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Why Does the World Seem to Think It’s OK to Devalue Photography?

Every now and again, and more frequently in recent years, we see an article that leads with something along the lines of “don’t hire a professional wedding photographer” or “you don’t need to pay for a professional photographer.” Though I understand where this is coming from, I don’t quite get how time and again, folks just won’t learn from other’s mistakes or even from their own.

Before I get too far into this, I want to point out that this is just the most recent example of this problem, not the only one. This keeps happening.

Most recently is this stunning work of journalism (which at this point you have no doubt read) from the folks atVogue that urges readers to not hire a professional shooter, and instead rely on your guests to document the wedding.

It made sense back in the olden days, pre–Facebook albums and Instagram hashtags, when the whole world didn’t have phones with cameras on them. Having the actual leather-bound album on your coffee table seemed like the only evidence that the whole thing actually took place. If social media is not your thing, why not scatter some disposable cameras around the party and let your drunken guests go to town? You’ll end up with hilarious and candid pictures without the pressure of “likes.”

Lauren Jonas Photography

Really? “Olden days”?

There is one of two things happening here: either this woman is planning on getting married in the next five years and is covertly attempting to drive down the cost of professional wedding photographers, or she is completely out of touch with what brides actually care about on their wedding day and has no business writing on this topic (several of her other suggestions are just as bat-shit crazy as this one, so at least she’s consistent).

I’ve spoken to friends who skimped on the wedding photographer in lieu of things like nicer bridesmaids gowns, better food or even a more spectacular cake, and every single one of them said the same thing afterwards: don’t do it. For brides and grooms, the entire wedding ceremony is an absolute blur, a clusterfuck of epic proportions that they hardly remember as they zip from event to event and handshake and hug to kiss and thank you. It’s an exhausting, totally chaotic few hours that doesn’t give them a lot of time to actually enjoy every little thing that they thought they would. Sure, great food and pretty dresses is very important, but those things quickly pass and all you’re left with is vague memories of how people looked or how the food tasted (this coming from a guy who is absolutely spending a ton of money on food for his upcoming wedding). What is more important than these fleeting events are keepsakes, actual reminders of how things looked and felt. I’ve seen the photos my friends upload to Facebook- not a single image from an event is one I would describe as an excellent example of the craft of photography that truly captures the essence of the moment, unless it was a drunken hour at the local bar, which looks like it felt- blurry and off-the-cuff. That’s pretty much what I will get when I ask my friends to photograph my wedding: drunken out of focus snapshots. I can hardly wait to cherish those forever.

Seriously: no one wants to commemorate a massive stepping stone in their lives with half-assed photos taken with a cell phone or a disposable camera. Not to mention telling your guests to take a lot of photos means they will be more focused on snapping selfies than on the events of the day… Which is the whole reason you asked them to attend in the first place.

The photo above is… ok. This photo, taken by my friend Lauren Jonas, is exceptional. They aren’t even on the same page. There is nothing wrong with either image, but it’s a matter of taste, situation, and your point in life. Each image certainly goes with a different segment of each.

Let’s put it this way: think back to any local commercial you remember seeing when you were growing up. If you came from a small town like I did, you’ll probably have a much larger pool of memories to pull from here. Think about how you laughed at how ridiculous some of the attempts at making a commercial looked, when it was pretty obvious that whoever paid for the production really didn’t want to spend that much, or only had a small talent pool of artists to work with. Think about how low quality and lame they looked and how even though you got the gist of what they were selling, it wasn’t in the product’s best possible light.

Now consider how happy you’ll be when you describe your own wedding images like that.

Except if you’re like Chuck Testa. Then you’ll probably be stoked.

Seriously though, I’m talking about the used car commercials, or even the new car commercials. They’re still airing you know. You can still watch the cringeworthy commercials any time you like.

If you read the comments on the article or any other rebuttal editorial that has been written since, you’ll see that there are many intelligent people who are advocating against this advice. But the problem? Well, the problem is that it was published by an incredibly established brand with a massive readership. It is basically guaranteed that someone, multiple someones honestly, will take this advice and be later incredibly disappointed with the result.

The thing is, we photographers can scream this till we’re red in the face and nothing will change. And that sucks. Because for some reason, people who are being paid to do a task they are considered at the very least competent at repeatedly devalue our paid skill (in this case, internet blogging). It’s a side effect of the ubiquity of cameras, but it still baffles me how these people think the photos they take are actually good enough to pass as worthy replacements for what we produce. I can put hydrocortisone on an itch or patch up my friend with alcohol and a band-aid, but I have no delusions of being a doctor. Friends of mine can coherently piece together intelligent paragraphs, but they don’t consider themselves journalists. I write editorials, but I have no delusions of being a novelist. Why then, are everyday folks so ready to not pay for what we do? It’s really an unprecedented example of mass hubris and unfortunately, I can think of no way to fix it other than to have each and every one of them feel the sting of a missed moment they thought they could capture with their cell phone or point and shoot.

