Future of fashion

The footprint of Bangladesh in the global apparel industry goes back to the early 1980s and by now the industry has achieved phenomenal growth in exports.

Until recently, the global apparel sourcing trajectory had been following a cost-based model and always found its way to cheaper destinations.

But as the evolution of fashion continues, global trade is increasingly affected by factors like fast fashion, social and environmental compliance, and responsible business.

Fortunately enough, the strategies adopted by Bangladesh over the years have mostly been in favour of the industry, which is why we could position ourselves as the second largest apparel exporting country in the world.

Our exports reached a value of $29.21 billion in 2017 from a meager $31 million in 1983.

In recent years workplace safety has become a major concern for the industry, and after addressing this issue the apparel industry is now making commendable strides towards environmental sustainability.

Smart world, smart fashion

The world is progressing faster in information technology and connectivity through smart devices. Only in 1985 we started to learn how to connect our files in the computer storage through a network system. The world now is virtually connected with almost zero lapses in time.

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