Vogue US has given us a 360-degree tour of Kendall Jenner’s wardrobe as part of a new virtual reality video series called Supermodel Closets.

In the video, Jenner shows off her startlingly large collection of thigh-high boots (picking out a Vetements pair as a personal favourite), her favourite vintage Hermes bag and her Versace from the 2016 Met Gala.

In the video, Jenner also admits she once tried to steal a pair of Marc Jacobs denim jeans from a Vogue photo shoot. “I was obsessed with the star on the butt and I shot in them … for a Vogue story actually. I did a Vogue denim story and I wore these and I was obsessed with them and I tried to steal them from set. But now that I am remembering clearly I’m not going to get in trouble because I didn’t get away with it. Then I got them sent to me because they heard I try to steal them.”

Jenner also showed off the one dress she says is going to be “part of her closet for the rest of my life.” The dress in question? Her Paris Hilton-inspired 21st birthday dress. Jenner also explained how the whole thing came about. “I found a reference photo online of someone and at the time I didn’t know who because their head was cut off. So I sent it to my stylist and had it made,” she says.

“I ended up going to my 21st birthday, Paris Hilton was there, and she goes, “Oh my god I wore this dress on my 21st birthday.” And I showed her my reference photo and she told me that that was actually her.”

“How the world works is pretty amazing and I love it,” the model adds.

Watch the whole thing below.

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