In ancient China, the process of marriage was "six rites" : nachai, naji, nazheng, please, welcome. "Six gifts, that is, employment; The rush is the absence of propriety. In ancient times, engagement was a necessary procedure for marriage. Now there's nothing left. The age is 19 for men and 17 for women.

  Betrothal is betrothed, equivalent to the "na zheng" in the six ceremonies, which is a sign of marriage convergence towards maturity. The preliminarily agreed form of marriage is to fix the two families' willingness to marry. They call the engagement "a message" or "a change of post". Reach an agreement, in marriage to a period of backward, family have written in red paper is going to close the meaning of the association tips (mainly written clear the man a birth horoscope), write good luck message and cover "jinnuo" worship "await jinnuo" modest words. To the bride's side after received for kai's family, azerbaijan immediately responded to rev, also write good wife birth horoscope, post outside the book is "follow the" "back at jade say" category agreed side. This HuanTie contacts, all carried out in the name of the parents, inscribe appears only parents name.

  Exchange the post quite is fastidious, want to use red lacquer gift box to deliver commonly, the man wants to install on the inside of the box affixed thing (it is eardrop more, ring or bracelet), also can send a few suit of dress act the role of the woman. Upcoming days thereafter, the woman can name is suitable for the man to further investigation, main is to know the property, Dan, visiting the man looks (phase about marriage men and women both parties generally not much contact expansion), personally verify the matchmaker's words can be trusted. In chenggu, nanzheng, xixiang and other places, the engagement is called "see the house". In order to make a good impression on her, the man not only refurbished the house in advance, but also tried hard to borrow rare things to enrich his furnishings. On the day of the house meeting, the men prepared delicious food and wine for the sake of decency, and warmly welcomed the woman's parents, relatives and matchmakers.

  There is a great sermon, and a small one. Small tales are popular in the countryside, while big ones appear in cities. The hanzhong government in the Ming and qing dynasties called "the great biography qi" "the dragon breeze post", and the official's son's engagement post is more exquisite. Post length more than a foot, width about five inches, thick to an inch, can be folded continuously, is a special wedding printed matter. For the man to use is a green dragon card, the title page is printed with two dragons; For the woman's use is a pink phoenix, the title page printed with a pair of flying phoenix. The man wrote many compliments, such as "I have long admired famous families, I wish to marry qin jin" "I don't feel cold, I wish to climb high doors". On the other hand, the woman wrote, "thanks for the ice words, please reply jinzhang", "please follow yuyan's instructions and be willing to make qinqin films" and other replies.

  This kind of big message, equivalent to today's marriage certificate, has certain legal effect.

  - after the Posting of the wedding ceremony is sent to each other, it indicates that the marriage contract has been signed and it has become a married couple. If have no special reason, cannot at will regret relatives, that should be condemned by the public opinion.

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