An important preparation before a wedding is to send wedding invitations to guests. Any wedding details are important to the couple, and if your wedding theme is determined, your wedding theme can be chosen. So how do you choose the right wedding gift for your wedding? Introduce some creative and beautiful wedding invitations to everyone.

Wedding invitations style: small fresh warm theme wedding invitations

On the wedding invitations with light yellow decals, can not only make the invitations with stereo feeling, also can make invitations, full of delicate feeling, this theme wedding wedding invitations are not only suitable for yellow, is suitable for a wedding in the summer. Simple but elegant.

Wedding invitations: pink romantic wedding invitations

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If your wedding theme determined for pink, or choose your wedding held in the spring, so it is set in the peach blossom wedding invitations are definitely very suitable for you, shallow pink let a person love, sweet romance and individual character is dye-in-the-wood, earn people eyeball.

Wedding invitations style: court wedding invitations

Use simple bowknot to bind the happiness that delivers, pull open slowly, can feel the happiness of new person. The simple and gorgeous palace wedding invitations will remind people of the beautiful sentence "the prince and princess live happily ever after".

Wedding invitations style: ocean themed wedding invitations

With the diversification of the wedding theme, the wedding invitations also correspond to become emerge in endlessly, ocean theme wedding invitations, fresh and elegant, decorated with small starfish wedding invitations, creative and lovely full marks.

Wedding invitations: traditional wedding invitations with innovative wedding invitations

There are still many new people like to choose red color as the theme of the wedding, if you want to seek for innovation on wedding invitations, so the wedding invitations with traditional flower background material must make you satisfied, traditional novel, and generous, creative novelty is dye-in-the-wood.

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