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شنبه 19 آبان 1397

As parents, they have spent decades raising their children. They have been together for 20, 30, 50 or more years. As a child in the parents' wedding anniversary what gift can best reflect the children's filial piety? In fact, in the eyes of parents, no matter what they send, they are happy, what they value most is the children's heart.

What is the best gift to honor your parents on their wedding anniversary

What gifts do parents give on their parents' wedding anniversary

Nowadays, there are so many empty nesters because their children grow up and have their own career and life, so parents often feel lonely in life. So taking your loved ones and children with you on your parents' wedding anniversary and talking to them about life, work and children can deepen and bring you closer to your parents. In particular, parents should often mention the proud past of their parents, which can arouse their sympathy and make them feel happy. Of course, parents should be the leading role, children should not tire of acting as loyal listeners. In this case, the affection of family immersed in a continuous, believe this day, even if there is no special gifts to parents, or general gift, also can make parents happy, because the family is the best gift.

What's your parents' wedding anniversary gift

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Parents with a rich life experience are more likely to reject vanity items, so it's best to have something practical for your parents as a wedding gift. Parents usually formed the habit of saving, durable, practical goods are their daily pursuit, and parents are often reluctant to buy some less needed supplies. They will feel very satisfied and happy if they give their parents something they love but are reluctant to buy.

What gifts do parents give on their wedding anniversary

Nowadays, people advocate "giving gifts to health". Parents are old, and health is more important for parents. Gifts should take into account their physical health needs and reflect their daughter's devotion. You can choose to give your parents some massages, foot bath and other health care equipment, so that they can beat their backs and bubble feet at ordinary times Or take them to a general check-up. You can also consider buying some health care or nutrition products for them, or you can choose some green food, which can bring them healthy gifts, all of which are good choices.

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  • سه شنبه 9 مرداد 1397

     The Roman era a couple more when the wedding, put the cake on the bride's head the symbol break to enjoy the atmosphere of the wedding to a climax, more wish congratulations share the happiness and joy of the couple's relatives and friends. This symbolic meaning continues to this day. The multi-layered cake originated in the early days of England. At that time, the society was popular with small cakes to participate in the banquet, and the cake was piled up into a hill, the purpose is to ask a couple to kiss the top part. To symbolize their love can overcome many difficulties and finally achieve the love and happiness of perseverance. Until now, traditional wedding cakes have been designed with a multi-layer design and are mainly white, representing purity and beauty.

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      Traditional church wedding custom: wedding dance.

      At the party, after the dessert was finished, the ball began. If the reception is in the afternoon after the wedding, the dish will be in the evening, before the newlyweds dance in front of their seats. At the buffet reception, the bride and groom exit the reception queue and take a break to start dancing. When the bride and groom dance the first dance, everyone watches and claps. The bride's father-in-law asked her to dance the second dance and then the father of the bride. When the bridegroom dances with the maid of honor, the guest can join in the dance with the best man. If possible, all men should actively ask for a dance with the bride. When the order of dancing became very complicated, the bride and groom jumped the first dance, and everyone jumped. When the band or DJ changes the tune, the wedding participants join in the dance of the bride and groom, and everyone knows that everyone can dance at this time.

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  • سه شنبه 29 خرداد 1397

    In ancient China, the process of marriage was "six rites" : nachai, naji, nazheng, please, welcome. "Six gifts, that is, employment; The rush is the absence of propriety. In ancient times, engagement was a necessary procedure for marriage. Now there's nothing left. The age is 19 for men and 17 for women.

      Betrothal is betrothed, equivalent to the "na zheng" in the six ceremonies, which is a sign of marriage convergence towards maturity. The preliminarily agreed form of marriage is to fix the two families' willingness to marry. They call the engagement "a message" or "a change of post". Reach an agreement, in marriage to a period of backward, family have written in red paper is going to close the meaning of the association tips (mainly written clear the man a birth horoscope), write good luck message and cover "jinnuo" worship "await jinnuo" modest words. To the bride's side after received for kai's family, azerbaijan immediately responded to rev, also write good wife birth horoscope, post outside the book is "follow the" "back at jade say" category agreed side. This HuanTie contacts, all carried out in the name of the parents, inscribe appears only parents name.

