1. Phalaenopsis

  The shape of this flower is very similar to that of butterflies, and the flower fragrance of Phalaenopsis itself is even more fascinating. However, when you give this kind of flower to your wife, it is best to add some other more atmospheric flowers, so that the unique temperament of Phalaenopsis can be put off.

  2. Lilies

  Lily seems to be a flower for couples or lovers. Its pure breath is unaccessible. Therefore, in the matter of getting married 5th anniversary flowers, you may as well wrap them with lily, and give your sweetheart a pure and warm life experience.

  3, rose

  On our planet, there are no flowers or lovers who are more suitable for love than roses. On Valentine's day, roses can be found on the streets. In addition, the colors of the colorful roses can meet all kinds of needs of the people. However, different numbers of roses have different meanings.

  Four, marriage 5th anniversary send a few flowers good

  The above is the question that the little editor asked you to get married 5th anniversary to send flowers. I believe you all have a kind of flower that you can give yourself. However, how many flowers do you send for your 5th anniversary wedding? Let's take a look at the following analysis:

  1, 100

  In fact, love is the company that can not be reluctant to give up in countless days and months. A rose is your confession to your lover. One hundred roses are your oath to the earth. So, on the day of your 5th anniversary wedding anniversary, it will be perfect to prepare one hundred roses for your wife.

  2, 999

  9 this number has always been very popular among Chinese people. Because 9 is the "long" homophonic, used in any scene is very lucky. If you prepare more than 999 roses for your wife on the day of the 5th anniversary anniversary of your marriage, and at the same time, to prove to your lover that you have a long time to accompany her, I think your wife will be sobbed at the moment!

  3, 144

  You can be together for five years together, which must have experienced a lot of sweet and sour life, but in order to prove to your wife that you are true to her to death, you can prepare 144 roses on your wedding day. It means to accompany her in life.

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