The Roman era a couple more when the wedding, put the cake on the bride's head the symbol break to enjoy the atmosphere of the wedding to a climax, more wish congratulations share the happiness and joy of the couple's relatives and friends. This symbolic meaning continues to this day. The multi-layered cake originated in the early days of England. At that time, the society was popular with small cakes to participate in the banquet, and the cake was piled up into a hill, the purpose is to ask a couple to kiss the top part. To symbolize their love can overcome many difficulties and finally achieve the love and happiness of perseverance. Until now, traditional wedding cakes have been designed with a multi-layer design and are mainly white, representing purity and beauty.

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  Traditional church wedding custom: wedding dance.

  At the party, after the dessert was finished, the ball began. If the reception is in the afternoon after the wedding, the dish will be in the evening, before the newlyweds dance in front of their seats. At the buffet reception, the bride and groom exit the reception queue and take a break to start dancing. When the bride and groom dance the first dance, everyone watches and claps. The bride's father-in-law asked her to dance the second dance and then the father of the bride. When the bridegroom dances with the maid of honor, the guest can join in the dance with the best man. If possible, all men should actively ask for a dance with the bride. When the order of dancing became very complicated, the bride and groom jumped the first dance, and everyone jumped. When the band or DJ changes the tune, the wedding participants join in the dance of the bride and groom, and everyone knows that everyone can dance at this time.

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