To think your wedding more unique more relaxed and happy, might as well to a funny wedding oath, these funny funny and novel oath can not only make the guests laugh, also can promote the atmosphere of the wedding, still can make his bride heard these words, sweet to the heart.

  Funny wedding vows version 1:

  Dear old folks, today is the wedding day of my cousin and me. After years of hard work, today's union is really hard won. Therefore, in order to remember this beautiful moment, cherish this beautiful marriage, let the wife's family rest assured, also let the relatives and friends rest assured, now swear as the basis:

  First, insist on your wife's absolute leadership. Home wife is always the first, children second, dog third, I fourth.

  Second, conscientiously implement the "four sons" principle, wife like grandchildren, mother-in-law like filial son, eat like mosquitoes, work like donkeys.

  The 3rd, love wife, do civilized husband, accomplish "hit not return a hand, scold not return a mouth, smiling face to send cold face".

  Fourth, sincerely accept the wife's emotional dictatorship, "do not talk to strangers", especially not to strange women. Except, of course, the old lady who asked for directions.

  Fifth, we will adhere to the system of paying all salaries and bonuses. Don't change the pay slip. Don't hide money in the closet. However, you can apply for a monthly allowance of 500 yuan. Bracket, yen.

  Sixth, actively respond to the "six eggs" call. You can only look at your wife's face, kiss her face before you go out and touch her face when you go to bed. Old, never call her "change egg", wife scold "bastard", I be "soft egg".

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