Shanglian: jiayujia female is the next couplet: spring day spring people dance spring breeze.

  Union: marriage and Hong Kong: life and year order renewal.

  Shanglian: happy New Year feast: the marriage of qing xi shengshi.

  The union of two lovers of the spring: a hundred years of devotion.

  The relationship between the two lovers is a new one.

  Shanglian: the spring is in the second half of the spring.

  Shanglian: wong and Ming dynasty: yuanyang together to celebrate the third spring.

  Shanglian: mei dai chunsheng willow green down: the jade building people reflect peach blossom red.

  Shanglian: in the qin and jin dynasties, the marriage of the Spring Festival was linked: phoenix wings rainbow fly.

  Shanglian: the mountain green water bichun light good next couplet: the wine green lamp red is happy much.

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