Ever wondered how much money people who work in fashion really make? Or what other people in your field make on average? Well, you're in luck: The results are in from our 2018 salary survey.

At the beginning of the year, nearly 3,000 people who work in fashion filled out our anonymous survey with details about their titles, companies, gender, location, years of experience and, of course, salaries. They spanned areas including design, styling, retail, PR, development, marketing, photo, editorial and advertising at companies like Nordstrom, Tiffany & Co., Condé Nast, Marc Jacobs and Ralph Lauren, as well as smaller firms with under 25 employees.

We had respondents with one year of experience in the industry and respondents with over 20; people who make under $25,000 per year

In addition to showing what select fashion jobs pay on average, our results show a few overarching trends. The majority of our respondents had under 10 years of experience and made in the mid-five figures, but those numbers began to increase significantly with more experienced respondents. Company size also had an impact, with employees at public companies making more than those at private ones in most cases.

And broadly, certain fields were shown to be more lucrative than others: For instance, design, retail and PR had the largest percentages of over-$100K salaries, while design and styling had the most over-$200K salaries. In editorial, while an entry-level assistant editor made an average of $35,800, the mean salary for an editor-in-chief was $264K.

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