To bring different versions of the Chinese wedding menu with auspicious meanings, for the new people to choose. These menus are not only practical, but also fit for the festive atmosphere of the wedding.

  Chinese wedding menu: a hundred years good dinner.

  Festival and yingbin eight (butterfly), luck (red Suckling pig platter), deep meaning (braised lobster), military (pepper Fried cuttlefish kernel), future forest frog braised shark's fin, Jin Yuman ship (grilled oyster emperor awabi), year after year to spare (soy bravery steamed tiger spot), beaming (desert sandstorm chicken), elixir of love (black mushroom steak greenstuffs), happy (cantonese Fried rice), forever knot shuanghui (point), one hundred (lotus lily red bean paste), full (seasonal fruit tray), jujube round RenZi soup (early birth of music), selengensis smoked bean curd (wishful auspicious), on the green vegetable soup (beauty), double glow Yingying (flower moon circle), acacia fruit platter (wanzi red)

  Chinese wedding menu: an oath banquet.

  Emperor city red add festival (Suckling pig big platter), yuanyang jade belts (garlic steamed lobster), splendid flowers best ball (apricot bao) with bei), longfeng wings to the fly to offer them (the original braised chicken wings), the jade pool herself online bao (coral flowers bao), blue waves flying feeling long (ancient steamed figured out), starlight gold sand with ITO (mushroom) tender lamb chops), is a virtue to offer them best north wild rice stew (glue), who made a heaven-sent jade kirin (fresh lily asparagus), in one hundred the United States celebrates the good as soon as possible (scallops taro cake), darling forever together concentric (curry crispy red bean paste), rui GuoChengXiang family (seasonal fresh fruit)

  Chinese wedding menu: wedding banquet.

  Festive (dumpling) red bean paste, ruyi longfeng to celebrate (garlic steamed lobster), guangxi clam with a pearl end hath (XO sauce jade belt), jadeite jade with the wind (wing crab bird's nest), the spring breeze white water rafting lotus choi (abalone stewed black participation), the water rose bow mandarin duck (tree a steaming figured out), the magpies are a good tidings (beautiful bouquet crisp duck), edge stroke of good luck as (yam sanbao stew), deep meaning XiLian wong (bamboo sheng stewed greenstuffs), beauty, brightness and celebrate (conpoy turnip cake), sweet new jiao (tremella stew jujube), putian to lover (seasonal fresh fruit)

  Chinese wedding menu: love this life banquet.

  Oriental reflected gold all > < red Suckling pig, resonance spring crow < gold high-ranked imperial concubine chicken >, the sea water is to fish belly soup > < gourmet seafood BaoCan wing, pawns He Xinxi < butter on lobster soup > on the waist, gold jade belt < gold belt yuanyang d >, yuhuan pearl inlaid nursery > < yuhuan big column, dragon emperor been offered < volume the dragon spell crispy Fried meat >, brightness cui full round < bead bowling grilled mushrooms green vegetable > f to such as Chinese fir spot > < steamed sea in the east China sea, east Fried rice, love long, knot, "reunion"

  Chinese wedding menu: a nice lunar dinner.

  Exquisite eight color plate, oil spilt the original shell abalone, trepang squid products, huai qi soft-shelled turtle stewed chicken soup with burning, for Qingdao prawns, crispy milk best garlic, guangdong flavor roast duck, bone oil pour osmanthus fish, nestle screw slice beef fillet, sands yolk fan crab, riches and honour hoof, double mushroom stewed yuan bao sauce grilled vegetables, steamed red carp, celebration of points on a double glow, barbecued chicken Fried rice grain, elegant fruit bowl

  Chinese wedding menu: dragon and phoenix petite banquet.

  Emperor city red add festival (and wind appetizer), yuanyang jade belts (garlic steamed lobster), who made a heaven-sent jade kirin (XO sauce like clams pull), longfeng fly wings to the shark fin (Buddha jumps over the wall), the jade pool herself online bao (plastic buckle north wild rice), blue waves flying long affection (steamed seven spots), star gold sand with ITO (dressing small sheep row), is to offer them best virtue (abalone stewed chicken), splendid flowers best ball (apricot bao) asparagus), in one hundred the United States celebrates the good as soon as possible (mo zi tang imperial rice), darling forever together concentric (chrysanthemum jujube paste cake), rui GuoChengXiang family (seasonal fresh fruit)

  Chinese wedding menu: wedding banquet.

  Splendid brine spell (four generations), and exquisite eight beautiful butterfly (face), three fresh fish maw piece (white hair knot), soup on shrimp (measures), nestle cuttlefish jade belt (nesting), crispy Fried chickens (mood), autumn hairy crab (red), fan trace bake ribs (bonhomie), family (married), imperial concubine bei (turn auspicious) with taucu sauce, steamed sweet osmanthus fish (well-off), stir-fried vegetables (wholeheartedly) in guangdong, wild fungus young pigeon soup on ROM play wind (group), height (beauty), red jujube tremella lotus seed peanuts (early birth), and the double reflect (big sing front), timeliness of fruit ( All purple and red

  Chinese wedding menu: the honey feast.

  Type all > < red Suckling pig, Oriental pearl yao hua song choi chicken crispy chicken > < east, taken note nectar < > braised shredded chicken wing, the race for pawns dance < jade Ming shrimp > new, magpie nests "nestle cashew butyl tape >, beautiful pearl vomit < maggi steaming fresh bao >, joy every volume spell crispy Fried meat > < gold, yushu money grilled black mushroom > < emerald sea cucumber, a surplus year after year < steamed sea green spot > happy happy, happiness, Fried rice, the noodles, mandarin duck beautiful spot

  The Chinese wedding menu: a double flying banquet.

  And yao spring brightness all > < red Suckling pig take the crow < rose drum chicken >, hai bao jade pool < shark's fin seafood soup >, gorgeous dragon emperor Ming shrimp balls > < splendid, gold waist prince > < cashew jade belt yuanyang butyl, samsung has good < three color Fried abalone slices >, yellow Jin Pu orange incense bone > < characteristics on the ground, and bamboo when < spirit grilled mushrooms bamboo sheng green vegetable > shipped, fusion < steamed sea green spot >, jinxiu Fried rice year after year, xi and continuous, in marriage, bonanza

  Chinese wedding menu: always concentric feast.

  Jinxiu fook lam moon > < splendid Suckling pig plate, east show color chicken chicken > < east happiness, seafood fish to water seafood soup > < abalone silk wing skirt, ZiQi dance pawns < cheese Ming shrimp >, the ancient philosophers with mandarin duck < cashew splendid double d >, children and grandchildren with filial piety < black mushroom sea cucumber braised fish maw >, graceful dignified < it > supreme, jade garden full mushroom > < jade leaf steak spirit, gather a surplus < steamed turbot >

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