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    Brie Larson's 2016 Oscars Dress Could Be One Of These Pretty Contenders

    Make room, J. Law and Cate Blanchett, because Brie Larson has a Best Actress Oscar Nomination for her work in Room. You may have been unfamiliar with Larson until recently, but the actor has quite the resume. She's worked on blockbuster films like Trainwreck and The Spectacular Now, but her role as Ma in Room is the first one to gain her critical acclaim and a nomination for the highly coveted award. Considering the trailer alone would give any viewer the chills, Larson's portrayal as the mother forced to raise her son within the confines of one single room could just earn her the trophy come Feb. 28. I'll be sitting on the edge of my seat until the winner is announced, but, until then, there is one question we can: what will Larson wear to the 2016 Oscars?

    She may be new to the awards show scene, but she's certainly a pro when it comes to stunning red carpet looks. Typically sticking to classic silhouettes with unique elements, Larson will likely chose something that not only looks fabulous on her, but also makes a style statement. Since this will be the first Oscars ceremony she has ever attended, the pressure will be high. But considering her amazing style, there's no doubt Larson will look drop-dead-gorgeous, no matter what she chooses to wear.

    And I have evidence to back that. Larson is a style pro. A perfect example is the sparkling, architectural halter gown she wore to the Golden Globes earlier this week. The gown basically screamed "Best Dressed List" with metallic embroidery, a keyhole bustier, and a perfect fit around her waist featuring alluring cut-outs. She won the Golden Globe for Best Actress in A Motion Picture Drama for Room that night, so maybe metallic halter gowns are a good luck charm?

    Larson looks just as gorgeous in simple gowns as well. Exhibit A is this stunning, dark green satin midi dress she wore to the Palm Springs International Film Festival Awards. With the strappy, high neckline and the fitted silhouette, Larson looked like a true movie star. Perhaps she'll go with something streamlined for the Oscars?

    At the Academy of Motion Picture Arts And Sciences' 7th Annual Governors Awards last November, Larson turned up the drama with an elegant, crimson halter gown. Keeping her makeup and hair simple, Larson looked fabulous in this gown making it my personal favorite. I wouldn't mind if she went for a similar look for the upcoming Oscars event.

    But I also wouldn't mind if she went an unexpected choice, like this black and purple number she wore to the HFPA/InStyle's Annual TIFF Celebration in Toronto, Canada last fall. While this look may be a little too casual for the Oscars, it certainly shows off Larson's vampy side.

    There are many style avenue's Larson could go down. From the trends I see above, my hypothesis is that she'll rock a sleek gown with breathtaking details. While waiting for the day of the Oscars, though, here are some options I bet Larson would look gorgeous in.

    1. Cropped

    The off-white tone of this Carolina Herrera gown from SS 2016 would look gorgeous against Larson's skin. This crop top silhouette gives off a similar vibe to her Golden Globes gown.

    2. Floral

    She could easily choose a more classic silhouette, like this halter dress with a flouncy skirt. Capturing the girly nature of Larson's style, this Michael Kors dress would be great for the Oscars.

    3. Girly

    Larson's casual style revolves around fun prints in fun colors, so I think this Ralph Lauren dress would be a great formal interpretation.

    4. Metallic

    If she wanted to opt for another metallic dress like her Golden Globes ensemble, she could go with this Marchesa gown. With sheer details and sparkling embroidery, this would surely land Larson on my best dressed list.

    5. Sequined

    This Vera Wang dress, though! Imagine Larson rocking this on the Oscars red carpet? It may be unconventional, but you can't deny she'd rock it!

    6. Architectural

    This architectural black Zac Posen gown is wow.

    7. Bright

    A bright green Monique Lhuillier dress would not only bring out Larson's great smile, but would also fit her unique feminine style beautifully.

    8. Black & White

    I could also see Larson rocking something more out-of-the-box, like this gorgeous Rodarte gown. With dreamy detailing and skillfully placed fabric, this gown would certainly be one of the most unique.

    Larson's Oscars look will probably be so good it'll deserve an award of its own.

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    The BEST Advice from the BEST Wedding Vendors in Boston!

    Bridey, today's post is like hitting the jackpot of wedding planning. SERIOUSLY. If you are recently engaged or are in the midst of planning your wedding, stop what you're doing, and focus because you are about to be educated by the BEST in the wedding biz! I asked some of my absolute FAVORITE vendors in the Boston area to share the best piece of advice about planning a wedding, and these peeps? Well, they completely spilled the beans. I mean... There is so much wedding planning goodness in this post, that I could fucking chew it!!!

