The bride's return is an indispensable part of Chinese traditional marriage custom, it is the bride's first visit to the family after the bride's marriage, so it is very important. So what questions should we pay attention to during the return of the bride? Let's take a look at this article for your analysis.

  It is important to note the importance of the bride's return.

  A, recalls

  The return door is also called "returning to the family". Traditional Chinese marriage customs. That is, the daughter went back to the women's home to see the family. Hui men also called the traditional marriage customs of the han nationality. It refers to the first time a woman returns to visit her family after her marriage. The newlyweds return to their parents' home after the third day of their marriage. For the bride, it is the first time to go back to her family.

  2. Return time.

  The time of marriage and return to the door varies from place to place. In ancient times, it was the third, sixth or seventh, eighth and ninth day of marriage. During the spring and autumn period, there was the custom of returning to the gate. Because "return door" is a newly married couple return door, so call "double door", take the auspicious meaning of pair of pair.

  Three, return door dress up.

  After the wedding, the bride and groom should groom and dress like the wedding ceremony, keeping the beautiful and beautiful image of the wedding. If the woman needs to hold a ceremonious return banquet, the bride and groom should carefully select the return dress.

  4. Return clothing.

  Every place has different customs and different clothes. But in general there are some similarities, the first is to be new, the color should be based on happiness. Big red, for example, because now the pure bright red clothes at ordinary times how can not wear out, and our garments can't wear so once is wasted, so, in order to can also wear at ordinary times, we should pay attention to the choice of some in color, like a pale pink, pink, pink, purple or dark red, like a rust red, dark red, anyway as long as around the sharp tonal it is good.

  However, to avoid the color of black and white, these colors, after all, do not seem festive. There are some places where the wedding day wore big red clothes, the bride's home can no longer wear big red, but now also not so much attention.

  The style of the clothes, can choose clothes pants, or small dress dress, clothes dress looks very have temperament, a stable small skirt looks dignified, dress looks relaxed and bright, is the best clothing for recalls. But be careful, skirt words to knee length is ok, should not be too short. You can also wear a cheongsam. Dress also should choose according to the temperature of the year round, spring, fall can choose small sweater, small dress, summer chooses dress, winter word chooses beautiful down jacket is good.

  5. Return door notes.

  In return, the old custom dictates that the bride walk in front and return to the men's house, the bridegroom in front. Because the return gate is the first time that the daughter is married to go back to the family, some say "walk the first time". After the "double gate", generally prohibit to stay in the house of yue family, must return to the man's home that day, because old time has the custom of not empty room for a month.

  Six, something to prepare.

  The old woman's heart attached great importance to the return of three days, so the groom had to be prepared for both the thought and the gift, so as to make a pleasant impression on his in-laws. At this time, the new son-in-law will also present to the parents-in-law "return gifts", "return the money", and according to different places, bring different gifts. Some take a rooster, and take the meaning of "good luck"; Some bring some meat, eggs, noodles and other gifts; And more common in orange, apple, banana, wine, etc., style is not fixed, but recalls the ritual of avoid by all means is single, must be dual meaning for couples in pairs, together in one hundred, the singular is unlucky.

  Seven, return door banquet.

  In general, when the bride and groom return to the door, the women's family will have a banquet, and the new son-in-law will be seated at the table and will be accompanied by the woman. The bride's family has a banquet in China to entertain the new husband. During the meal, the bride will accompany the groom, a family of parents, relatives and neighbors to drink wine, thank you for your wedding blessing. After dinner, don't rush home, talk to your parents for a while, listen to their teachings, and then go home. We should invite two old people and brothers and sisters to visit our home, and invite friends, relatives and neighbors.

  8. Mixing ceremony

  The stirring ceremony is an important part of the return banquet in the southwest and the surrounding area. It is said that "the door curtain" should be used first, and the hanging door curtain is the folk marriage custom of the han nationality. Popular in the southwest and surrounding areas. It is said that the door curtain is one of the dowries that wang zhaojun wanted for the emperor wu. Posterity imitates, along the line becomes vulgar.

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