      Exchange the post quite is fastidious, want to use red lacquer gift box to deliver commonly, the man wants to install on the inside of the box affixed thing (it is eardrop more, ring or bracelet), also can send a few suit of dress act the role of the woman. Upcoming days thereafter, the woman can name is suitable for the man to further investigation, main is to know the property, Dan, visiting the man looks (phase about marriage men and women both parties generally not much contact expansion), personally verify the matchmaker's words can be trusted. In chenggu, nanzheng, xixiang and other places, the engagement is called "see the house". In order to make a good impression on her, the man not only refurbished the house in advance, but also tried hard to borrow rare things to enrich his furnishings. On the day of the house meeting, the men prepared delicious food and wine for the sake of decency, and warmly welcomed the woman's parents, relatives and matchmakers.

      There is a great sermon, and a small one. Small tales are popular in the countryside, while big ones appear in cities. The hanzhong government in the Ming and qing dynasties called "the great biography qi" "the dragon breeze post", and the official's son's engagement post is more exquisite. Post length more than a foot, width about five inches, thick to an inch, can be folded continuously, is a special wedding printed matter. For the man to use is a green dragon card, the title page is printed with two dragons; For the woman's use is a pink phoenix, the title page printed with a pair of flying phoenix. The man wrote many compliments, such as "I have long admired famous families, I wish to marry qin jin" "I don't feel cold, I wish to climb high doors". On the other hand, the woman wrote, "thanks for the ice words, please reply jinzhang", "please follow yuyan's instructions and be willing to make qinqin films" and other replies.

      This kind of big message, equivalent to today's marriage certificate, has certain legal effect.

      - after the Posting of the wedding ceremony is sent to each other, it indicates that the marriage contract has been signed and it has become a married couple. If have no special reason, cannot at will regret relatives, that should be condemned by the public opinion.

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  • پنجشنبه 24 خرداد 1397

     Sagittarius with its prodigal colors may not be easy to settle down. Half of them are fed up with the fact that they tend to wander and drift about. But out of Sagittarius, actually also has a desire for stability and no longer drift day, plus they are impulse, when their lover may have no psychological preparation, just got a call from overseas to marry him, this kind of caught lightning marriage law, usually is just the best portrayal of Sagittarius.

      She loves sports and has a natural superior motor nerve. She likes all kinds of outdoor sports. So you can be in outdoor rock climbing with her, with her climbing to the top the rock, and produced a diamond ring on the wall, standing on the point of highest point, say out loud in front of other outdoor sports you of the love of vow, and wearing a beautiful diamond ring for her. Then go down with her and capture her heart in a moment of heart-wrenching excitement.


      Capricorn, the location of the zodiac proposal, is suitable for the location network

      Traditional and targeted Capricorn, will usually choose the first girlfriend as a last marriage partners, so they already have planning, is married to goal step by step, and maintain good relationships with the future father-in-law mother-in-law, wait until the others sometimes, is follow suit. But because Capricorn traditional square, they will follow the old way, ready for a bouquet of roses and a diamond ring and dress formally, straightforward proposed knelt in front of the heroine, or simply rushed to the heroine's house, a quick victory.

      As a workaholic and realistic, she was born without a romantic gene? Don't like romantic proposal situations? It's just that she is more efficient than anyone and doesn't really want to waste anything. Then you can through the Internet conveniently, using high-tech means, occupation of her company's local area network (LAN), mass a public email with a question mark to marry him, in the envious eyes of his colleagues, she will reply to you a satisfactory answer mail. Who can say that she doesn't like this kind of practical and efficient romantic performance?

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  • سه شنبه 22 خرداد 1397

     When it comes to Chinese wedding photos, many people's first reaction is red. Actually as new people are constantly pursuing innovation and fashion, style of Chinese style wedding photos now also more and more diversified, han and tang dynasties style, style, Shanghai style of the republic of China, not only has the Chinese traditional style, is also very fashionable. Today, small make up to recommend to everybody a few Chinese style marriage gauze photograph of different individual character.

