Finnish fashion boom sends exports soaring

Finnish fashion is booming around the world, reveal recent export figures. Garment producers reported a 15% increase in exports last year compared to the year before, according to a report by Finland's Textile and Fashion Union.

Finnish textile producers saw their turnover increase by a tenth between last November and December. Domestic sales got a 10% boost while export figures rose by 12%.

Total exports in 2016 amounted to 650 million euros, with industry turnover grossing a total of four billion euros. Finnish designs seem to be especially in vogue in neighbouring Sweden, which ousted Russia from its number one spot in exports last year.

The Textile and Fashion Union estimates that the recipe for the Finnish fashion fad is relatively simple.

Finnish designers ride the wave of natural and clear-cut Scandinavian aesthetic, while designing bright, colourful pieces especially Asian consumers can’t seem to get enough of.

Lastly, Finland’s popularity all boils down to functionality. Thanks to the country’s cool climate, Finns have mastered the craft of creating clothes designed for cold conditions.

Not a bad way to heat up the fashion scene.

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