The zodiac signs are very different, and the style of doing things is certainly different. So is it true in the life of a wedding photo shoot? The beauty wedding photos of the zodiac show you what kind of wedding photos are appropriate for each zodiac sign.

  The Aries of the zodiac:

  Aries love encounter when they are often in the outside, and the grass vibrant scene can foil more natural romantic and lively personality, Aries Aries wedding photos is selected in the ornament of blossoming flowers grass under the sun.

  12 zodiac signs:

  Should like was born in the beautiful castle, Taurus girl temperament of expensive gas and full of classical aesthetic feeling, in the church for their wedding photos very have atmosphere, but also very romantic, there are memorable.

  12 zodiac signs:

  How is it suitable for geminis to not get something special? Let the geminis do their own thing, the underwater wedding photos, the eternal in the light.

  12 zodiac signs:

  The love of cancer should bear witness in the color of the mountain flowers. Or a small yellow flower sea, or a lavender flower sea of lavender, in a word, the love of cancer should be beautiful mountain flowers, also should be fragrant and fragrant.

  12 zodiac signs:

  Personally think Leo's wedding photos should be at the beginning of the neon nights and should not be on a sunny day, because your enchanting charm, like the bloom in the night sky blue demon ji, the beauty of an s-curve.

  The virgo of the zodiac:

  A reserved virgo is the one who should do some big breaks at her wedding, and the wedding picture on the bed is so sweet and sweet that it is perfect for wedding photos. Happiness is pinching, this is the dream pinching.

  12 zodiac signs:

  Libra's wedding, must be in the modern square, with the beautiful music, under the witness of lots of guests, friends relatives surrounded around, held in wedding dress, look in the fashionable also may be a little bit.

  12 zodiac signs:

  Want something special? What about skydiving wedding photos? Only with the courage of holding hands and holding hands in high altitude, can you deserve the perfect purity of love of Scorpio.

  12 Sagittarius: Sagittarius:

  Go to an antique town, accept the kind of blessing, fragrant gu will also be able to meet the desire of Sagittarius expedition, is a good choice, also can wear ancient costume, more perfect wind restoring ancient ways.

  12 Capricorn:

  Capricorns always imagine their love as a story, so who is the main character of the story, or perhaps it is themselves? Cosplay Snow White and prince? Or cosplay into the village head and the village girl, depending on Capricorn's preference?

  12 zodiac signs: Aquarius:

  Nobility is elegant, Aquarius, at the time of wedding, should be dark blue blessing, the blessing from the sea grace, so set your own wedding location by the sea, under the starry sky blue will witness the love of Aquarius.

  12 zodiac signs:

  Pisces photos create value atmosphere between two people, marriage is just the beginning of family life, so whether what kind of clothing, Pisces are hoping to use the most romantic charming gesture taken out two personal happiness.

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