Shockingly, the USA Isn’t the Country Most Obsessed with Millennial Pink

If you thought Americans were the ones most obsessed with millennial pink, you should think again.

According to new research released by retailer Long Tall Sally in support of their #CURATDby campaign, the most popularly used fashion trends on Instagram are surprising once they're broken down.

The results? Millennial pink and logo tees are just two of the top fashion trends that flooded everyone's feeds around the world this year, and check blazers and berets were all the rage in Copenhagen and Tokyo respectively.

In addition, the brand found that outerwear was huge in Italy, Sweden, the U.S.A., and Denmark, with all of the countries having coats and jackets as their most popular items this year. In Italy belted coats topped the list, while in Stockholm, fashion influencers like @carolineblomst rocked bright bold puffer coats. On the east coast of the U.S., Americans swore by colorful faux fur coats.

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