      Personality Chinese style wedding photos 1: roc style wedding photos

      First of all, the introduction of the republic of China style personality of Chinese wedding photos, so beautiful that people can not move their eyes. Wedding photos shuttle in the republic of China era they seem to stage a "wulin who lead the coquettish, but I only for you. Far away from the world's hustle and bustle, the catkins float with their hands at ease. The love song.

      Personality Chinese wedding photos ii: old Shanghai style wedding photos

      New people pursue the individual character marriage gauze photograph, besides originality also stress artistic conception. People's minds more or less has a nostalgic feelings, a lot of new people all hope to be able to feel the old Shanghai ten thousand kinds of amorous feelings, especially the bride, his capital may want to try the most can show the cheongsam of s-shaped good figure. In this personalized wedding photo, it is to take old Shanghai as the element to shoot the feeling of the republic of China restoring ancient ways.

      Personality Chinese wedding gauze photo iii: phoenix coronet frame wedding gauze photo

      Besides western-style white gauze dress, Chinese traditional phoenix coronet gauze is also the dream in the heart of the bride. In today's pursuit of individuality, how to capture the personality style of traditional phoenix coronet gauze? Take a look at the wedding photos of phoenix coronet frame style. Wearing a traditional phoenix coronet and gauze, the new couple showed a bold and exaggerated fashion in an ancient charm, which was rare and unique.

      Personality Chinese style wedding photos 4: wedding photos in the red revolution era

      The red age occupies a special place in the hearts of the Chinese people. The wedding photography of the red revolution era style is a hot topic for young couples to take personalized wedding photos. Personality wedding photos, the red army to "serve the people" as the theme, simple military uniform, the traditional hutongs background, with "serve the people" bag, bicycle light scenery as props, such as about the s unique characteristics of love. The simple military wedding photos bear the romantic love of the simple times.

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  • پنجشنبه 17 خرداد 1397

     Woman's home (or at a hotel)

      1, hit the door, the door, I think the wedding process everyone with a very vulgar, so here to give you a new recruit, general ridiculous often to crash the door of the bride's family, so the bride ridiculous plugging the door the old recruit or don't use it, you can see the inside of the movie "steal day trap" gimmick, a few yuan to buy a few red, let your friend pulled the red line array, drill line array to groom, encountered the line will send a red envelope to a friend, or is their answer. It's fresh and lively, and it won't spoil the room. This is a great way to make sure that the process is creative.

      2. Guarding the door (bride's relatives and friends group)

      3. Hand flowers to the bride

      4. The groom wears corsage (wrist flower) for the bride

      The best man gave the bridesmaid a corsage

      6. Say goodbye to your parents (take photos)

      The groom carries the bride downstairs (holding hands)

      Head to your wedding venue

      Before the ceremony

      1. Relatives and friends greet new people

      2. Take a photo in the banquet hall of the venue (to show the wishes of relatives and friends)

      3. Welcome new guests (or take a break)

      4. Guests enter

      5. The bride and groom wait for the outdoor ceremony to begin

      The ceremony begins the first stage of romance

      1, 2, the bride groom admission tickets (available in father accompanied by admission) (take the bride groom) 3, 4, the main witness talk 5, send them to 6, and rings (7, 8, 9 throw bouquets, kissing couple exits (12 minutes) (new people can consider to change clothes)

      The candlelight ceremony begins the second process

      There are one or two shows in 10 minutes between the changes

      The cake cutting ceremony begins the third process

      1) new people enter (dance)(evening dress) 2) send cake 3) cut cake 4) share sweet (divide cake) 5) family and friends group photo

      The ceremony is over (8-10 minutes)

      Toast, end

      1. Change clothes; 2. Toast; 3

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  • سه شنبه 15 خرداد 1397

    Ring is love, is a way for people to express their emotion, wearing different finger ring has a different meaning, specific to see the ring wear method and significance of what was in the side of TA conveys meaning, such as single, a relationship or marriage.

      The wearing and significance of Chinese rings

      According to the custom of our country, the ring is usually worn on the left hand. Because the right hand requires labor, it can wear out the ring. The engagement ring is usually worn on the middle finger of the left hand, indicating that the famous flower has its owner and does not want a third party to disturb it. A wedding ring on the ring finger of the left hand indicates that I am married. If a girl is unmarried, she usually wears her middle finger or ring finger on her right hand. The ring must not be worn wrong, or it will deter many suitors.