    I rarely say cheesy shit like this, but this is a must read!! So, are you ready to learn? Ready to say, "Thank you, Bitchless Bride!!" Good! You're welcome!

    Wedding Planners:

    When you are newly engaged, you tend to become inundated with information overload and it can be daunting to say the least. My advice to newly-engaged couples is to forgo the route of hiring all of your vendors until you've secured the right, professional, experienced wedding planner. Some couples feel it's best to hire a "day of" coordinator and do the rest themselves, only to learn how much money could have been easily saved by avoiding costly mistakes and uneducated decisions along the way. The right planner should be your guide, your educator, your confidant, your representative along the way and you need to put your trust into this person as they do this every day and truly look out for your best interests from the start.

    Paula Marrero ~ Marrero Events

    Don't panic, it's all overwhelming at first but it's important to book the top 3 first-top priorities (if you're not working with a planner) are to find your venue, photographer and band--then breathe! I also advise brides to wait to design the space until about 6 months before the wedding... You'll be able to have a couple months thinking about ideas, pinning on Pinterest , etc... I find that so many of my clients go in with one idea and once they've relaxed and see what is out there or trending in their wedding year they change their idea of what their wedding looks like--so ultimately they get what they want instead of what they thought they wanted--big difference!

    The Imperia can accommodate 50 to 550 people.

    Amy Kimball ~ Amy Kimball Events


    Invitations are the introduction of your wedding to your friends and family; they set the tone for the event. You can't just get a quote as there are a lot of factors to consider such as quantity, quality, type of inserts, type of print, etc. There is a lot more involved then most people realize. So, plan accordingly.

    Mara Weiner ~ Allure Invitations


    Be your own "bride" ...don't worry about what family, in-laws, friends & co-workers want for YOUR WEDDING. Follow what YOU have wanted & dreamed about.

    Paula Kirrane ~ Icing on the Cake


    Once your venue is booked, the next step is to lock in your entertainment. In order to get the best DJ or band out there, you have to book well in advance. Remember, first and foremost? Your guests are going to remember if they had a good time. That's why good entertainment is vital.

    Always ask your entertainment vendor about their other recommended services. This is how you get the best deals without making a laundry list of phone calls. They may already have what you need and could save you time and money without sacrificing quality.

    Mike Amado ~ Entertainment Specialists


    Lately couples are asking me if they should do the "first look". My answer is always YES! The first reveal is always so sweet. The moment is far more emotion and allows for a more intimate/private moment with just the couple.

    Some brides envision this grand moment when they are walking down the aisle, and the groom is sobbing... However, in reality, in a traditional formal setting with 200 people looking at you... The groom often looks like a deer in head lights. Not at all the magical moment you think it will be! So yes, do a first look!

    Lauren Killian ~ Person + Killian Photography

    Don't do a winter e-session! People look freezing, and are super uncomfortable. Nothing like having dirty snow and branches coming out of everyone's heads! Wait until the spring when the temperatures are higher, and the trees start to bloom. I highly suggest April-November.

    ~ Anonymous Photographer


    1. Make sure that your photographer and videographer work well as a team. Even better, choose a team where your photographer and videographer have worked together and enjoy the experience.

    2. Ask your prospective wedding film maker how they operate during the wedding day. Will they have lights on their cameras? Will they be on the dance floor circling the couple during the first dance? Will they stand behind the officiant during the ceremony - Or will they stake out spots based on experience and fade into the decor?

    3. Ask your toasters to limit toasts to under 5 minutes. 3 is even better. There's not much they can say (that won't be dumb or embarrassing) after a couple of minutes.

    4. Invite your guests to leave their phones and cameras in their pockets or purses. You're paying for pros to document your wedding - don't let the amateurs get in the way!

    5. When considering wedding cinematography, check out the sound as well as the images of potential pros. Capturing pristine sound of your grandfather's blessing and knowing how to integrate it with music and image, is a complex art form. Don't settle for pretty pictures if you already have a photographer you love. When it comes to film making, sound is 60% or more.

    6. If you desperately want a top notch film maker to capture your wedding, and have a limited budget, consider one of the following:

    a. Grab pics from the HD / 24 Frames per second of the video capture and forego the photographer.

    b. Hire the film maker you want and see if you can work out a payment plan that works for you.

    c. Opt for the best film maker you can afford, ask them to produce a short highlights now, and wait until you've financially recovered to have them edit the feature film.

    Naomi Raiselle ~ Generations Cinemastories


    The Best way to trim your budget is to trim you guest list (it literally makes every line item more affordable - period, the end)! (AMEN!!!!!!)

    If you "absolutely love and have to have peonies" - know that you absolutely MUST select a wedding date in May or early-June!

    Bring as few people to each and every appointment that you book ... the less opinions, the less stressed out you will be!

