Wedding prophase preparation is an important work, can invite your trusted friends to participate in the wedding preparation, this not only removes your troubles can quicken the pace of the preparation for share wedding preparation personnel division of table, inventory wedding personnel responsibilities in detail.

  General coordinator: responsible for the deployment of staff, supervision of the implementation of all work and control of the site

  Guest inviter: responsible for the implementation of wedding guests, write and send wedding invitations

  MC: arrange and host the ceremony and the ceremony process, control the beginning of the banquet

  Groomsman: welcome guests with the bride and groom, help the groom deal with the temporary situation, and follow the groom at any time

  Bridesmaid: welcome guests with the bride and groom, make up with the bride, help the bride change her makeup, and follow the bride at all times

  Receiver: responsible for guest's signature, receipt of gift money, account processing and keeping of gift money

  Cameraman: take a complete picture of the wedding

  The task of decorating their own homes personnel: according to the festival, enthusiastic, conform to the requirements of the customs new cloth 臵 environment

  Beverage purchasing personnel: responsible for buying wine, drinks, all kinds of sweet cake, fruit, peanut, lack of timely and catch up on, but also responsible for the package will send guests gift bag (and joyful, bread, peanut, melon seeds) candy cake, peanut, melon seeds, purchasing, packaging

  Sugar, tobacco and wine management personnel: beverage management and supplement table candy, melon seeds, wine

  Bar staff: acting to solve entanglement, the main task is to protect new people

  Spray the ribbon, scatter the gold flower, pull the salute personnel: build to welcome the relatives, receive the relatives and the happy atmosphere of the meeting place

  The room personnel: responsible for the venue with ribbons, balloon 臵, check the decca (remove machine with 4, 7), acoustics, champagne, wine, cakes, wine glass tower in preparation for banquet

  The groom's relatives and friends group personnel: accompany the groom to receive, greet the bride

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