      The left hand to wear

      1. Index finger -- unmarried

      Middle finger -- engagement

      Ring finger -- get married

      4. Little finger -- the wearing method and significance of foreign ring without marriage (loss of spouse, unmarried family, etc.)

      The wearing and significance of foreign rings

      In foreign countries, the wearing method and significance of the ring are somewhat different from that of China. But modern people have not been too rigid in this set of rules, as long as they like, wearing in which finger does not matter. However, according to western tradition, the left hand shows the luck god has given you. It is connected with the heart, so the ring is usually worn on the left hand.

      The ring is worn on the index finger of the left hand, indicating that you want to marry or never marry. The ring is worn on the middle finger of the left hand. The ring on the ring finger of the left hand indicates that he is married. The ring is worn on the little finger of the left hand, indicating that you are single. Some people use the simpler words "chase, beg, bind, marry and leave" to explain the meaning and implication of wearing rings on five fingers.

      As for the right hand, there is also traditionally a finger that makes sense when wearing a ring: the ring finger. It is said that wearing here means having the heart of a nun.

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  • جمعه 11 خرداد 1397

    Wedding prophase preparation is an important work, can invite your trusted friends to participate in the wedding preparation, this not only removes your troubles can quicken the pace of the preparation for share wedding preparation personnel division of table, inventory wedding personnel responsibilities in detail.

      General coordinator: responsible for the deployment of staff, supervision of the implementation of all work and control of the site

      Guest inviter: responsible for the implementation of wedding guests, write and send wedding invitations

      MC: arrange and host the ceremony and the ceremony process, control the beginning of the banquet

      Groomsman: welcome guests with the bride and groom, help the groom deal with the temporary situation, and follow the groom at any time

      Bridesmaid: welcome guests with the bride and groom, make up with the bride, help the bride change her makeup, and follow the bride at all times

      Receiver: responsible for guest's signature, receipt of gift money, account processing and keeping of gift money

      Cameraman: take a complete picture of the wedding

      The task of decorating their own homes personnel: according to the festival, enthusiastic, conform to the requirements of the customs new cloth 臵 environment

      Beverage purchasing personnel: responsible for buying wine, drinks, all kinds of sweet cake, fruit, peanut, lack of timely and catch up on, but also responsible for the package will send guests gift bag (and joyful, bread, peanut, melon seeds) candy cake, peanut, melon seeds, purchasing, packaging

      Sugar, tobacco and wine management personnel: beverage management and supplement table candy, melon seeds, wine

      Bar staff: acting to solve entanglement, the main task is to protect new people

      Spray the ribbon, scatter the gold flower, pull the salute personnel: build to welcome the relatives, receive the relatives and the happy atmosphere of the meeting place

      The room personnel: responsible for the venue with ribbons, balloon 臵, check the decca (remove machine with 4, 7), acoustics, champagne, wine, cakes, wine glass tower in preparation for banquet

      The groom's relatives and friends group personnel: accompany the groom to receive, greet the bride

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  • چهارشنبه 9 خرداد 1397

    To think your wedding more unique more relaxed and happy, might as well to a funny wedding oath, these funny funny and novel oath can not only make the guests laugh, also can promote the atmosphere of the wedding, still can make his bride heard these words, sweet to the heart.

      Funny wedding vows version 1:

      Dear old folks, today is the wedding day of my cousin and me. After years of hard work, today's union is really hard won. Therefore, in order to remember this beautiful moment, cherish this beautiful marriage, let the wife's family rest assured, also let the relatives and friends rest assured, now swear as the basis:

      First, insist on your wife's absolute leadership. Home wife is always the first, children second, dog third, I fourth.

      Second, conscientiously implement the "four sons" principle, wife like grandchildren, mother-in-law like filial son, eat like mosquitoes, work like donkeys.

      The 3rd, love wife, do civilized husband, accomplish "hit not return a hand, scold not return a mouth, smiling face to send cold face".

      Fourth, sincerely accept the wife's emotional dictatorship, "do not talk to strangers", especially not to strange women. Except, of course, the old lady who asked for directions.