    ~ Anonymous Florist

    And there you have it... You're welcome, bridey!!! Now, all you have to do is listen to the professionals trying to help you.

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    Eva Longoria Says Fiancé José "Pepe" Bastón 'Was Taking Some Notes' at Her Parents' Vow Renewal

    It may not be a walk down the aisle, but Eva Longoria still beamed as she glided down the Golden Globes red carpet.

    Though she posed for photos and stopped for interviews without fiancé José "Pepe" Bastón, marriage was on the actress's mind: She just flew back from San Antonio, Texas, where her parents celebrated their gold wedding anniversary with a vow renewal.

    "I was bawling. They've been married 50 years, I was crying," Longoria, 40, told E!'s Ryan Seacrest. "My dad said my mom is the prettiest girl he's ever met and she still is."

    As for her businessman beau?

    Eva Longoria Says Fiancé José

    "Pepe was taking some notes," she said, laughing.

    The couple got engaged in December while in Dubai.

    On Sunday, Longoria (of course) stunned on the red carpet, but she's admitted her fiancé is the one who's more into fashion.

    "We call him 'Mr. Fancy Pants' because he always has a pocket square and a suit," Longoria recently told PEOPLE Now. "He's super stylish. He loves fashion way more than I do!"

    The couple have yet to announce any official wedding plans, but the Telenovelastar has said she wouldn't mind eloping so the ceremony is "free of guests and guest lists and things like that!"

    The 73rd annual Golden Globes, hosted by Ricky Gervais, are being presented live from Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, California, on NBC.

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    Red Wing nurse's aide took wedding ring off ailing resident's finger, pawned it

    Police say $4,000 item was pawned for $200.

    A onetime assistant at a nursing home in Red Wing, Minn., is ready to admit that she stole a wedding ring worth thousands of dollars from the finger of a severely ailing 93-year-old resident, then pawned it while on her lunch break.

    Erin K. Russell, 24, of Red Wing, has a settlement conference scheduled for next week in Goodhue County District Court. At that time, according to prosecutor Elizabeth Marie Spang Breza, “the hope is” that Russell will plead guilty to the theft at the St. Brigid’s at Hi-Park home in July. “She’ll have to plead to something,” Breza said. As of now, Russell is charged with felony theft.

    Russell admitted in an interview Thursday to taking the ring, but she said she hopes to avoid jail time.

    “I’m trying to see whether they will drop the charge down from a felony,” to a misdemeanor or gross misdemeanor, she said.


    The $4,000 ring belonged to Alice Tackaberry, who was in hospice care at the time of the theft and “was unable to communicate,” reads the charge against Russell.

    According to the complaint: The ring’s absence from Tackaberry’s finger was first noticed by niece Sherry Houghton during a visit to the nursing home on July 28. Houghton said she always checks Tackaberry’s possessions out of concern for theft and because she is “always in a sleeping state,” the complaint read.

    Houghton said she checked Tackaberry’s hand for the ring, and it was missing. The niece said “it is very unlikely the ring fell off because Tackaberry’s fingers are always swollen,” the court document read.

    “She took the ring right off her hand,” Houghton told the Star Tribune. “It was always on her.”

    Three days later, officers located the ring at the Red Wing Pawn Shop, the charging document continued. Tackaberry, a longtime resident of Frontenac, Minn., died 17 days later.

    Shop owner Chad Evans told the officers that the niece had already come in asking about the ring and helped find it in the store’s inventory.

    Evans said the person who pawned the ring came in wearing purple medical scrubs and was identified on the receipt as Russell. Video surveillance at the shop showed her there with her name tag on. Evans said Russell has pawned other jewelry and televisions there previously.

    Police determined that Russell was on her lunch break at the time the ring was pawned.

    In a meeting with police and nursing home administrators, Russell denied knowing anything about the ring and said she didn’t want to speak further to police. The administrators fired Russell on the spot, and she was handcuffed and arrested.

    Tackaberry, whose husband of 37 years died in 1984, taught school in Belle Creek Township and worked for the Riedell and Red Wing footwear companies as well as at Mount Frontenac Golf Course.

    Houghton said police turned the ring — pawned for $200 — over to her.

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    Insider Tips And Tricks To Planning A Stress Free Wedding

    It’s true -- weddings are a big (expensive) deal. But they’re also wonderful, joyous and unforgettably fun. What other time do you get to celebrate the “official” start of married life to your best friend, surrounded by loved ones with flowing booze, good food and a dance floor open to even the most daggy of moves.

    As any bride would know though, the months of planning, budgeting and managing a plethora of personalities that come with any wedding is sometimes enough to put a dampener on the whole thing.

    The good news is there are specific measures you can put in place to ensure your special day isn’t hijacked by frustration, money worry or plain resentment.

    An obvious but crucial starting point -- the budget.

