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Fashion Week Trend: Bold Shoulders

If there is one trend that stands out amongst the numerous Fall 2016 Fashion Week collections, it is bold shoulders. This trend was seen on the Fashion Week runways in New York, London, Milan, and concluded in Paris with a vast amount of geometric shoulder silhouettes. These designs were unique in their own ways and ranged from intricate to daring, so it’s no surprise that many trendsetters are predicting the Fall 2016 season to be as bold as ever.

Although bold shoulders are reserved for those who like taking fashion risks, you may have a soft spot for it if you were into the 90s shoulder pad styles. So, get ahead of the fashion game by checking out this list of 6 designers that braved the bold shoulder trend for their Fall 2016 Fashion Week collections!

Image: queenie cheap bridesmaid dresses

1. Jason Wu

Putting a spin on the shoulder pad trend, Jason Wu’s collection added colorful adornments to several of the looks’ collars.

2. Saint Laurent

Saint Laurent makes us ask the question: The bigger the shoulder, the more powerful the woman?

3. Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana kept it classy with a fairy-tale spin on the bold shoulder trend.

4. Balmain

Balmain’s enchanting designs offered beautiful and intricate shoulder details!

5. Giambattista Valli

From layered fabrics to ruffled lace, Giambattista Valli’s Fall 2016 collection had a range of bold and beautiful designs.

6. Delpozo

These bold shoulders will surely make a statement. In the eyes of Delpozo the bigger the better!

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  • چهارشنبه 26 اسفند 1394

    The weather is finally warming up, daylight savings is approaching, and all of the snow and ice is officially melting. Yes, my fellow readers, Spring is finally coming.

    This wonderful season might be known for colorful flowers and the buzzing of bees, but I’m more focused on a different aspect of the changing seasons: the newest and coolest trends. Ladies, I suggest that you start reorganizing your closets by putting your heavy winter sweaters in storage because I am going to give you the inside scoop on the hottest up-and-coming fashion trends of Spring 2016.

    Just a heads up … Spring 2016 is all about boho-chic and the era of the Gypsy Warrior, and, small disclaimer, boho-chic goes so far beyond wearing a floral hair-wrap around your forehead.

    Bohemian and hippie style revolves around embracing a free-spirited attitude. Because of this, I guarantee you will be seeing lots of loose-fitting clothing that exposes a little bit of skin. One of my personal favorites is the kimono. Over the past season, kimonos have become a major feature in young women’s closets.

    The best part about this trend is that you can truly personalize it and make it unique to your own individual style; they come in all different patterns, colors, lengths, materials, and general styles. I’m partial to the crochet kimonos, but my sister prefers silk kimonos that have a lace trim (thank goodness we can share closets … I get the best of both worlds)! Kimonos are perfect for the breezy warm weather that accompanies Spring, so I suggest that you all put one kimono on your wish list!

    Now, it is extremely important to find the perfect pair of bottoms to wear with your brand new kimono! Since most people’s legs are suffering from the paleness of winter weather, I suggest opting for bottoms that are essentially floor-length.

    Image: grey bridesmaid dresses

    Embrace gypsy-glam style and find yourself either a fun maxi-skirt, some rad bell-bottoms, or some comfy, yet stylish, haram pants. No matter which one you pick, you honestly can’t go wrong. If you choose a maxi-skirt, I recommend wearing it with a simple solid-color fitted top with a kimono over your shoulders. For bell-bottoms and haram pants, you can either go for a tight top with a cardigan or kimono on top, or a loose-fitting patterned or graphic t-shirt! (IMPORTANT: You do not need to max out your credit card to buy these items)!

    Once you begin to get that warm-weather glow on your skin, I suggest showing off the legs a little more. Say goodbye to body-con dresses and say hello to loose dresses and kaftans with bralettes underneath. Free People started this trend in 2013 with their tank-top, loose tunic that came in a variety of different colors, but the fashion world has evolved and has taken this preliminary look to the next level.