      Fifth, we will adhere to the system of paying all salaries and bonuses. Don't change the pay slip. Don't hide money in the closet. However, you can apply for a monthly allowance of 500 yuan. Bracket, yen.

      Sixth, actively respond to the "six eggs" call. You can only look at your wife's face, kiss her face before you go out and touch her face when you go to bed. Old, never call her "change egg", wife scold "bastard", I be "soft egg".

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  • پنجشنبه 3 خرداد 1397

    The zodiac signs are very different, and the style of doing things is certainly different. So is it true in the life of a wedding photo shoot? The beauty wedding photos of the zodiac show you what kind of wedding photos are appropriate for each zodiac sign.

      The Aries of the zodiac:

      Aries love encounter when they are often in the outside, and the grass vibrant scene can foil more natural romantic and lively personality, Aries Aries wedding photos is selected in the ornament of blossoming flowers grass under the sun.

      12 zodiac signs:

      Should like was born in the beautiful castle, Taurus girl temperament of expensive gas and full of classical aesthetic feeling, in the church for their wedding photos very have atmosphere, but also very romantic, there are memorable.

      12 zodiac signs:

      How is it suitable for geminis to not get something special? Let the geminis do their own thing, the underwater wedding photos, the eternal in the light.

      12 zodiac signs:

      The love of cancer should bear witness in the color of the mountain flowers. Or a small yellow flower sea, or a lavender flower sea of lavender, in a word, the love of cancer should be beautiful mountain flowers, also should be fragrant and fragrant.

      12 zodiac signs:

      Personally think Leo's wedding photos should be at the beginning of the neon nights and should not be on a sunny day, because your enchanting charm, like the bloom in the night sky blue demon ji, the beauty of an s-curve.

      The virgo of the zodiac:

      A reserved virgo is the one who should do some big breaks at her wedding, and the wedding picture on the bed is so sweet and sweet that it is perfect for wedding photos. Happiness is pinching, this is the dream pinching.

      12 zodiac signs:

      Libra's wedding, must be in the modern square, with the beautiful music, under the witness of lots of guests, friends relatives surrounded around, held in wedding dress, look in the fashionable also may be a little bit.

      12 zodiac signs:

      Want something special? What about skydiving wedding photos? Only with the courage of holding hands and holding hands in high altitude, can you deserve the perfect purity of love of Scorpio.

      12 Sagittarius: Sagittarius:

      Go to an antique town, accept the kind of blessing, fragrant gu will also be able to meet the desire of Sagittarius expedition, is a good choice, also can wear ancient costume, more perfect wind restoring ancient ways.

      12 Capricorn:

      Capricorns always imagine their love as a story, so who is the main character of the story, or perhaps it is themselves? Cosplay Snow White and prince? Or cosplay into the village head and the village girl, depending on Capricorn's preference?

      12 zodiac signs: Aquarius:

      Nobility is elegant, Aquarius, at the time of wedding, should be dark blue blessing, the blessing from the sea grace, so set your own wedding location by the sea, under the starry sky blue will witness the love of Aquarius.

      12 zodiac signs:

      Pisces photos create value atmosphere between two people, marriage is just the beginning of family life, so whether what kind of clothing, Pisces are hoping to use the most romantic charming gesture taken out two personal happiness.

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  • سه شنبه 1 خرداد 1397

    1. The wedding dresses made of chiffon and light yarn are very good choices.

      2, seaside wedding photos to the seaside shooting had better not choose a bustle of big peng skirt, long tail wedding dress, or too tight style, the style to wear action inconvenience, also easy to dirty. And A word type, fishtail type, close-fitting cut, or small dress is A good choice, these kinds of styles are light, not cumbersome.

      3, to shoot the beach wedding dress will inevitably touch to the sea, so the dress had better choose material not too, such as silk chiffon, light, had better not choose heavy satin, delicate silk fabrics.

      4, if was shot selection on the sand by the sea, is not suitable for choosing heavy dress is not convenient to walk, for their wedding photos because the beach, is offering a free and comfortable, this kind of marriage gauze is obviously not appropriate.

      5. When choosing a style, try to be as simple as possible, with a strapless gown that is the most appropriate, and the fitting dress is the first choice for wedding photos taken by the seaside.

