A successful wedding wedding music do without touching foil, important in the wedding scene played appropriate music, as you will make all your purest, receive the unexpected effect oh! So what are the wedding background music? Let's take a look at this article and share it with you.

  A wedding background music helps you make a sweet wedding.

  Sweet Dream

  Sweet Dream is sung by South Korea's jang nala, which is very suitable for weddings, and several couples use the song to marry.

  Light Of My Life

  The Light Of My Life is sung by Lara Fabian & wang leehong, which is included in the song Of the song, which is a special collection Of choral songs, most Of which can be used as wedding music. This is recommended!


  The song is about a boy who vows to the girl that he will live a whole life, like the stars and the moon hanging in the sky every night.

  I Know I Loved You

  The soulful lyrics go with the beautiful melody, plus Darren's soft voice, the one in a hundred! Perfect music! Not listening is a lifelong regret!

  Happy anniversary

  "Today is the anniversary of happiness, putting my dream on your ring finger, and when I hear you say I will, I never feel so happy." What could be more telling than the lyrics? Once at hung hom stadium, the stage emperor Anita mui, in the witness of thousands of fans, was dressed in a wedding dress and sang "beautiful month".


  I think WEDDING is a good song, the lyrics are good, and it's good to listen to. The key recommendation is that the 98 degree is not only good for singing, but also a group of muscular men.

  I wanna be with you

  The first song by the dinosaur sister xu jieyi was a happy song. "I wanna be with you, I wanna be with you, I wanna be with you, I wanna be with you, I wanna be with you, and I wanna be with you."

  Love Will Keep Us Alive.

  Reason: The Eagles song, from that famous "Hell Freezes Over," it's a pity The man who bought The album more than 90% is to listen to that first passionate "Hotel California" instead of ignoring The album in several other good song, especially The song "Love Will Keep Us Alive". Personally, I think it is a rare good song to interpret the true meaning of love. Not only is the melody beautiful, but the lyrics are beautiful and simple.

  For the first time

  Everything starts from the beginning. Remember when we fell in love for the first time, and the beauty and fluster were still flowing in the blood. When the flowers are gone, we stand in the same place, looking at the clouds in the sky, looking at the ripples of the breeze across the lake, the past is filled with the morning mist. I wish I could read you through the eyes of time, all the weariness and dreams that lie in it. The hands that we hold, whether we will still infiltrate the rain of the mark, our relative gaze, will be as long as before. In the past and in the future, maybe I would like to tell you all about my joys and sorrows, and I just want to be with you, you and me.

  The moonlight stands for my heart.

  This is a classic old song, although there are 23 versions of the song, but the meaning is the same: my love is the same, my love is the same...

  And I love you so

  This is a classic love song that has been sung by more than N people. The melody is very elegant, which is suitable for the wedding background music, congratulations to the wedding day of the couple.

  Before the start of the wedding is welcome and guest in time, the environment is relatively chaos and noise, at this point, the suits with gentle soothing music create an atmosphere of elegant, calm the mood of the guests, as the beginning of the wedding. That's all for the wedding, music, for your wedding music.

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