    “This will determine nearly every decision you make in the planning process, including whether you hire a wedding planner,” Nikki Hunt, founder and wedding planner at Think PR and Events told The Huffington Post Australia.

    While it is an additional cost, hiring a planner will take away the stress of organising your big day.


    "Not only will they assist with styling and managing the day, they can also recommend and hire vendors for every little aspect. A good wedding planner will also prepare a detailed run sheet to ensure it runs to plan," Hunt said.

    Once the budget is in place Hunt advises asking yourself whether your wedding day has to be on a Saturday.

    “Saturdays are the most popular and therefore the most expensive day of the week to have a wedding -- you will need at least eight to 12 months planning time for the Saturday of your choice,” Hunt said.

    Locking in a venue for your ceremony and reception as early as possible means you can confirm your wedding date.

    “Finding a photographer should be something you do early on as they can often be booked months or a year in advance, and after that, caterers and a florist,” Alexis Teasdale, editor of Cosmopolitan Bride Australia told HuffPost Australia.

    One of the biggest mistakes the bride and groom make is not assigning someone to coordinate the running sheet. Of course, if you’ve hired a planner or if your venue provides one this will be looked after.

    “If you’re having a wedding at home though, make sure you have a ‘wedding coordinator’ in place. Whether that’s a dedicated friend or family member, or someone you hire, it’s essential that you have someone who is watching the time, giving cues to the caterers and band and keeping everything running smoothly,” Teasdale said.

    “You definitely don’t want this to fall on the bride to handle on the day,” Teasdale said.

    The notion of “bride guilt” is bound to plague you at some point. But keeping everyone happy is impossible -- so don't even think about trying. Whether it’s a bridesmaid not liking her dress or an old friend you can't fit on the guest list -- learn to accept your decisions and move on.

    “Don’t second guess every decision you make either -- it’s the quickest way to stress yourself out,” Teasdale said.

    And let go of the things you can't control -- like the weather.

    “Instead, when you find a place, dress, flower you love -- lock it in! Then happily put it out of your mind and move onto the next thing on your list,” Teasdale said.

    It's also a good idea to have somebody assigned to help pack up the reception venue at the end of the night -- often, this becomes a task for the newlyweds' parents which isn't ideal (and means they miss out on the after party -- not OK).

    Music is another element worth putting time into -- there’s nothing worse than an empty dance floor and while live entertainment adds a special touch, after a few hours on the bubbly, demand for the golden oldies is bound to arise.

    And if you plan on playing music from your iPhone on the day start devising a playlist early.

    “Download Shazam and start saving your favourite songs as you hear them. In months or a years time, you’ll have a playlist positively bursting with awesome tunes,” Teasdale said.

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    Tory Burch & Pierre-Yves Roussel Are Engaged & Starting Off 2016 With A Bang

    After roughly a year and a half of dating, it would seem that designer Tory Burch is engaged to her partner Pierre-Yves Roussel, joining the league of other happy couples that tend to put a ring on it when the ball drops every New Year's. Starting off their 2016 with an exciting bang, Burch happily announced the amazing news via Instagram on Jan. 2, sharing a photo of herself and Roussel arm in arm at an event with the caption, "We are tying the knot... #blessed #engaged #happynewyear."

    Roussel is "the CEO and chairman of LVMH Fashion Group (owner of such celebrated brands like Celine, Givenchy, Kenzo, Louis Vuitton, and more)," according to InStyle, making him no stranger to Burch's sartorial world. AsThe Daily Mail reported, Burch was previously romantically linked to high-profile men such as music mogul Lyor Cohen (for five years) and Lance Armstrong. But as Burch told Vogue, Roussel is "the love of her life."

    While it's exciting to think of what the fashion power couple's wedding will look like (especially the dress!), it's also sweet to hear about how they first met. As you might have guessed, they didn't come together by swiping right or meeting via a set-up from friends, but in a way you'd expect high-powered moguls to: Via a business function.

    According to InStyle, "The two met first when set up on a business breakfastyears ago [...] After officially getting together in May 2014, the couple has been the high-flying sort ever since — Roussel has been spotted front row at her fashion shows."

    In an interview with Vogue earlier this year, Burch happily gave more details about the romance, sharing that they originally met "at a breakfast at the Ritz in Paris arranged by a pair of bankers who thought the two might like to make a deal." Burch told Vogue, "I used to look at my parents and see this amazing love affair that lasted 47 years, until my dad died, and I never thought it would happen for me. And now it has.”

    Whether you're a diehard fan of the Tory Burch brand or not, it's difficult not to feel happy for the in-love couple after hearing honest sentimentality like that. Now all we have to do is wait patiently until Burch gives us a flash of the ring on Instagram (fingers crossed).

    While there are no further details about Burch's upcoming nuptials yet, here are three celebrity weddings that happened last year that the designer could take a cue or two from.