      Above the share is small make up the brides sea travel photography skill of how to choose wedding dress, brides should now know how to choose the wedding dresses, is to have cultured, can't literally pick oh. The right choice for a more perfect wedding photo.

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  • جمعه 28 اردیبهشت 1397

     Shanglian: jiayujia female is the next couplet: spring day spring people dance spring breeze.

      Union: marriage and Hong Kong: life and year order renewal.

      Shanglian: happy New Year feast: the marriage of qing xi shengshi.

      The union of two lovers of the spring: a hundred years of devotion.

      The relationship between the two lovers is a new one.

      Shanglian: the spring is in the second half of the spring.

      Shanglian: wong and Ming dynasty: yuanyang together to celebrate the third spring.

      Shanglian: mei dai chunsheng willow green down: the jade building people reflect peach blossom red.

      Shanglian: in the qin and jin dynasties, the marriage of the Spring Festival was linked: phoenix wings rainbow fly.

      Shanglian: the mountain green water bichun light good next couplet: the wine green lamp red is happy much.

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  • چهارشنبه 26 اردیبهشت 1397

     Every detail of the wedding is not new people neglect and contempt, and wedding banquet is a very important part of the ceremony, the weddings as a formal state of seats arrangement is more exquisite, wedding banquet seats arrangement but a university asked, new people have to know what the careful arrangement. How about the wedding banquet? Let's take a look at some of the Chinese wedding seating arrangements and see what you don't know.

      What about the wedding banquet?

      1. Male and female guests.

      The bride and groom entered the room on the left of the right woman, and the two of them rotated to the inside of the stage to face the guests. At this time the groom should correspond to the bride's main table, the bride should correspond to the groom's main table. Therefore, the bride's main table should be located on the right side of the stage and the main table of the groom is on the left side.

      2. Lead the VIP table.

      Arrange the leaders and VIP guests of the two parties at the best seats (usually adjacent to the main guest seat or directly arranged on the main guest table) at the distance from the viewing Angle. At the same time, it is convenient for parents and elders in the main guest house to show their respect and attention to them.

      3. Relatives sit down.

      If the new couple can't make it clear, they can consult their parents and try their best. As far as possible will arrange away from walking elders acoustics, close to the location of the channel, one is to prevent the volume of the sound effect elders the heart or blood pressure, 2 it is to facilitate your elders toilet or free activities;

      4, friends sit at the table.

      Will be responsible for the help that day friend, best friend and close relationship between classmates, friends he arranged near the exit, so convenient their freedom in also won't affect other guests dining at the same time; You can put people you know in a table with friends of similar age or professional attributes, so they can have more conversations.

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  • دوشنبه 24 اردیبهشت 1397

     To bring different versions of the Chinese wedding menu with auspicious meanings, for the new people to choose. These menus are not only practical, but also fit for the festive atmosphere of the wedding.

      Chinese wedding menu: a hundred years good dinner.

      Festival and yingbin eight (butterfly), luck (red Suckling pig platter), deep meaning (braised lobster), military (pepper Fried cuttlefish kernel), future forest frog braised shark's fin, Jin Yuman ship (grilled oyster emperor awabi), year after year to spare (soy bravery steamed tiger spot), beaming (desert sandstorm chicken), elixir of love (black mushroom steak greenstuffs), happy (cantonese Fried rice), forever knot shuanghui (point), one hundred (lotus lily red bean paste), full (seasonal fruit tray), jujube round RenZi soup (early birth of music), selengensis smoked bean curd (wishful auspicious), on the green vegetable soup (beauty), double glow Yingying (flower moon circle), acacia fruit platter (wanzi red)

      Chinese wedding menu: an oath banquet.

      Emperor city red add festival (Suckling pig big platter), yuanyang jade belts (garlic steamed lobster), splendid flowers best ball (apricot bao) with bei), longfeng wings to the fly to offer them (the original braised chicken wings), the jade pool herself online bao (coral flowers bao), blue waves flying feeling long (ancient steamed figured out), starlight gold sand with ITO (mushroom) tender lamb chops), is a virtue to offer them best north wild rice stew (glue), who made a heaven-sent jade kirin (fresh lily asparagus), in one hundred the United States celebrates the good as soon as possible (scallops taro cake), darling forever together concentric (curry crispy red bean paste), rui GuoChengXiang family (seasonal fresh fruit)

      Chinese wedding menu: wedding banquet.

