Every detail of the wedding is not new people neglect and contempt, and wedding banquet is a very important part of the ceremony, the weddings as a formal state of seats arrangement is more exquisite, wedding banquet seats arrangement but a university asked, new people have to know what the careful arrangement. How about the wedding banquet? Let's take a look at some of the Chinese wedding seating arrangements and see what you don't know.

  What about the wedding banquet?

  1. Male and female guests.

  The bride and groom entered the room on the left of the right woman, and the two of them rotated to the inside of the stage to face the guests. At this time the groom should correspond to the bride's main table, the bride should correspond to the groom's main table. Therefore, the bride's main table should be located on the right side of the stage and the main table of the groom is on the left side.

  2. Lead the VIP table.

  Arrange the leaders and VIP guests of the two parties at the best seats (usually adjacent to the main guest seat or directly arranged on the main guest table) at the distance from the viewing Angle. At the same time, it is convenient for parents and elders in the main guest house to show their respect and attention to them.

  3. Relatives sit down.

  If the new couple can't make it clear, they can consult their parents and try their best. As far as possible will arrange away from walking elders acoustics, close to the location of the channel, one is to prevent the volume of the sound effect elders the heart or blood pressure, 2 it is to facilitate your elders toilet or free activities;

  4, friends sit at the table.

  Will be responsible for the help that day friend, best friend and close relationship between classmates, friends he arranged near the exit, so convenient their freedom in also won't affect other guests dining at the same time; You can put people you know in a table with friends of similar age or professional attributes, so they can have more conversations.

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