    Since Spring is a combination of cooler and warmer weather, I suggest having two of these sorts of dresses in your wardrobe: one short-sleeved and one long-sleeved. The long-sleeved one should be a light-weight material that won’t have you sweating as soon as you step outside. Since these dresses are on the looser side, you should have a solid-colored bralette in your drawer that does not look like lingerie. You want to be able to have the bralette somewhat exposed without looking like you just went shopping at Victoria’s Secret.

    Even though I have focused solely on clothes thus far, gypsy-glam style is never truly complete without a killer set of accessories. Such accessories include flash tattoos, long necklaces with large pendants, lots of rings, circular sunglasses (ones that do not make you look like Ozzie Osbourne), bracelet cuffs, and strappy sandals.

    When choosing which accessories to rock with your apparel, make sure you match the colors correctly. If you are wearing an outfit that has more of a crazy pattern go with a solid gold or silver necklace and/or rings. On the other hand, if you are wearing a monochromatic outfit, spice it up with a silver or gold necklace that has a turquoise pendant hanging from it and some rocking strappy sandals (if you want to get super trendy look for the strappy sandals that are knee-high).

    If you don’t particularly like wearing rings, put a flash tattoo on your hands that look similar to henna tattoos (they are so cool and easy to get off if you get sick of them). Do not be afraid to accessorize because accessories can make or break an outfit!

    Embrace your inner hippie and gypsy warrior by following the fashion advice that I have given above! Along with the snow, let your constrictive clothing melt away and put on a looser, free-form, styling outfit! If you ever need any inspiration for your outfits all you need to do is look at social media sites like Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, and VSCO.

    Bohemian style is all about embracing who you are and showing your personality through the art of clothing so take these suggestions and shape them to fit your personal style!

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  • دوشنبه 24 اسفند 1394

    This might just be Nicholas Ghesquiere’s most captivating collection yet for Louis Vuitton. Held in the luxury house’s shimmering Frank Gehry-designed Paris foundation, the autumn-winter 2016-17 ready-to-wear show featured scores of columns plastered with more than 200,000 tiny, hand-applied mirrors in a bold reinterpretation of Justin Morin’s Melted Bones artwork. With a scene like this, it’s no surprise that Ghesquiere had futurism on the mind.

    “Future archaeology” provided the departure point for Ghesquiere, with girls emerging from an unearthed and broken dystopian future, wearing sporty heeled lace boots, body con knitted fabrics and tough girl leather jackets nodding to modern fashion muses. Fluid dresses and pretty scarf print dresses were all exceptionally elegant, while shiny leather trousers and harness tops tied things together with a subculture edge. Sculpted zip jackets created sexy corset shapes, and soft mohair jumpers provided comfort in red, black, white and blue. This was an incredibly strong and sophisticated showing by Ghesquiere – watched by the likes of celebrity front rowers Selina Gomez, Jennifer Connelly, Lea Seydoux and Oscar-winner Alicia Vikander.

    Image:black bridesmaid dresses

    The last major show of the day was Miu Miu, and it was not short of star power either. On the catwalks, there was plenty of diversity with a decent mix of ethnicities on parade, while (mildly) different body types were also represented with a curvier Lara Stone and Irina Shayk (yes, these women are actually considered “curvier” in high fashion circles) alongside regulars such as Joan Smalls and Fei Fei Sun and actress Emily Ratajkowski. All of them teetering on sky-high, thin stilettos (are they back?). Miu Miu, it seems, did not scrimp on the casting.

    The clothes were a quirky mix of high and low, plush, heavy tapestry prints alongside streetwise denim. Fur-cuffed zipper jackets were ultra cool, while ironic country jodhpurs, cardigans and satiny prom dresses provided the “anti-cool” and offset things greatly. If you think this all sounds like an odd combination, you might be right, but somehow Miuccia Prada manages to give the mix an intelligent and humorous coherence – providing a convincingly chic new proposition for next season.