      Festive (dumpling) red bean paste, ruyi longfeng to celebrate (garlic steamed lobster), guangxi clam with a pearl end hath (XO sauce jade belt), jadeite jade with the wind (wing crab bird's nest), the spring breeze white water rafting lotus choi (abalone stewed black participation), the water rose bow mandarin duck (tree a steaming figured out), the magpies are a good tidings (beautiful bouquet crisp duck), edge stroke of good luck as (yam sanbao stew), deep meaning XiLian wong (bamboo sheng stewed greenstuffs), beauty, brightness and celebrate (conpoy turnip cake), sweet new jiao (tremella stew jujube), putian to lover (seasonal fresh fruit)

      Chinese wedding menu: love this life banquet.

      Oriental reflected gold all > < red Suckling pig, resonance spring crow < gold high-ranked imperial concubine chicken >, the sea water is to fish belly soup > < gourmet seafood BaoCan wing, pawns He Xinxi < butter on lobster soup > on the waist, gold jade belt < gold belt yuanyang d >, yuhuan pearl inlaid nursery > < yuhuan big column, dragon emperor been offered < volume the dragon spell crispy Fried meat >, brightness cui full round < bead bowling grilled mushrooms green vegetable > f to such as Chinese fir spot > < steamed sea in the east China sea, east Fried rice, love long, knot, "reunion"

      Chinese wedding menu: a nice lunar dinner.

      Exquisite eight color plate, oil spilt the original shell abalone, trepang squid products, huai qi soft-shelled turtle stewed chicken soup with burning, for Qingdao prawns, crispy milk best garlic, guangdong flavor roast duck, bone oil pour osmanthus fish, nestle screw slice beef fillet, sands yolk fan crab, riches and honour hoof, double mushroom stewed yuan bao sauce grilled vegetables, steamed red carp, celebration of points on a double glow, barbecued chicken Fried rice grain, elegant fruit bowl

      Chinese wedding menu: dragon and phoenix petite banquet.

      Emperor city red add festival (and wind appetizer), yuanyang jade belts (garlic steamed lobster), who made a heaven-sent jade kirin (XO sauce like clams pull), longfeng fly wings to the shark fin (Buddha jumps over the wall), the jade pool herself online bao (plastic buckle north wild rice), blue waves flying long affection (steamed seven spots), star gold sand with ITO (dressing small sheep row), is to offer them best virtue (abalone stewed chicken), splendid flowers best ball (apricot bao) asparagus), in one hundred the United States celebrates the good as soon as possible (mo zi tang imperial rice), darling forever together concentric (chrysanthemum jujube paste cake), rui GuoChengXiang family (seasonal fresh fruit)

      Chinese wedding menu: wedding banquet.

      Splendid brine spell (four generations), and exquisite eight beautiful butterfly (face), three fresh fish maw piece (white hair knot), soup on shrimp (measures), nestle cuttlefish jade belt (nesting), crispy Fried chickens (mood), autumn hairy crab (red), fan trace bake ribs (bonhomie), family (married), imperial concubine bei (turn auspicious) with taucu sauce, steamed sweet osmanthus fish (well-off), stir-fried vegetables (wholeheartedly) in guangdong, wild fungus young pigeon soup on ROM play wind (group), height (beauty), red jujube tremella lotus seed peanuts (early birth), and the double reflect (big sing front), timeliness of fruit ( All purple and red

      Chinese wedding menu: the honey feast.

      Type all > < red Suckling pig, Oriental pearl yao hua song choi chicken crispy chicken > < east, taken note nectar < > braised shredded chicken wing, the race for pawns dance < jade Ming shrimp > new, magpie nests "nestle cashew butyl tape >, beautiful pearl vomit < maggi steaming fresh bao >, joy every volume spell crispy Fried meat > < gold, yushu money grilled black mushroom > < emerald sea cucumber, a surplus year after year < steamed sea green spot > happy happy, happiness, Fried rice, the noodles, mandarin duck beautiful spot

      The Chinese wedding menu: a double flying banquet.

