Sagittarius with its prodigal colors may not be easy to settle down. Half of them are fed up with the fact that they tend to wander and drift about. But out of Sagittarius, actually also has a desire for stability and no longer drift day, plus they are impulse, when their lover may have no psychological preparation, just got a call from overseas to marry him, this kind of caught lightning marriage law, usually is just the best portrayal of Sagittarius.

  She loves sports and has a natural superior motor nerve. She likes all kinds of outdoor sports. So you can be in outdoor rock climbing with her, with her climbing to the top the rock, and produced a diamond ring on the wall, standing on the point of highest point, say out loud in front of other outdoor sports you of the love of vow, and wearing a beautiful diamond ring for her. Then go down with her and capture her heart in a moment of heart-wrenching excitement.


  Capricorn, the location of the zodiac proposal, is suitable for the location network

  Traditional and targeted Capricorn, will usually choose the first girlfriend as a last marriage partners, so they already have planning, is married to goal step by step, and maintain good relationships with the future father-in-law mother-in-law, wait until the others sometimes, is follow suit. But because Capricorn traditional square, they will follow the old way, ready for a bouquet of roses and a diamond ring and dress formally, straightforward proposed knelt in front of the heroine, or simply rushed to the heroine's house, a quick victory.

  As a workaholic and realistic, she was born without a romantic gene? Don't like romantic proposal situations? It's just that she is more efficient than anyone and doesn't really want to waste anything. Then you can through the Internet conveniently, using high-tech means, occupation of her company's local area network (LAN), mass a public email with a question mark to marry him, in the envious eyes of his colleagues, she will reply to you a satisfactory answer mail. Who can say that she doesn't like this kind of practical and efficient romantic performance?

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