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  • پنجشنبه 20 اسفند 1394

    Louis Vuitton in Paris: regenerating athleisure

    In fashion, the art of making a look your own, rather than the wholesale adoption of the latest trend, is what distinguishes someone with style.

    On the final day of Paris fashion week, Louis Vuitton gave a masterclass in making a hugely familiar trend – sportswear - its very own.

    “We all live in sports clothes, they are a reference for all of us,” explained the creative director, Nicolas Ghesquière, when describing his the autumn collection. “It’s the way women dress today and I wanted to show that.”

    As Lou Reed’s Street Hassle played, models wore silky T-shirts with leather sleeves that recalled American football shirts, baseball jackets and leather trackpant-inspired trousers. Silky printed dresses that featured leather harnesses were more climbing wall than pervy. Catsuits with anatomical flashes of colour looked like the sort of fire-resistant all-in-ones worn by racing car drivers. Boots were high but stompy. The Louis Vuitton woman looks like she has a driving licence rather than a driver.

    The show notes spoke of a journey back “through the pantheon of one’s sartorial history”, which is a fancy way of saying “my personal taste”. Indeed, much of the show felt familiar to those who know Ghesquière’s work: he has made motocross trousers and tough jackets mixed in with silky prints his own by now.

    One of the bags at the Louis Vuitton show

    Image: purple bridesmaid dresses

    But what was particularly skilful about this show was the way in which he took trends highlighted elsewhere in Paris by other exciting designers, including Demna Gvasalia at Balenciaga (Ghesquière’s last employer), and absorbed them into the Louis Vuitton world.

    The humble hooded anorak – the surprise standout trend from the month of shows – was reconstituted in a mashup of technical and luxurious fabrics. The perfect example of a practical item rejuvenated into a thing of unmistakable luxury.

    As ever, the world’s wealthiest brand was not afraid to display its financial muscle. The show took place in the grounds of the Frank Gehry-designed Louis Vuitton Foundation, a temple to modern art and architecture in the Bois de Boulogne on the outskirts of Paris.

    Pouring rain did not deter guests, including Oscar winner Alicia Vikander and other brand ambassadors Catherine Deneuve, Jennifer Connelly, Jaden Smith and Léa Seydoux, from skipping over mucky clay-coloured puddles to get to the show. In any case, bad weather is less of an issue when an army of Vuitton-clad suited escorts is on hand to provide umbrella coverage from car to door.

    Inside the bespoke venue a specially commissioned artwork by Justin Morin created the show’s set. Silver pillars made from shattered mirrors and broken colonnades keeling over with concrete spilling out were inspired by his 2011 work Melted Bones.

    But this was not about the cynicism of a billion-euro brand throwing wads of cash at a trend and hoping to con its customers into overspending because of the label sewn inside. Vuitton is far more sophisticated than that, and Ghesquière too talented and authentic a designer.

    The sports clothes were not simply reprised in expensive fabrics – though it is true that the cashmere sports sweaters were made on the same machines used to manufacture technical sportswear – instead the sportswear was inherent in the collection. It was a sportswear collage rather than a facsimile.

    Fashion week has drawn to a close on a realistic wardrobe moment. And it is all the more exciting for that.

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  • سه شنبه 18 اسفند 1394

    Posting pictures of your lunch may be the ultimate social media stereotype, but it is one for which the usually cliche-averse fashion industry has fallen hard. Blame Instagram and the endless filtered photos of the food (plateies?) you’re about to tuck into. But right now anyone who reckons they’re anyone is talking about food, or posting pictures of eggs benedict and chips, even if the amount of carbs actually ingested is negligible.

    In designers’ frenetic studios, food is much more than fodder for Instagram. Whether it’s a Twix bar on the run at Dior or a team lunch at Acne, in its mundanity, the reality of what designers eat is way more revealing than the inspiration behind their S/S 16 collection.

