Fashion acceleration

Like most people, the first vehicle I owned was a Maruti 800, before moving onto a Maruti Esteem, a Honda Civic and a Honda Accord, and then, finally a Mercedes.

The driving pleasure I get in the Mercedes is quite something else. I love driving, and cars, for me, are a matter of comfort. The red Maruti 800 was my own little space, almost like a little cupboard. At that point in time, we did not have mobile phones. Thank God for little mercies! The fashion scene was evolving at that point. One had only heard about designers like Hemant Trivedi or Xerxes Bhathena and a few others who were just coming up.

But the city was fashionable, considering the ‘80s was all about a mix of vibrant colours and retro prints, reminiscent of the fashion of the ‘60s and ‘70s. It was really a mix of the sensibilities of both decades. We were wearing a lot of hipster dresses, belts, and shirt dresses, which are interestingly in fashion today. This also includes the off-shoulder trend and the trend of wearing broad belts.

It was the year of Madonna, with her signature fashion statements combined with Cyndi Lauper. There were a lot of torn denims and crystal-studded, tasselled suedes. There was a massive fashion boom at that time, with great eye makeup and turned-out hair.

The car was my space, where I could carry my food and my water and often work on the move. Since it was easy to drive and manoeuvre, it was quite convenient. It was not so crowded then. While I was driving, I would often eat or write down my notes with the pad on my lap. But that was how Bombay was in those good old days.

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