The city of hot blood dancing freedom - bebe2018 spring and summer series.

Recently, the American modern fashion brand bebe and iQIYI hit the red hot show "hot blood street dance group" cross-boundary cooperation officially kicked off.

The concept of "Super Idol X Super Dance Crew" and the legendary spirit of freedom in the art movement of street Dance are the ultimate communication effects of "hot blood street Dance troupe". However, bebe, a fashion brand from the United States, also believes in being brave to be herself, pursuing the changeable charm of the current lady, which brings this wonderful cross boundary collision.

Blood street dance company was held on March 14, reflected and premiere conference seeding, four blood convener vigour at conferences, full field share two wars team in the city of "blood" behind the scenes in the fun. Rob fresh version of the play at the scene reflected in the content, whether the four blood convener and international famous master choreographer of the opening shock, with all kinds of world champion title of street dance master's top, or scenes at marvelous "hot city", will blood street dance company is scheduled to open in the spotlight of wang zhe imposing manner. On the same day, director che che and iQIYI led the team, and representatives of major sponsors such as bebe were also invited to attend the conference. Up at 8 every Saturday night in the same month 17 landing iQIYI tech-oriented alone, the city of the blood of the new concept, rhythm is compact plot, scene art blood convener and player's performance will also show the texture to film a new heights. Let's enjoy this audio-visual feast with the bebe brand!

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