    1. Sofia Vergara And Joe Manganiello

    If Burch wants to go for the romantic, storybook wedding, then she can look to Vergara and Manganiello's wedding, which had Vergara sporting a heavy, elaborate train and walking down the aisle through a canopy of flowers.

    2. Whitney Port And Tim Rosenman

    Or if she's after more of a tropical-meets-elegance vibe, then the Whitney Port and Tim Rosenman wedding can give her a lot of inspo.

    3. Bar Refaeli And Adi Ezra

    Perhaps Burch will be in the mood for a more laid back, beach wedding. In that case, Bar Refaeli and Adi Ezra's nuptials will be great inspiration (what with the free and flowing wedding dress and bikini bachelorette partybeforehand).

    Whatever Burch and Roussel come up with, I'm sure it'll be drop-dead gorgeous and full of giddy happiness.

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    10 red carpet moments that turned heads in 2015

    Los Angeles - Award shows came thick and fast in 2015 and the style stakes were raised higher and higher.

    Here's a look back at the highlights from the red carpet of the last 12 months:

    Kendall and Kylie Jenner were ESPY babes

    The sexy siblings stole the show at this year's ESPY Awards in July.

    They complimented each other in contrasting ball gowns with Kendall, 20, opting for a simple sheer black dress and Kylie, 18, going for a gold glitter gown which highlighted her bootylicious rear.

    Gigi Hadid turned heads at the AMAs

    Gigi Hadid ensured she turned heads in a revealing white two-piece at the American Music Awards in November.

    The 20-year-old model proved why she was chosen to walk in this year's Victoria's Secret Show when she stepped on to the red carpet showing off her bust and a lot of thigh. Damn!

    Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West ruled the Grammys

    Kim Kardashian and Kanye West proved they were THE power couple of 2015 when they stepped out together at the Grammy Awards in February.

    Kim showed she isn't afraid to experiment with her style by wearing an extravagant and plunging silver and jewel-encrusted gown which was made to accentuate her breasts and world famous butt. While her All Day rapper husband flaunted his neatly-shaven chest in a black velvet suit jacket with nothing underneath!

    Lady Gaga's most outrageous outfit of 2015

    Lady Gaga nor us will be forgetting the unique outfit she wore to the 2015 Songwriters Hall of Fame ceremony to accept her Contemporary Icon Award.

    The never-shy singer dressed a leather bra and panties set finished off with tights and a red crushed velvet jacket to the star-studded bash which took place in June.

    Emma Stone left rest green with envy at the Oscars

    Emma Stone ensured her acting peers were green with envy when she dazzled at the 2015 Oscars.

    The Crazy Stupid Love actress has had a quiet year but no one could forget the beautiful lime green glitter gown she wore to Hollywood's biggest night.

    Jennifer Lopez unveiled her own globes at the Golden Awards

    Jennifer Lopez may not have had a hit movie in a long time but she wasn't going to blend into the background when she arrived to the Golden Globes in January.

    In fact, J.Lo grabbed all the attention by showing off her own globes in bust-baring dress, which came complete with a superhero-esque cape.

    Keira Knightley dazzled at BAFTAs

    Keira Knightley didn't let her pregnancy get in her way of dazzling at the 2015 BAFTAs.

    The Pirates of the Caribbean star subtly hid her baby bump under a floral gown and radiated the sort of glow that only an expectant mother can.

    Julianne Moore brought back classic Hollywood glamour at the Oscars

    Julianne Moore was the epitome of old school Hollywood glamour when she walked the red carpet at the Oscars in February.

    The 54-year-old actress radiated beauty in a stunning, timeless white gown with flower detailing. It was a good thing Moore looked her best as she walked away from the ceremony with highly coveted Best Actress prize.

    Pearly Queen Lupita Nyong'o

    Lupita Nyong'o had the most unique dress at this year's Oscars.

    The Star Wars: The Force Awakens actress slipped into a stunning Calvin Klein dress made of pearls that was worth a staggering £1000k.

    Jennifer Lawrence was a fashion queen at the Producers Guild Awards

    Jennifer Lawrence proved once again she is one of Hollywood's queens of the red carpet in this nude gown that she wore to the Producers Guild Awards back in January.

    The Hunger Games actress has amassed numerous awards in her short career and has always been a winner in the fashion game. On this occasion she flaunted her flawless skin and alluring curves in this simple but beautiful dress.

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    Bride and groom evacuated from ceremony donate wedding food to firefighters

    A bride and groom forced to flee their wedding ceremony because of an encroaching bushfire have donated all of the wedding's food to firefighters.

    Ennis Cehic was waiting at the altar on Saturday afternoon when an out-of-control bushfire rapidly approached the venue, the Galwiji Homestead, in Scotsburn, south-east of Ballarat.

