Wedding day detailed flow chart, help you create romantic wedding. Fashion romantic wedding planning will be unforgettable and leave a good impression on people. The wedding day detailed flow chart makes your wedding more organized.

  Get up at 6:00

  6:30-7:30 flowers decorating wedding cars

  7:30-8:30 bride's make-up

  The 8:30 wedding car goes to the studio to pick up the bride to the hotel

  9:00-10:30 groom, bride to eat, rest

  Bring sugar, smoke, wine, tea, drinks to the hotel at 10:00.

  At 10:10, check the details of banquet arrangement, sound, check-in and so on.

  10:30, ready for the bride and bridegroom to use cigarettes, lighters, sugar.

  At 11:00, the check-in department will be seated (4 persons) and guide the doorman to take place. The bride and bridegroom at the door of the bride and groom are welcome guests.

  At 12:15 the host prepares, the flower child (2) preparations, the groomer, the bridesmaid, the golden girl (handheld) preparation, the sound preparation, the marriage certificate, the ring preparation, the balloon, the color ribbon in place

  Wedding day detailed flow chart to avoid wedding day rush.


  (1) newcomers enter, chase, play, ribbon, throw balloons, and salute.

  (2) the introduction of the host

  (3) the speaker's speech

  (4) a marriage certificate is issued by a witness and a speech

  (5) new parents come to power

  (6) the bride and groom exchanged rings and three bowed

  (7) new people give tea to their parents

  (9) parents' retirement from both sides

  (10) students and friends are speaking on behalf of

  (11) the reply of a new person

  (12) the newcomer opens champagne, cuts the cake, drinks the glass bottle to cover several holes, or is the special watering pot, regularly sprinkles the sprinkler. In addition, the bridegroom's broth must have a backup, often found that the bride and the reason for the long time, to the beginning of the ceremony, the bridegroom's breast is 3 points, it is very effective.

  In addition, it is the petal problem, the wedding company is almost ready to throw away the garbage in the flower shop, not very lucky! So it is better to have a rose, before the wedding ceremony, the quality and quantity, and there are flowers, where there is less, and can be filled. Prepare a little more, and lay a heart or two hearts on the wedding bed with petals. It is much better than the bubbles in the bed.

  The wedding banquet started at 13:00

  13:00 bride and groom exit, fast food, bride for dress.

  At 13:15 the bride and groom toast the table by the table

  At the end of the 14:00 banquet, a photo of the guests and the newcomers

  Guests leave or go to the chess room for entertainment at 14:00

  At 14:30 the bride and groom dine and rest

  At 14:30 the remaining tobacco, wine and sugar, etc

  The number of dinner numbers at 14:30

  Tell the hotel for dinner at 17:00

  Invite guests to dinner at 18:00

  Clear all the items at 20:00 and leave the hotel

  Summary: the wedding day involves a wide range of things. In order to avoid panic in the wedding day, a detailed list of the wedding day is very important.

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