New race wear fashion for all women

FASCINATORS are going like hotcakes at Lane 3 Fashion, but it's not too late for ladies looking for a last minute buy before Melbourne Cup Day.

The new range of race wear is mostly made up of Australian labels 3rd Love and White Closet.

The store recently stocked up on new labels up to a size 18, in addition to their main range.

Store owner Lisa Cowen said the store aimed to provide outfits for all women.

"My biggest thing is ranging the sizes to be able to cater for everybody," Ms Cowen said

Ms Cowen said 90% of shoppers who venture out of their comfort zone get a good return.

"I encourage everybody to try everything and anything on," she said.

"A lot of people will turn their nose up at something on the hanger but then they try it on and it's the outfit that they walk out the door with."

Ms Cowen said it can be hard to judge the trends in Gladstone.

"You've got the ones who love the out there colours, the spring colours, florals, and a lot of people that just like the Plain Jane colours," she said.

"Each to their own, it's hard to say there's more of one than the other."

The store sources a lot of their labels from Brisbane and also from interstate.

Ms Cowen took over the business, previously known as Divine Avenue, in January this year.

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