    A slice of cake with a fork in it at a table

    plus size bridesmaid dresses

    Some, such as Stuart Vevers and Henry Holland, are creatures of habit – salmon and broccoli for Vevers; chicken, beans and sweet potato for Holland. “I have exactly the same lunch every day. I wear almost the same thing, too – I have so many other things to do, it’s nice not to think about it,” Vevers says. “I got the idea from Jenna Lyons. She eats the same thing every day for a year, then changes it.”

    Holland varies things on Fridays, when the 20-strong team at the Hackney studio all have Turkish food from Kuzu Sis on nearby Well Street. “It started with someone who used to work here, who could never make a decision about his lunch and we’d all be involved from about 9am,” he says. “I often forget, bring my lunch in, and there’ll be a chicken breast left in my bag all day because I’ve had Turkish instead.”

    Famously, Azzedine Alaïa – fashion’s Yoda, a wise, benevolent and deeply talented presence – cooks couscous for his staff. His team all eat together in a vision of wholesome fabulousness, with guests including Naomi Campbell and the molto glamorous Roberto Cavalli, who helps out with the cooking (the idea of these two sweating over a boiling stove is priceless). Acne, meanwhile, has a loft-like Stockholm studio where staff, ranging from rainbow-haired interns to sweatshirted designers, all congregate over bowls of pumpkin and pomegranate salad.

    Molly Goddard probably wins the prize for making food fashionable. For her spring presentation, the young London fashion week designer created a sandwich factory, with models in frilled bright dresses applying clingfilm to – of all non-fashion things – bread. “I wanted models to have a task to make them move and be entertained,” Goddard says, “and to do something that wasn’t pretty or twee like flower arranging.” Perhaps the designer was inspired by one of the bigger questions to take up her brain space: what is her favourite sandwich? “This is honestly something I think about a lot. I would say fish fingers but that’s a special occasion. Day to day, I would say cheese and pickle.” The whiff of Branston in the front row can’t be far away.

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  • شنبه 15 اسفند 1394

    Kendall Jenner is known for trying to keep her modelling and family life separate, but the comparisons to older, half sister Kim Kardashian couldn't be helped as she took to the catwalk for Balmain's new autumn/winter 2016 collection at Paris Fashion Week on Thursday.

    The 20-year-old model and Keeping Up with the Kardashians star opened and closed the show for the design house's creative director, Olivier Rousteing, wearing a platinum blonde wig a la Kim, 35, who also rocked the look almost a year ago to the day at PFW.

    Kendall looked as if she had swapped looks with the usually blonde Gigi Hadid, 20, who was sporting dark brown tresses that made for a striking resemblance to younger sister Bella, 19.

    Who is that girl? Gigi Hadid wears a dark wig at the Balmain show as part of the Paris Fashion Week.

    They weren't the only ones mixing it up, with Jourdan Dunn, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Joan Smalls and Alessandra Ambrosio also sporting different hair shades.

    Kanye West looked like a bold child as he sat front row alongside his mother-in-law Kris Jenner. With his pearl-encrusted jacket hood concealing his face, the rapper had earlier told the show's photographers that his wife was the inspiration behind the collection.

    "She's the source, the whole collection is based on Kim," he said.

    Rousteing has yet to comment, but he has a long history with the couple, and previously admitted Kim was one of his muses.

    "I choose muses that are actually really different and modern – I chose them because they are contemporary, they are part of this new world," he told CNN Style last year.

    "For example, Kim Kardashian. She's my friend, she's a woman that I love for different reasons."

    Rousteing also picked the couple to appear in Balmain's spring/summer 2015 men's campaign, and attended Ye's sold-out Madison Square Garden gig last month when he debuted his album, The Life of Pablo, and his new Yeezy Season 3 collection for adidas as part of New York Fashion Week.

    Then again, Kanye might have also been feeling a little tired following yet another lengthy Twitter tirade, this time taking aim at Canadian house DJ Deadmau5, real name Joel Zimmerman.

