Meghan Markle's house shoes are for wearing everywhere and you too can own them

If you want to do cosy style like a soon-to-be royal, then Meghan Markle’s laid-back slippers need to be on your shopping list.

Taking cues from pyjama dressing, Markle is a firm favourite of taking her house shoes out of the house, wearing a pair of Birdies slippers more than once out and about.

Wearing the brand’s black, loafer-style offering named The Blackbird (and opting for the shearling-free interior), Markle has been spotted everywhere from the flower market to behind-the-scenes at Suits in the shoe.

And even though they’re meant for the indoors, Markle is on the same page with getting value for money, making sure she gets every cent of value from the USD$140 slippers.

Not sure how to style slippers? Take cues from this (almost) princess and pair with jean shorts and a button up white shirt. Simple.

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