The Best Street Style From Paris Fashion Week, Day 2

ith the exception of the cast of Netflix’s Queer Eye, nobody loves a print more than a fashionista. Paris Fashion Week has been a pattern free-for-all — herringbone on tartan! Fishnets and florals! Patchwork vinyl plaid! Anything goes.

Plaid, in its endless permutations, showed up a lot yesterday. It’s an easy foray into printed frenzy. A small step up from stripes, in terms of pattern intensity, it looks put together and classic. That is, unless you’re Hanne Gaby Odiele, who threw a pair of purple and orange mod boots and an oversized red, black, and white coat over her traditional riding blazer.

Tiny bags cropped up as well — from red lunch bags to dainty violet top-handle clutches, to Grace Coddington’s classic Louis Vuitton. One person got especially creative and wore a bitty coin purse like a New Yorker dons a fanny pack. Speaking of details, here’s a styling tip: if Tabi boots (hoof/cameltoe boots) feel like they’ve lost their shock value, find a pair of Tabi heels, pair with fishnets, and tuck the hem of your plaid pants into the metallic ankle straps. Nobody will see that move coming. Or, ditch the Tabi boots and turn your pumps into a full-on Marie Antoinette moment by covering them in tulle.

Classically chic people, don’t worry — Paris hasn’t let you down. There are plenty of suits, camel coats, and ugly pants in this batch of street style.

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