    The father of North, two, and Saint, four months, shared a picture on his favourite social media site on Wednesday that looked as if he was using an illegally downloaded version of music editing software Serum, which is partly owned by Deadmau5.

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  • پنجشنبه 13 اسفند 1394

    Radha Mitchell gleams in off-the-shoulder pencil dress at the Hollywood premiere of London Has Fallen

    Radha Mitchell gleamed in a golden get-up at the Hollywood premiere of her film London Has Fallen on Tuesday sponsored by Kim Crawford Wine.

    The Australian 42-year-old showcased her yoga-toned, 5ft6in figure in an off-the-shoulder pencil dress.

    The SAG Award nominee finished off her metallic red carpet attire with gold jewelry and matching pumps.

    Radha sported her signature short flaxen locks, and her alabaster complexion was minimally made-up.

    The Looking for Grace actress later cosied up to a faux soldier from the Queen's Guard, but she doesn't usually get star-struck.

    Flawless: Stylist Jennifer Austin put evergreen diva Angela Bassett - who plays Secret Service Director Lynne Jacobs - in a Milly black halter jumpsuit and Bavna jewelry

    'I think the most excited person would be my mum,' Mitchell told Huffington Post Australia in January.

    'She came to the set of Finding Neverland and she got a photograph with everybody. She’s got this funny photo album with photos of her and all these actors - from Johnny Depp to Vin Diesel.'

    In London Has Fallen - hitting UK/US theaters March 4 - the Neighbours alum reprises her role as Leah, the nurse and wife of Secret Service Agent Mike Banning (Gerard Butler).

    The action-packed sequel to the 2013 White House terrorist flick Olympus Has Fallen takes place at the funeral of the British prime minister.

    Radha's onscreen leading man Gerard Butler matched his navy suit to his baby blues, while Aaron Eckhart - who plays President Benjamin Asher - opted for a blazer and jeans.

    Stylist Jennifer Austin put evergreen diva Angela Bassett in a Milly black halter jumpsuit and Bavna jewelry.

    The 57-year-old Oscar nominee - who plays Secret Service Director Lynne Jacobs - sported make-up by D'Andre Michael and hair by Randy Stodghill.

    Joining Bassett was her longtime husband Courtney B. Vance, who stars in FX's American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson as defense lawyer Johnnie Cochran.

    The ACS: Hotel star 'eased' the Tony winner - who turns 56 next week - into watching her sex scene with Lady Gaga.

    'I just, you know, waited until the night [it aired],' Angela said on Monday's episode of Conan.

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  • سه شنبه 11 اسفند 1394

    Gucci Gave Out Goodie Bags During A-List Academy Awards Party

    The Academy Awards hottest after-party was thrown by Gucci, who paired up with Madonna for the ninth annual event. The party was hosted by talent manager Guy Oseary at his home. The attendees were as A-list as possible, including Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele. “It” girls included Alicia Vikander, Anne Hathaway, Brie Larson, Elizabeth Banks, Emilia Clarke, Emma Roberts, Gwen Stefani, Olivia Wilde, Saoirse Ronan, Zoe Kravitz (her dad was also present), Emma Stone and Margot Robbie.

    Elizabeth Banks

    Style: blue bridesmaid dresses

    The men of the evening were no doubt competing to see who would be People’s next Sexiest Man Alive. The fierce competition came from Ben Affleck, Bradley Cooper, Eddie Redmayne, Jake Gyllenhaal, James Franco, Jared Leto, Justin Timberlake, Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon and Michael Fassbender. Hollywood heavyweights Harvey Weinstein and James Corden also attended. Performer Dave Grohl reportedly stopped by, along with presenter Chris Rock.

    Many of the award winners landed at the Gucci party at the end of the evening. It might be because attendees left with Gucci party favors, far superior to stealing an Oscars centerpiece.

