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Korean beauty trends to dominate in 2016

K-beauty was one of the biggest trends of 2015, with beauty lovers the world over embracing the cult sheet masks and CC creams to emerge from Asia's most innovative cosmetics fairground.

Korean fever looks set to grow even stronger in 2016, with Macy's announcing a K-beauty shop in partnership with Peach & Lily in its Queens, New York, store, as recently as last month.

Here are some of the trends to look out for.

Cushion foundation

Cushion foundation, which comprises a spongy formula that is applied to the face with a pillow to provide easy and flawless coverage, isn't going anywhere for now.

Korean beauty trends have been predicted to dominate next year. – AFP Relaxnews pic, December 20, 2015.

The added bonus of integrated SPF protection, wrinkle prevention and antibacterial properties mean that this budding trend is sure to take over next year.

French beauty brand Lancôme is leading the way and has carried its successful “Miracle Cushion” formula (RM199) over to its Spring 2016 collection, playing on the Korean penchant for cult packaging by adding some sweet pastel cover art to its compact.

Korean contouring

Contouring has undergone many a transformation since first appearing on our radar, courtesy of Kim Kardashian, some years ago.

Year 2015 saw the birth of “clown contouring” and “strobing”, but 2016 will be all about doing it the Korean way.

The ideal face shape for many Korean women is a soft oval with a dainty chin, known as the “V-line”, and the look can be achieved by highlighting the centre of the face, using concealer under the eyes and shimmery tints down the cupid's brow, the bridge of the nose and the chin, before shading the perimeter of the face to make it appear smaller.

Waterless skin care

As beauty fans become aware of increasingly limited water resources, many brands are experimenting with alternatives.

Water-free skin care lines first came to our attention thanks to Korean brand Whamisa, whose collection relies on essential oils and plant extracts to hydrate the skin.

Market research group Mintel recently predicted that water-free cosmetics will explode over the next decade. – AFP Relaxnews, December 20, 2015.

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  • جمعه 20 آذر 1394

    Drop a Dress Size by the Weekend: Beauty Tricks

    Look slimmer in an instant with our tried & tested beauty tricks

    It’s day four of our drop a dress size series, so far we’ve given you diet tips, and the best workouts.

    Today’s focus is easy peasy beauty tricks to magic those lbs away by the weekend. You don’t need to be a beauty or make-up expert, we;ve tracked down the best tried and tested skincare and beauty tricks to make you look slimmer in an instant. Team with the best dresses to make you look slimmer and all eyes will be on you at your Xmas do – minimum effort required.

    Contouring Top Tips

    Facial contouring is the genius DIY slimming makeup Kim Kardashian is crazy about, and it’s even great for every day. The trick is to opt for a bronzing powder or a deep blusher that’s a shade or two darker than your complexion or foundation.

    Sweep it upward from below your cheekbone to the top of your ears, and don’t forget to lightly dust it under your chin and jawline too to eliminate the appearance of a double chin

    It doesn’t matter whether you go for a cream or powdered texture, it’s whatever suits your skin tone. Always blend with a makeup brush or beauty bloggers favourite, the blending sponge. Because streaky clown contouring is never a good look, eek!

    Try Sleek MakeUp Face Contour Kit, £6.99 with Bourjois Paris Maxi Delight Bronzer, £8.99

    Create the illusion of slimmer cheeks by applying your contour shade in a diagonal line from the centre of your cheek up toward the ear. Pucker up to make a selfie-tastic duck face while you do this and blend, blend, blend. The higher upm you make your contour shade, the sharper your cheekbones will look. Finish off by swiping highlighter across the tops of the cheekbones to set off your contouring handiwork.

    Clinique Chubby Sticks in Curvy Contour and Hefty Highlight, £19.00

    To fake a thinner nose, swipe some contour powder down the sides of the bridge, stopping before you get to the nostrils. Blend highlighter down the bridge of your nose in a vertical line to complete the effect.

    Try Barry M Chisel Cheeks Contour Kit, £6.49 – perfect for contouring newbies

    Gorgeous eyes made to look large with makeup will make the rest of your face appear smaller in comparison. Draw attention to those peepers with lashings of liner, shadow, and mascara while leaving lips natural with a tinted lip balm or gloss.

    We heart Benefit, They’re Real mascara, £19.50

    It’s v. important to choose the right eyebrow shape and brows on fleek. A higher, more pronounced arch helps balance out a round face by vertically stretching its appearance, drawing the eye upward and accentuating those bold eyes. It’s all about the proportions.