    The wedding party and guests had to evacuate the property just minutes before the bride, Carli, was due to walk down the aisle and say "I do".

    But the unforeseen circumstances did not prevent the wedding from going ahead, as the couple moved the ceremony to a local pub, the Crown Hotel, in nearby Buninyong.

    On Sunday, Mr and Mrs Cehic decided to donate their wedding food, catered to more than 170 people, to fire crews in the area.

    Carli and Ennis Cehic.

    A generator at the wedding venue had kept the refrigerator on, and catering company Pot and Pan were able to assist in delivering the food.

    Mr Cehic said he and his wife had the idea after they woke on Sunday to see photos showing the scale of devastation the bushfires had left behind.

    "We just decided that we were going to give this to the people who are out there fighting the fires," he said.

    The 31-year-old described the weekend's events as "extremely surreal".

    "We've seen the photographs and we saw that everything was burnt [at the venue] except for the ceremony spot and the marquee, and that was really magical."

    Celeste Gant and her wife, Sam, own Pot and Pan, a Melbourne-based catering and events company. They met CFA crews in Sebastapol on Sunday to hand over the refrigerator's contents, explain what was on the menu and offer cooking and storage instructions.

    Fire crews were to be treated to lamb shoulders, sous vide chicken and an array of salads, as well as 400 bread rolls the Gants will deliver on Monday.

    "I think they'll be pretty happy with it," Celeste Gant said, adding that firies would not be treated to the wedding cake as she had delivered it to the newlyweds on Sunday afternoon.

    The fire came within just metres of where the Cehics would have said their vows. Photos taken on Sunday showed charred grass framing rows of white chairs on an open paddock.

    The owner of Galwiji Homestead, William Pryor, said it was the first wedding at the venue in 22 years.

    The property has been in the Pryor family for close to a century, and the family was relieved the fire did not reach buildings.

    "Amazingly, the homestead and the shearing shed were not damaged," Dr Pryor said. "But we lost a huge amount of fencing and pasture."

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    Want a wedding that will stand out? Say ‘I do' with a brew using these beer-loving tips

    WITH ALMOST one million people planning to pop the question over Christmas, we look at the best ways to bring beer to the special day for those who can’t go past a good pint.

    There will be more than a five golden rings to sing about this Christmas, with an estimated 750,000 Brits planning to propose to their partner over the festive break.

    Between the Christmas lights and cosy fire, the silly season sparks romance for many.

    But it is often short-lived, as wedding planning is no easy feat.

    Recent research has shown that almost two thirds (60 per cent) of couples find planning a wedding stressful, with the main cause of anxiety being a desire for a ‘unique’ and personalised wedding.

    Couple walking down the aisle

    The study, from world’s leading brewer AB InBev, has revealed that over one fifth (21 per cent) of newlyweds felt their day was lacking distinctiveness due to what they served their guests.

    Over a third (39 per cent) of lovebirds surveyed admitted to loving a good brew, with 85 per cent stating that they or their partner regularly treat themselves to the tipple.

    However, only 1.3 per cent of brides and grooms felt bold enough to include beer in the main serve at their wedding.

    Leading wedding planner Mark Niemierko said: “Beer and weddings have such a unique history and there are so many ways to incorporate beer naturally into a wedding, from creating your own “bride-ale” party favours to hosting a wedding beer breakfast with matching beer and food.”

    Here are Mark’s top tips for incorporating Brits’ beloved brew as a main wedding tipple.

    1. Create a really unique save the date card by sending a customised beer mat. You can follow this up by sending invites on a personalised label on a beer bottle with details in a scroll inside.

    2. Rustic, English countryside weddings are currently really popular. A perfect and elegant way to achieve this look is to add dried barley or fresh hops to flower arrangements. You can also add vintage beer crates for seating or sign your vows on an oak beer barrel.

    3. Incorporate beer by using personalised beer caps or coasters to present information, instead of traditional escort cards. Even better, use bottles of beer as escort cards so that guests can enjoy a drink while they find their seats.

    4. Favours are a really scalable way to incorporate your favourite drink into your special day. From colourful beer steins for decorating tables and personalised beer labels or visiting a brewery to make your own Mr and Mrs Brew, beer can be added in many ways.

    5. If your husband-to-be is not a fan of Champagne, serve beer during the wedding speeches. Ditch the bottles and serve beer to your guests in tasteful chalices so that the guests can toast to the happy couple. There are many elegant beers with signature glassware, such as Leffe which has a cork and foil top.

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    The Beauty Moments From 2015 That We Are Still Freaking Out About

    Wow! Has it really been nine months since Kim Kardashian went platinum blonde? That didn't last long. Now that we're counting down to the end of 2015, it's only right that we look back at the most unforgettable beauty moments.

