1, Tianxiang than the wing bird, the ground is a joint branch; blue pool in the pool of lotus, mandarin ducks frolic, the guests praise, Lang Jun new woman sages; a hundred years to match the immortals, candles also exhibition.

  2, from acquaintance to acquaintance, from acquaintance to love, from love to marriage hall. I know that this process is not only happy but also bitter. May you cherish this hard won happiness and go all the way with your hands.

  3, looking at the invitation of the happy newspaper, looking at the laughter of the firecrackers, listening to the noise of the gongs and drums, looking at the rookie of the charming, thinking of the joke of the cave, blowing the blessing of the horn, I wish you love each other, old life together!

  4, may your sincere love, such as the rising sun, the longer the longer the more prosperous, let the water can not be extinguished, the floods can not be drowned!

  5. May your love life grow as the fruit of a fig tree, and as the vine blossoms and incense, as the witness of the sweet smell of Christ, with the heavens and the heavens, every night and the glory of the glory of God and glory.

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