      And yao spring brightness all > < red Suckling pig take the crow < rose drum chicken >, hai bao jade pool < shark's fin seafood soup >, gorgeous dragon emperor Ming shrimp balls > < splendid, gold waist prince > < cashew jade belt yuanyang butyl, samsung has good < three color Fried abalone slices >, yellow Jin Pu orange incense bone > < characteristics on the ground, and bamboo when < spirit grilled mushrooms bamboo sheng green vegetable > shipped, fusion < steamed sea green spot >, jinxiu Fried rice year after year, xi and continuous, in marriage, bonanza

      Chinese wedding menu: always concentric feast.

      Jinxiu fook lam moon > < splendid Suckling pig plate, east show color chicken chicken > < east happiness, seafood fish to water seafood soup > < abalone silk wing skirt, ZiQi dance pawns < cheese Ming shrimp >, the ancient philosophers with mandarin duck < cashew splendid double d >, children and grandchildren with filial piety < black mushroom sea cucumber braised fish maw >, graceful dignified < it > supreme, jade garden full mushroom > < jade leaf steak spirit, gather a surplus < steamed turbot >

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    A successful wedding wedding music do without touching foil, important in the wedding scene played appropriate music, as you will make all your purest, receive the unexpected effect oh! So what are the wedding background music? Let's take a look at this article and share it with you.

      A wedding background music helps you make a sweet wedding.

      Sweet Dream

      Sweet Dream is sung by South Korea's jang nala, which is very suitable for weddings, and several couples use the song to marry.

      Light Of My Life

      The Light Of My Life is sung by Lara Fabian & wang leehong, which is included in the song Of the song, which is a special collection Of choral songs, most Of which can be used as wedding music. This is recommended!

      I SWEAR

      The song is about a boy who vows to the girl that he will live a whole life, like the stars and the moon hanging in the sky every night.

      I Know I Loved You

      The soulful lyrics go with the beautiful melody, plus Darren's soft voice, the one in a hundred! Perfect music! Not listening is a lifelong regret!

      Happy anniversary

      "Today is the anniversary of happiness, putting my dream on your ring finger, and when I hear you say I will, I never feel so happy." What could be more telling than the lyrics? Once at hung hom stadium, the stage emperor Anita mui, in the witness of thousands of fans, was dressed in a wedding dress and sang "beautiful month".


      I think WEDDING is a good song, the lyrics are good, and it's good to listen to. The key recommendation is that the 98 degree is not only good for singing, but also a group of muscular men.

      I wanna be with you

      The first song by the dinosaur sister xu jieyi was a happy song. "I wanna be with you, I wanna be with you, I wanna be with you, I wanna be with you, I wanna be with you, and I wanna be with you."

      Love Will Keep Us Alive.

      Reason: The Eagles song, from that famous "Hell Freezes Over," it's a pity The man who bought The album more than 90% is to listen to that first passionate "Hotel California" instead of ignoring The album in several other good song, especially The song "Love Will Keep Us Alive". Personally, I think it is a rare good song to interpret the true meaning of love. Not only is the melody beautiful, but the lyrics are beautiful and simple.

      For the first time

      Everything starts from the beginning. Remember when we fell in love for the first time, and the beauty and fluster were still flowing in the blood. When the flowers are gone, we stand in the same place, looking at the clouds in the sky, looking at the ripples of the breeze across the lake, the past is filled with the morning mist. I wish I could read you through the eyes of time, all the weariness and dreams that lie in it. The hands that we hold, whether we will still infiltrate the rain of the mark, our relative gaze, will be as long as before. In the past and in the future, maybe I would like to tell you all about my joys and sorrows, and I just want to be with you, you and me.

      The moonlight stands for my heart.

      This is a classic old song, although there are 23 versions of the song, but the meaning is the same: my love is the same, my love is the same...

      And I love you so

      This is a classic love song that has been sung by more than N people. The melody is very elegant, which is suitable for the wedding background music, congratulations to the wedding day of the couple.

      Before the start of the wedding is welcome and guest in time, the environment is relatively chaos and noise, at this point, the suits with gentle soothing music create an atmosphere of elegant, calm the mood of the guests, as the beginning of the wedding. That's all for the wedding, music, for your wedding music.

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