.

    Showing off a fair amount of her tanned skin, she covered her enviable petite frame in the body-con frock, which was strapless and cut flatteringly to just below her knees.

    Entertaining the nation: Little Mix (complete with Jesy Nelson, right) have been travelling the length and breadth of the UK on their Get Weird Tour

    Image: green bridesmaid dresses

    The singing star's trim waistline and decolletage well and truly caught the eye in her gorgeous garment, and she got her ensemble to pop even more with a pair of sexy strappy white sandals and a matching clean clutch.

    Her blonde locks were slicked back away from her perfectly made-up face, falling down her bare shoulders in a poker straight style.

    Meanwhile, Leigh-Anne, 24, oozed some serious sex appeal in her striking attire for the evening's frivolities.

    The beauty showed off almost every inch of her chest and midriff, donning a racy slash-fronted top under which she went braless.

    She almost seemed to risk a wardrobe malfunction as she strode with her bandmates, but luckily her pert chest remained encased in the snug black top.

    Her night out attire was completed with a pair of heavily-ripped black skinny jeans and strappy sandals, her hair flowing in incredible natural curls.

    And Jade, 23, opted for a far more casual vibe for their night out in Manchester, donning what looked like loose-fitting PJ bottoms with a zip-up tracksuit jacket and trainers.

    However, having come straight from the Manchester Arena and their concert in front of 21,000 fans, she still looked impeccable, her grey-tinted locks coiffed in elegant curls and her eyes almost sparkling with silver shadow.

    Not present for the girls' outing was their bandmate Jesy Nelson, who revealed earlier this week that she's suffered an injury on her arm in the midst of their tour.

    The Black Magic hitmakers - who have been criticised for their incredibly raunchy stage outfits -kicked off their tour at Cardiff's Motorpoint Arena on March 13, and they've thus far performed in Glasgow, Newcastle, Birmingham and Brighton.

    The UK leg of their tour continues until April 23 before they head to Australia, Japan and Malaysia and other locations in Europe.

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  • چهارشنبه 4 فروردین 1395

    Elizabeth Olsen beams broadly as she puts on a leggy display in chic monochrome mini dress and stilettos

    She is currently doing the rounds promoting her latest film role.

    So it comes as no surprise that Elizabeth Olsen was all smiles on Monday evening ahead of an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! in Los Angeles.

    Pictured in good spirits as she journeyed through the street, the 27-year-old cut a stylish figure in monochrome as she put on a leggy display.

    Surrounded by members of her entourage, Olsen flashed her pearly whites as she modelled a short black and white patterned dress.

    Doing her rounds: Elizabeth was no doubt promoting the upcoming blockbuster Captain America: Civil War

    Dress: orange bridesmaid dresses

    The blonde styled her hair in a centre parting as she topped her look with a navy coat as she strutted along in a pair of black stilettos.

    Beaming broadly, the actress hid her eyes behind shades while clutching a bottle of water and surrounded by members of her entourage.

    Elizabeth's appearance on the popular show will no doubt be to promote her new film Captain America: Civil War, where she reprises her role as the Scarlet Witch.

    The star first appeared in the Marvel series for The Avengers: Age Of Ultron and for her part in the action adventure she followed a strict plan to keep her fit enough for the role.

    Speaking to Allure about her preparation, Olsen explained: 'I always work out.'

    Detailing the extent of her sweat inducing sessions, she added: 'Five or six times a week. Ballet, boot camp, yoga. It actually did help, because it was a lot of dancing and moving around.'

    Oslen stars alongside main man Chris Evans as Captain America as well as Robert Downey, Jr., Scarlett Johansson, Sebastian Stan, Don Cheadle, Anthony Mackie and more in the film.

    Directed by Anthony and Joe Russo, the latest installment from Marvel sees Captain America and Iron Man clash over the running of the Avengers ensemble.

    Captain America: Civil War is set for release in the United Kingdom on April 29.

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    This Unlikely Fashion Icon Is Creating a Wearable You Might Actually Wear

    94-year-old Iris Apfel may not be the first person who comes to mind when you think of wearable tech. In fact, her name probably wouldn’t make it into the discussion at all, if not for the fact that she’s just taken on an impressive (if surprising) project.

    A fashion icon in every sense of the work, Apfel has never shied away from doing whatever she pleases and if anyone can design a wearable that’s actually stylish, we have major faith it’s her. After all, no one can put together a show-stopping outfit quite like Apfel.

    Mac Duggal was born and raised in New Delhi, India, and has become a successful fashion entrepreneur based in Burr Ridge.

    Image: chiffon bridesmaid dresses

    The project comes from WiseWear, a tech company aiming to “create innovative smart accessories that seamlessly blend breakthrough technology with style.” Through their new collaboration with Apfel, they’ll be launching a fashionable Socialite collection, featuring three bracelets.

    Ranging in price from $295 to $345, the bracelets will come with a bunch of standard functions – including calendar updates and the ability to track calories – plus one very special feature that Apfel is especially proud of.

    The bracelets can send “a discreet text message to your pre-approved list of contacts, notifying them of your exact location” in times of need or danger. “This is not just technology that’s useful for elderly people; there are a lot of young people that can benefit as well,” Apfel told the WiseWear blog. “Something like this can alert those who care about me if I take a flop because falling can be very dangerous, particularly when you get old in age.”

    Now, the question is: Do we want palladium, rose gold or gold?

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