    We love Maybelline Master Brow Pro Palette Kit, £6.99

    Playing with light to bring the center of your face forward will help downplay the width of your face for a slimmer look. Start by highlighting the center of your face, between your brows, on the bridge of the nose, on the Cupid’s bow above your upper lip, and in the center of your chin. Don’t forget your forehead – blend your contour shade upward into your temples and around the hairline to emphasize the angular qualities of your bone structure.

    Sleek Highlighting Palette, in Solstice, £9.99

    Skin slimmers

    Tan-tastic: It’s no secret that you look slimmer with a tan and of course spray tanning is way safer than sun beds, but did you know that as well as transforming you into a bronze goddess, your tanning technician can also help you look slimmer? Next time you take a trip to the tanning salon, ask for a contour tan. The technician can cleverlly ‘sculpt’ you a set of abs, slimmer arms and even higher cheekbones, by using a spray shade that’s slightly darker than your allover colour. We’re booking our appointment asap.

    Epsom Salts: You need these in your life – they are great for easing bloating before a night out. The salts take inches off your bod that’s suffered from a lowered metabolism and bloating. They work by drawing out the excess fluid in your body that causes the dreaded bloat.

    Have a soak in the bath – even if you’ve only got ten minutes you can still reap the benefits – bring the water to just below your body temp, between 94 and 97 degrees – then add two cups and reeelax while you detox on your way to LBD perfection.

    Westlab Pure Mineral Bathing Epsom Salt (1kg), £4.99

    Gorgeous hair

    If you have a round face, opt for hairstyles that are volumised and full with a lot of height. This creates the illusion of a narrower face. Longer hairstyles with hair kept close to your cheeks also make you look slimmer.

    Highlights in your locks help to create vertical lines, which can create a slimming effect, as do darker tones around your hairline and face.

    If you have a round face, steer clear of a short bob. This face shape is far better suited to longer hair that’s all one layer, as this can visually elongate your facial structure and body type. If you have longer, curly, wavy hair, it gives the effect that your body is smaller than it is – wow.

    Go for a style with a LOT of volume, body and wave, or an easy updo/ponytail with layers that fall out around the face is your slimming go-to ‘do. Try a stylish top knot high on your head, or a high ponytail.

    Get volume fast with John Frieda Luxurious Volume to Full Blow Out Spray, £5.99

    Rose Adams

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  • چهارشنبه 18 آذر 1394

    7 Korean-inspired beauty practices you should adopt

    What do Korean celebrities Song Hye-Kyo, YoonA and Taeyeon have in common besides fame? Coveted skin and looks that's scored them sponsorship deals with the biggest Korean beauty brands.

    Korean women have long been lauded for their flawless and youthful-looking skin, which is why women around the world are flocking to beauty counters and stores to stock up on K-beauty essentials in hopes of unlocking the secret to amazing skin.

    SEE ALSO: These 5 videos prove K-pop is having more than just a 'moment'

    As the end of 2015 draws near, perhaps there's no better time than the present to take inspiration from these East Asian trendsetters to make some changes to the way we approach our beauty regimens in the New Year.

    1. Don't over-groom your brows

    Put away your tweezers and give your brows a break. Thick, straight brows are all the rage as they are the fastest way to shave years off your age. While not everyone can carry off this look, visit a professional to find a thick-brow style that's in proportion to your face. #onfleek

    2. Stop over-filtering and Photoshopping your selfies


    Repeat after us: pores are perfectly normal. If you don't have pores, you're not human. So step away from the blur tool and filter apps, they are not to be abused.

    Still not convinced? Check out some K-beauty ad campaigns, the models and celebs have visible pores because that's real life — our skin needs to breathe.

    3. Use a Korean face mask at least twice a week

    Korean women own the #Iwokeuplikethis look because they know how to pamper their skin. While an apple a day keeps the doctor away, a mask or two a week will certainly keep the dermatologist away.

    K-beauty masks — whether in sheet or gel form — don't need to be washed off after application and will deliver much-needed nutrients and hydration to your skin.

    4. Apply SPF like your life depends on it

    Whether it's winter or summer, you're staying indoors or hitting the beach, be sure to apply sun protection before you put on your makeup. UV rays and environmental aggressors are unkind to our skin and these damages are difficult to reverse. So if you want your skin to 'glow from within', ditch the tan and start doing right by your skin.

    5. Add a cushion compact to your beauty arsenal

    Commonly known as a BB or CC cushion, cushion compacts are giving traditional liquid foundation a run for its money.

