When it comes to Chinese wedding photos, many people's first reaction is red. Actually as new people are constantly pursuing innovation and fashion, style of Chinese style wedding photos now also more and more diversified, han and tang dynasties style, style, Shanghai style of the republic of China, not only has the Chinese traditional style, is also very fashionable. Today, small make up to recommend to everybody a few Chinese style marriage gauze photograph of different individual character.

  Personality Chinese style wedding photos 1: roc style wedding photos

  First of all, the introduction of the republic of China style personality of Chinese wedding photos, so beautiful that people can not move their eyes. Wedding photos shuttle in the republic of China era they seem to stage a "wulin who lead the coquettish, but I only for you. Far away from the world's hustle and bustle, the catkins float with their hands at ease. The love song.

  Personality Chinese wedding photos ii: old Shanghai style wedding photos

  New people pursue the individual character marriage gauze photograph, besides originality also stress artistic conception. People's minds more or less has a nostalgic feelings, a lot of new people all hope to be able to feel the old Shanghai ten thousand kinds of amorous feelings, especially the bride, his capital may want to try the most can show the cheongsam of s-shaped good figure. In this personalized wedding photo, it is to take old Shanghai as the element to shoot the feeling of the republic of China restoring ancient ways.

  Personality Chinese wedding gauze photo iii: phoenix coronet frame wedding gauze photo

  Besides western-style white gauze dress, Chinese traditional phoenix coronet gauze is also the dream in the heart of the bride. In today's pursuit of individuality, how to capture the personality style of traditional phoenix coronet gauze? Take a look at the wedding photos of phoenix coronet frame style. Wearing a traditional phoenix coronet and gauze, the new couple showed a bold and exaggerated fashion in an ancient charm, which was rare and unique.

  Personality Chinese style wedding photos 4: wedding photos in the red revolution era

  The red age occupies a special place in the hearts of the Chinese people. The wedding photography of the red revolution era style is a hot topic for young couples to take personalized wedding photos. Personality wedding photos, the red army to "serve the people" as the theme, simple military uniform, the traditional hutongs background, with "serve the people" bag, bicycle light scenery as props, such as about the s unique characteristics of love. The simple military wedding photos bear the romantic love of the simple times.

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