Woman's home (or at a hotel)

  1, hit the door, the door, I think the wedding process everyone with a very vulgar, so here to give you a new recruit, general ridiculous often to crash the door of the bride's family, so the bride ridiculous plugging the door the old recruit or don't use it, you can see the inside of the movie "steal day trap" gimmick, a few yuan to buy a few red, let your friend pulled the red line array, drill line array to groom, encountered the line will send a red envelope to a friend, or is their answer. It's fresh and lively, and it won't spoil the room. This is a great way to make sure that the process is creative.

  2. Guarding the door (bride's relatives and friends group)

  3. Hand flowers to the bride

  4. The groom wears corsage (wrist flower) for the bride

  The best man gave the bridesmaid a corsage

  6. Say goodbye to your parents (take photos)

  The groom carries the bride downstairs (holding hands)

  Head to your wedding venue

  Before the ceremony

  1. Relatives and friends greet new people

  2. Take a photo in the banquet hall of the venue (to show the wishes of relatives and friends)

  3. Welcome new guests (or take a break)

  4. Guests enter

  5. The bride and groom wait for the outdoor ceremony to begin

  The ceremony begins the first stage of romance

  1, 2, the bride groom admission tickets (available in father accompanied by admission) (take the bride groom) 3, 4, the main witness talk 5, send them to 6, and rings (7, 8, 9 throw bouquets, kissing couple exits (12 minutes) (new people can consider to change clothes)

  The candlelight ceremony begins the second process

  There are one or two shows in 10 minutes between the changes

  The cake cutting ceremony begins the third process

  1) new people enter (dance)(evening dress) 2) send cake 3) cut cake 4) share sweet (divide cake) 5) family and friends group photo

  The ceremony is over (8-10 minutes)

  Toast, end

  1. Change clothes; 2. Toast; 3

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