1. The wedding dresses made of chiffon and light yarn are very good choices.

  2, seaside wedding photos to the seaside shooting had better not choose a bustle of big peng skirt, long tail wedding dress, or too tight style, the style to wear action inconvenience, also easy to dirty. And A word type, fishtail type, close-fitting cut, or small dress is A good choice, these kinds of styles are light, not cumbersome.

  3, to shoot the beach wedding dress will inevitably touch to the sea, so the dress had better choose material not too, such as silk chiffon, light, had better not choose heavy satin, delicate silk fabrics.

  4, if was shot selection on the sand by the sea, is not suitable for choosing heavy dress is not convenient to walk, for their wedding photos because the beach, is offering a free and comfortable, this kind of marriage gauze is obviously not appropriate.

  5. When choosing a style, try to be as simple as possible, with a strapless gown that is the most appropriate, and the fitting dress is the first choice for wedding photos taken by the seaside.

  Above the share is small make up the brides sea travel photography skill of how to choose wedding dress, brides should now know how to choose the wedding dresses, is to have cultured, can't literally pick oh. The right choice for a more perfect wedding photo.

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