    The women took home a velvet and crystal ring from Alessandro Michele’s first collection as creative director. The men left with a pair of Gucci feline head cufflinks. While the actual Academy Awards show might have seemed slow, there’s no way this party was enough shy of spectacular.

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  • جمعه 7 اسفند 1394

    How to dress like a man: the semantics of the Brokeback jacket

    When I was 15, I spent two paychecks-worth of cash on my first big clothing purchase: a Levi’s sherpa trucker jacket. Jordan Catalano from My So-Called Life had one, and I thought that I could wrap myself up in a cloak of his nonchalant cool if I got one, too. It was the early 90s – nonchalant cool still had a certain currency.

    Like its sartorial counterpart, the leather jacket, the sherpa was more than an item of clothing: it was awash with meaning. If the leather jacket was wild and rebellious, the sherpa was a loner and an alpha. The jacket was the dude, like Catalano, smoking solo in the darkest corners of the school. The solidness of the fleece lining and the sturdiness of the corduroy spoke of a pensive thoughtfulness and an unspoken longing.

    The jacket reappeared in last year’s collections – Instagram celebrity model Lucky Blue Smith modelled one in the Tom Ford campaign, and it has trickled down on to the high street.

    Jared Leto as Jordan Catalano in My So-Called Life

    Image; bridesmaid dress

    “All shearling styles have been really successful,” says John Little, Asos’s menswear’s outerwear designer. “The influence of 70s style and a lean towards luxury fabrics and outerwear pieces have meant there has been a prevalence of them on the catwalk.”

    “It’s a classic,” says Helen Seamons, the Observer’s menswear editor. “It’s the kind of jacket that never really goes out of style. It’s a style that suits most body shapes and it’s ageless. It’s something that would work on guys from 20 to 70.”

    The jacket’s style (and connotations of being a loner) meant it was a natural fit for Brokeback Mountain. Costume designer Marit Allen used the item as a sartorial centrepiece of the quashed-love opus, explaining the jacket’s emotional significance like so: “Heath [Ledger] worked with his clothes, using everything he wears to convey Ennis’s repression – the jackets, done up; the cowboy hats, to hide behind.”

    Allen was using the visual cues of Richard Avedon’s Photographs of the American West, but also other pop-culture ghosts of the US terrain. The farmer in American Gothic; Martin Sheen in Badlands; the Marlboro Man: unreconstructed males who were made of mettle.

    In Brokeback Mountain, the sherpa leaned heavily on these associations. But for boy-men, such as Catalano and 15-year-old me, it was more than a jacket – it was a rite of passage.

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  • چهارشنبه 5 اسفند 1394

    5 Women Wearing the Same Dress

    Alan Ball is best known today for writing “American Beauty” and creating “Six Feet Under.” But in the early 1990s, back when the phrase, “quarter-life crisis,” was poised to officially enter the American vernacular, he was a fledgling playwright who penned a play called “5 Women Wearing the Same Dress,” which will be staged at the Hugh G. Heiland Theatre at Wilmington College this Thursday through Saturday.

    “This being an earlier work (of Ball’s), it’s not quite as fully developed as far as the quirky manner we’ve come to enjoy,” said Wynn Alexander, director of the show and a professor of theater and fine arts at Wilmington College. “It speaks to my target audience, which is college-aged, and the things they’re grappling with right now. A similar show with middle-aged women would be very different.”

    Indeed, the story focuses on five bridesmaids in their mid-20s who hole up in an upstairs room during a wedding reception.

    “They don’t understand why they’ve been selected (to be bridesmaids),” Alexander said. “None of them really like the bride. They knew her in high school, some closely, some casually, but after going on to college, they’re not tight anymore.”

    ‘5 Women Wearing the Same Dress’ photo

    Image: grey bridesmaid dresses

    Although some natural cattiness directed at the bride’s good looks might be expected, the bride actually represents a wide variety of anxieties that afflict their lives.