    Not only does a cushion compact do the job of creating a flawless base, it also usually brings additional skincare benefits such as sun protection and hydration. These multi-taskers are also travel-friendly, won't create a mess, and can give you your desired finish, whether you want to go dewy or matte.

    6. Adopt a Korean skin care regime

    Never heard of the infamous 10-step Korean skincare regime? Well girl, you better make time for this if you want the same ethereal and flawless complexion.

    The routine involves prepping, cleansing, exfoliating, toning, treating with an essence, topping up the treatment with a skin boosting ampoule, applying a mask, tapping on eye cream, emulsifying, and finally slathering on a night cream or sleeping mask. Let's face it, this takes serious commitment but the good news is your effort will be duly rewarded.

    7. Don't hide behind too much makeup

    When it comes to the much-loved Ulzzang makeup favoured by Korean women, the most important tip makeup artists will give you is to just focus on one feature — your skin. Forget shading cheekbones or coating your lashes with too much mascara, you want to look as natural as possible.

    To nail the no-makeup makeup look, work towards enhancing your features with a healthy flush, natural lip colour and soft neutral shades on the eyes.

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  • دوشنبه 16 آذر 1394

    Immy Waterhouse cuts a sultry figure as she lounges on a bed in nothing but a white shirt

    She's following in her older sister Suki Waterhouse's footsteps by pursuing a modelling career.

    And Immy Waterhouse has also landed a coveted slot in the elite line up of LOVE magazine's annual advent calendar, posing up a storm for Day 6 of the festive countdown.

    The 21-year-old beauty is the epitome of rock 'n' roll glamour in the boudoir themed shoot, smoking as she lounges around on a bed in the short video, shot by Boo George.

    Immy can be seen lighting up a cigarette as she writhes around on the sheets, flashing a seductive smile at the camera from beneath her tousled blonde mane.

    The rising star channels a young Kate Moss in the arty black-and-white video, set to a classic rock tune.

    Lighting up: Immy is seen puffing on a cigarette as she rolls around on a bed

    Wearing just a black jacket and a white shirt, Immy proceeds to perform a strip-tease until she's wearing nothing but a skimpy vest top.

    The catwalk newcomer showcases her natural beauty thanks to minimal make-up, ensuring the focal point of the film is the Boucheron fine jewellery decorating her hands.

    While Immy's sister Suki featured in the online advent calendar last year, she is not expected to make a comeback this time.

    Immy's star turn in the annual advent calendar follows on from Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, Pamela Anderson, Irena Shayk and Caroline Flack, with many more stars including Rita Ora and Cara Delevingne yet to come.

    'LOVE video advent is now in its fifth year, it started as a fun project including Neville Jacobs and my dear departed rabbit Clara, and now it is this mammoth project featuring some of the sexiest girls, stars and boys in fashion,' Katie Grand, Editor-in-Chief of LOVE magazine commented.

    The videos were styled by LOVE’s senior fashion editor Steve Morriss, Anthony Unwin and Ryan Hastings, with creative direction by Jonny Lu and casting by Anita Bitton.

    The festive extravaganza is proving more popular than ever, racking up half a million hits within 48 hours of launching on Tuesday.

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  • جمعه 6 آذر 1394

    Couple's Dog Films Their Wedding & It is Everything

    If dogs are man's best friend, why wouldn't they be front and center on your wedding day? One couple chose to do just that, and strapped a GoPro on their pup to capture the whole thing.

    The caption of the video reads:

    On November 2nd, 2014, Addie and I got married on the top of Roan Mountain, TN, in 2 feet of snowy wonder. It was cold and magical. Our dog, Ryder, insisted on filming the wedding video, so we let her do her thing. She took a while to edit the footage, but we think she did a great job.

    Marshall Burnette, 11/4/15, GoPro: Our Snowy Wedding (from our dog's perspective), Youtube

    The camera is strapped to Ryder's neck, so the footage is wobbly in a few places - the dog even gets a good shake in at one point.

    Not to worry, though, because she still managed to catch all of the important moments of the day. From the bride and her family getting ready, to the dog gallivanting in the snow (okay, that's not so important, but it sure is cute!), to the exchange of vows and rings, the pup got it all on camera. He even managed to stay still for the kiss. Talk about a well behaved dog - too bad they didn't turn the camera on Ryder so we could get a better look at the pup behind the masterpiece!

    The couple's wedding took place in 2014, but the video was not uploaded until Nov. 4 of this year. Since then, it has garnered over 1.2 million views on YouTube. Tons of people have left sweet, well wishes to the newlyweds. GoPro even reached out to offer a GoPro gift to the couple.

