Diversifying high-end fashion on the red carpet, runway

NEW YORK (WABC) --The high-end fashion industry has long been criticized for catering to just one demographic: young, thin, and often, white. But some designers are bucking the trend and embracing diversity.

Now, it's being called the "new beauty" that is fashion for women of all ages, shapes and sizes. What began on the red carpet is a trend that has now swept onto the runway, and it reflects a dialogue that's become part of Oscar season

"How wonderful it is that our careers today can go beyond 40 years old," Nicole Kidman told the audience at The Screen Actors Guild Awards.

What's true in Hollywood has now reached New York's Fashion Avenue, where one new star model, Maye Musk, is just shy of 70 years old.

"It's whole new ballgame," said Alex Badia, who is style director at Women's Wear Daily, or WWD. He says the entire look of the runway is changing.

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