The story may start in a summer,

  For a long summer, the garnet is like a fire.

  The minds of young people are like the white clothes of boys and girls.

  Green onion is pure, it is the age of first love.

  The new semester started in September,

  In rush crowds, busy check-in and hand in assignments,

  They met for the first time.

  The new students who met for the first time were probably vague.

  They all remember the thoughts that came out of each other's mind in the first place.

  She remembered that he was silently "complaining" of a boy, whose skin was whiter than the girl.

  He was thinking that there was a lovely girl,

  All love has nothing but love.

  She is a lively little talkative in the classroom,

  May be the teacher intentional,

  To arrange a quiet and quiet table for her,

  So she sat on his left hand.

  Start by asking a math problem.

  This classroom began a long spring, summer, autumn and winter.

  Recite a piece of text or borrow a piece of rubber.

  The dark circles of burning the midnight oil or the imminent simulation test.

  It is the beginning of friendship at the same table, or the beginning of a friendship that is fought shoulder to shoulder.

  I like to grow up in the dark.

  Until the end of the college entrance examination, two talents finally confessed each other.

  He is a person who likes not to change easily.

  For example, in the millions of delicious foods in the world, he only loves potatoes and roast beef.

  For example, there are so many people in the world that he only loves her.

  She is the one who sticks to her inner feelings and desperately cares for love.

  If you miss it, you will put down the things on your hand.

  No matter how far away, he ran to see him at once.

  There is a lyric in the mystery guest.

  "Thank you for your participation in life and accept my invitation."

  A person who breaks in by chance,

  Maybe it's the mysterious guest in life.

  Now, their stories have entered a new year.

  The garnet is red, like the weather when it meets.

  The bamboo color is green, and it is the love of an implicit.

  When I met a teenager, I went to the wedding hall from my first love in the campus.

  There is a time when the flowers bloom, and when the sun shines brightly,

  And best of all, the opposite person is the one who likes it when he is eighteen years old.

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