    Check out the video above and be prepared to share it around the Thanksgiving table this holiday weekend. It's not a video you can watch just once!

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  • چهارشنبه 4 آذر 1394

    How Often Do Tweezers Need To Be Cleaned? More Than You Think

    Bad news, guys: We definitely need to be cleaning our tweezers more often. According to SheFinds, everyone should clean their tweezers after every use. Yep, every single time. Ugh.

    It sounds tedious, but as it turns out, there's good reason to be diligent about keeping your tweezers squeaky clean. Tweezers, if left alone, can be home to some serious bacteria buildup, says SheFinds. It makes sense, considering all of the counters they're left on and makeup bags they're tossed into. Probably not the cleanest of spots, come to think of it.

    That's definitely not something to brush off — by touching your tweezers to your face (which happens every so often when we're on the hunt for stray strands), all that bacteria can end up on your skin. And we all know what that means: Blemishes, pimples, and so on. Definitely not part of the "brows on fleek" package.

    I know, I know. We've got enough steps in our beauty routine without adding another to the process. But really, the fix isn't so bad. To remedy the problem, beauty fan favorite Tweezerman recommends "using isopropyl alcohol on a cotton ball or single-use alcohol wipes found in most drug stores" after every use, reports SheFinds. Alright, I can deal with that.

    But, hey, maybe this is just the perfect opportunity to invest in some new tweezers and start from scratch! To avoid irritation, SheFinds recommends choosing a stainless steel option. (Really, Tweezerman makes some pretty great ones.)

    Well, there you have it — time for a thorough tweezer refresh. Here are four other beauty tools you might need to up your cleansing game with, too:

    Makeup Brushes

    OK, you probably already knew you should be cleaning your makeup brushesmore often (and if you're right on track, all hail. I applaud you.) Makeup artist Bobbi Brown told Allure that concealer and foundation brushes (which touch your face) should be cleaned once a week, brushes around the eyes should be cleaned once a month, and everything else can be dealt with once a month. Here are some handy makeup brush cleaning tips.

    Eyelash Curlers

    Makeup artist Vicki Millar told cleanmyspace.com that eyelash curler pads should be cleaned every week (and they should be replaced every three months.) You can clean your eyelash curler the same way you give your tweezers a wash, with rubbing alcohol or wipes.


    Yup, that's right — you should definitely be cleaning your hairbrushes, according to Allure. Once a month, clean your hairbrush by running a fine-tooth comb through the brush to pick up hair, Sally Hershberger stylist Matt Fugate told the site. "Then, run it under the sink and use your hands to massage the bristles to break up product that may be stuck in it," he adds. Finish up with a blast from the blow dryer.

    Cleansing Brushes

    Just because your Clarisonic cleanses your face doesn't mean you don't have to clean it, too. Racked recommends giving your facial brush some love withwarm, soapy water once a week to prevent bacteria.

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  • دوشنبه 2 آذر 1394

    Selena Gomez’s Sexy Red Sequin Dress At The American Music Awards

    Selena Gomez arrived at the 2015 AMAs and she looked gorgeous! We love Selena’s look and we cannot wait to see her perform tonight! What do you guys think of her look?

    Selena Gomez, 23, arrived at the 2015 American Music Awards on Nov. 22nd, and she looked absolutely stunning. This is such a huge night for Sels, as she will be performing her hit song, ‘Same Old Love.’ We adore the way Selena looks — do you?

    Are you kidding me? Selena looks red hot in this sequin Givenchy gown and we are freaking out! The halter neck midi dress features a high neckline and the sleeves are made out of wicker piping. The dress was flowy and not form-fitting but managed to flow against her petite bod perfectly. We love the giant slit in the front of the dress — it spices things up.

    There’s nothing we love more than when Sels wears the color red and she went above and beyond with this red dress. Aside from it being so dazzling, the entire sides and back were completely cutout showing off some sideboob and some sexy back action.

    She paired this dress with simple but sexy black strappy sandals, allowing the dress to do all the talking. We especially love how Selena styled her hair. She parted it in the middle and it was pin-straight and sleek for a very elegant look. A sexy red and black smokey eye tied the whole ensemble together and we are completely obsessed.

    Join Amazon Prime – Watch Thousands of Movies & TV Shows Anytime – Start Free Trial Now

    Selena has never looked better and we are in love with her outfit!

    What do you guys think of Selena’s look — do you love it as much as we do?

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