    The Kardashian-Jenner family gave us a lot to talk (and argue) about -- from Kimmy's short-lived dramatic hair makeover to Kylie's successful Lip Kit launch. But there were other individuals who deserve some time in the spotlight. For example, model Maria Borges opting out of wearing super-long hair extensions to rock her natural hair at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. Not to mention, Jared Leto and Zayn Malik serving #hairgoals with their brightly-dyed manes.

    Here's a list of all the beauty moments from this year that are worth reminiscing about. Are we missing anything? Let us know in the comments section below.

    Makeup Launches That Were On Everyone's Lips (Literally!)

    The three biggest cosmetics to launch this year were all highly-coveted lipsticks. MAC Cosmetics fulfilled our holiday wishes with the Mariah Carey "All I Want" Lipstick, a champagne shimmer shade that harkens back to the frosty pout the pop singer sported back in the '90s. The youngest (and arguably most famous) Jenner debuted the Kylie Lip Kit line this November, and the products sold out unsurprisingly. But that wasn't the only lipstick to sell out super fast. Music and makeup lovers purchased all of Drake's signature Tom Ford lip color (a miniature metallic plum hue) online in "mere minutes."

    The Natural Hair Movement Stormed The Runways

    Black and biracial models with different hair types and textures, including curly, wavy and kinky, turned heads with their magnificent manes as they hit the runways. Standout looks included Michael Lockley's dirty-blonde coils spotted at Jeremy Scott's Spring 2016 Show and Maria Borges' teeny weeny Afro at the 2015 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. And we have to acknowledge singer-actress-style icon Zoë Kravitz, who walked in Alexander Wang's finale Balenciaga show with her waist-long box braids.

    Social Media Campaigns Prove It's Time To Change Beauty Standards

    Thanks to Twitter and Instagram, anyone with a message had platforms to make an impact. Amy Schumer used her candid humor to produce a "Girl, You Don’t Need Makeup" parody which reminded women that they are beautiful without makeup. The powerful movement took off thanks to a hash tag with the same name, and it even encouraged men to bare their faces in support. Meanwhile, YouTube starNikkieTutorials' #ThePowerofMakeup campaign reassured us all that there is absolutely no shame in getting glammed up either. Beauty brand Dove continued it's #LoveYourCurls mission by launching an emoji keyboard complete with 27 curly hair designs that represent various skin tones and hair colors. FINALLY!

    Hair Color Got Trippy

    We said bye-bye to ombré and hey, what's up, to a new hair color trend:tortoiseshell hair. Bronde, a natural-looking dye job, was a favorite among celebs like Gisele Bündchen and Blake Lively. Instead of a clear contrast from root to tip, the tortoiseshell look combines warm colors like golden blonde and chocolates to form a beautiful combination of hues.

    Holographic hair came in the form of a new technique called "hand-pressed color,"which uses sheets of glass and large brushes to create. Check out colorist Chiala Marvici's very cool process here.

    On the other end of the spectrum, guys were embracing the Manic Panic-like colors that we thought were a thing of the past. Jared Leto rocked neon pink, Zayn Malik showed up to Paris Fashion Week with a platinum buzz cut (after Kim Kardashian went platinum) and Joe Jonas even dyed part of his 'do blue.

    The Beauty Industry Got Called Out

    The New York Times shocked with its investigative report on the terrible working conditions in New York nail salons. Of course, backlash ensued and the NYT issued a rebuttal.

    Popular black hairstyles like bantu knots and the Afro were showcased in mainstream media, leading many to believe that these "trends" were new to 2015. Just to name a few instances, baby hair was a "wild" new trend, according to Elle UK and now defunct Lucky Magazine. Allure published a tutorial on how to get an Afro, using a white model, while "mini-buns," aka bantu knots, went down the Marc Jacobs runway and were deemed a trend without reference to its historical roots.

    But, the industry didn't get away with these terrible mishaps that easily. Amandla Stenberg called out Kylie Jenner for cultural appropriation after Jenner wore cornrows. Stenberg went on to comment even more, powerfully stating "Do female black lives matter too?" Additionally, entertainer Zendaya clapped-back at Giuliana Rancic after the television personality made racist comments about the young star's faux locs hairstyle.

    Good news, though! Model Soo Joo Park became the first Asian-American spokesperson for L'Oréal Paris, which is huge. Here's to more diversity in 2016!

    Nostalgic Beauty Brands Gave Us The Best News Ever

    Lip Smackers and Bath & Body Works made two major announcements this year that rocked '90s/'00s kids' worlds. The former was said to shut down its operations in America, but then Lip Smackers came back to say that our favorite flavored lip balm would be "revamping" its brand. Bath & Body Works confirmed that six of itslegendary scents would be making a comeback, including Cucumber Melon and Juniper Breeze. Nostalgia never smelled so good and saturated!

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