The geometric elements of the classic stripes, lattices, and wave points have been in the forefront of fashion, and the geometry of the wedding is simple but not simple. The modern sense is full, the plasticity is high, and it brings a very bright visual aesthetic feeling.

  Do you have a Get to this idea for your wedding? The ingenious use of geometric elements in weddings will save some space and create an elegant and restrained fashion sense.

  Geometric background, one of the most popular forms of decoration in modern weddings, is striking and unique. It does not limit the choice of materials, but also creates different styles of appearance.

  The commonly used prop materials are metal, wood, paper and so on. With the flower material and the leaf material to be decorated, the wedding background and arches of different shapes can be built.

  Pure leaf wood is fitted with wooden geometric framework, with simple ritual background and full of vitality.

  The hexagonal wooden frame of different sizes is combined with floral art, coupled with lighting, warmth and romance.

  Is the background of wedding ceremony constructed by folded geometric patterns very novel?

  The triangle overlaps, the space is full of sense.

  The three-dimensional arch built by quadrangle overlapping can not be more fashionable.

  The superposition of the triangle body highlights the temperament of the new people in the atmosphere.

  The ritual background of multicolored panels is like a childhood overturned palette, a lovely dream.

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