    “The bride is intelligent, has a good job and married a wealthy banker,” Alexander said. “(The bridesmaids) feel they can’t live up to that ideal. They question the decisions they’ve made, or haven’t made. There’s also a male guest at the wedding that they’ve all dated or been enticed by. He represents who they were. They’re all living in the past and are having trouble moving into the future.”

    As with the popular play (and films), “The Women,” where men, despite never being seen onstage, drive the plot and the action, the conflicts and revelations of “5 Women” are similarly driven by people you never see. However, Alexander said a more comparable template would be “Steel Magnolias,” where a crisis point unites the women after an initial period of clashing personalities.

    “The turning point is when it’s revealed that one of them has been abused,” Alexander said. “That’s when they stand together, come together as equals, though each one does it in various ways. They’re all in pretty stereotypical roles, but they all have hopes and dreams, and are scared they won’t find them.”

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  • دوشنبه 3 اسفند 1394

    According to the Pew Research Center, approximately 1 percent of the estimated 322 million Americans practice Islam. That translates to about 3.3 million Muslim Americans in total, and slightly less than 2 million American adults. (That number could be off, as the U.S. Census does not ask questions about religion in its decennial population count.) Despite its relatively rapid growth the past decade, this demographic — or market — will still be small in 2050, when estimates suggest Muslims will comprise about 2 percent of the population.

    Nevertheless, it is still a market. And Muslims can be found in high concentrations in all corners of America. Witness the cities with the five largest percentages of Muslims: Detroit; Washington, D.C.; Cedar Rapids, Iowa; Philadelphia; and New York City.

    So, despite all the disjointed political chatter, Muslims are part of American life and culture, and businesses have taken notice. So have some designers, who are conscious of the fact that Muslim Americans are hardly a monolithic group, from the Arab-American capitol of Dearborn, Michigan, to the Bosnian-Americans who live in and around St. Louis.

    Uniqlo, muslim americans, fashion, Hana Tajima, Leon Kaye, fast fashion

    Image: gold bridesmaid dresses

    To that end, Hana Tajima, a Japanese-British fashion designer from the United Kingdom, has launched a so-called “Modest Wear Collection” with Japan-based fast-fashion retailer Uniqlo. The looks run across the map. Some of the stylish outerwear and tops are perfect for a night out in the trendy Gemmayzeh district of Beirut; the kebayas would be more comfortable for Muslim women from Southeast Asia. Tajima has also introduced a range of hijabs, which are commonplace across Northern Africa and the Levant. The collection also includes Malaysian-inspired baju kurungs and tunics, as well as blouses that Tajima says invoke modesty but would easily fit in within any women’s fashion collection. Tajima also designed a couple of hair accessories made from Uniqlo’s moisture-wicking material, which has long been part of the reason for the company’s enduring popularity in east Asia.

    For now, Tajima’s collection is available online and at Uniqlo USA’s 5th Avenue flagship store in Manhattan. Uniqlo’s decision to carry such a line follows a slow but steady trend by leading fashion brands to design collections for Muslim women. Last year Tommy Hilfiger and Barcelona-based retailer Mango released Ramadan-inspired lines in the Middle East. H&M is not quite there yet, but generated buzz by featuring a 23-year-old Muslim woman from London in last fall’s ad campaign. Most Muslim Americans, however, still have to shop for their favorite designs online. Nevertheless, more clothing companies are realizing that there is opportunity worldwide: Forbes estimated that Muslims spent $266 billion on fashion in 2013.

    The decision to promote Tajima’s collection is a bold one for Uniqlo, which has struggled recently with its U.S. stores. Warm weather and the consumers’ unfamiliarity with the Uniqlo brand contributed to its Us stores operating at a financial loss, but the company hopes a new strategy of focusing on major cities and expanded online stores can turn its American sales around. In addition to shops in Manhattan, Los Angeles and San Francisco, the company has also opened a new store in Chicago and two new locations in New York.

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